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Education Comp and Misunderstanding Daddy Active Woman

After all, there are many women who dream and enter the world of dad activities.

Dreaming is also a step to become more attractive as a woman.

However, the dream of a woman who doesn't do her best and only blames others is a very ugly dream.


There are so many women in the dating club who just complain without making any effort, so I wrote a lot in the question box asking me to use my head and do it.


There are still a certain number of people who are arrogant about lowering their gaze from themselves as a "compromise".


I met you

I went with you to the hotel

I did the LINE exchange




"I go out of my way to meet such a depressing old man and have dinner with him."

I'm sure there are rare occasions when I feel that way...


Even the men over there are only talking about YouTubers, tiktoks, and Instagrams,A boring girl like youI'm meeting while I'm busy giving out a high offer fee.



By the way, Papuwa's university is a national university with the highest deviation value in Hokuriku.
It is a sad university with a well-known name in the Hokuriku region, but no national recognition, and not even a famous alumni.

During my college days,
"I took the entrance exam for ○○ University, but I failed, so I came to this university!"
I had a friend who said

Perhaps it was the fate of such local national universities, but a certain number of students who failed entrance exams for famous universities in Tokyo and former imperial universities flowed in.
I also dropped out of Nagoya University and entered this university, gyahaha!
By the way, when I use the word "former imperial university", it seems that there are people who say, "I don't use the term "former imperial university" anymore.I don't really care about talking about deviations or things like that when I become an adult, so please shut up..

“I deliberately lowered my gaze to come to such a low-level place, I’m actually a very good person.”
I was in the same department and club during my university life, so I had a lot of opportunities to talk with him, who seemed to say something like that. I don't think I made any particular effort to get out of this university, which was "low level for me" and transfer to another university.

It's good to have dissatisfaction around you without making an effort to change yourself.I often feel like complaining in my heart like that.
However, it is the worst if it is put out every time.People around you leave.

Compared to famous universities in Tokyo, there are fewer people who work for famous companies.Some seniors I know work at a supermarket near the university.I feel that there are still disadvantages in the environment and academic culture within the university, and in fact, when I meet people who have graduated from famous universities, I often think that their fundamental vitality and sense of values ​​are different from mine. .

However, I apologize for being extremely cliche, but it is possible to accept the surrounding environment, think about how to do what you want to do, and put it into practice.

I think I've criticized my university so badly in question boxes and past columns, but it's actually not as bad as people say it is.
There were quite a few students around me who wanted to study abroad, learn about gender, deepen their knowledge of philosophy, join a big circle and hold events, and so on.
Among them, there are people who launched a company while still in school and achieved sales of several million yen, and there are people who expanded their activities related to "feminism" and "LGBT", which are still minorities in the male-dominated countryside. there isSome even entered the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo.

All that matters is how you think.
If you want to start a business in Tokyo, where the number of student entrepreneurs has begun to increase rapidly, there is a lot of "information", but "competition" is fierce.
In rural areas where there are still few such students, it is easy to pick up "topics" that no one has noticed, and there is little "competition".

As for what happened to my dissatisfied friend, in the early spring of my third year at university, I thought that I had decided to study to enter law school, but it seems that the engine suddenly died out. A year later, he stopped coming to college.I didn't even see him at the graduation ceremony.It is said that even a child close to his best friend does not know the current situation.
Come to think of it, there was another person from him, who was like, "I dropped out at another university and had no choice but to come here."I can't keep up with university lecturesDid you drop out of school?

I've been talking about college endlessly, but I feel that this kind of story can be said to the world of dad life.
Too many women complain about things like, "Daddy won't give me presents" or "Don't buy me clothes" without even trying.
Furthermore, men are creatures who are not good at guessing, so if you don't say what you want them to do, you won't be able to convey it.

First of all, what they need is the process of “acceptance”.What is your current situation?What is the environment?
If there is a dad now, what is good and what is dissatisfied, and if not, why is there not?

without saying anything here"Tch, it can't be helped, but I'll compromise with this guy, ah, what a nice and kind woman I am."Then the beginning of misfortune.Even though she is reluctant in her current environment, she feels like a tragic heroine and withdraws her claim.Well, her question box is also rough.
No need to compromise.Even if you play a little hard there, the stress will only increase with each date.


Looking at the comments of women who have built a fulfilling relationship with their fathers in question boxes and columns,

"I'm a little worried about the ○○ part, but there's a charming and very nice man."


“We sometimes quarrel, but we have a relationship where we can say what each other thinks.”

There are many such contents.


A woman who has a relationship with her ideal dad and can build a long-term relationship,I think that there are many people who can grasp reality flexibly.

At the very least, I'm not tied down by a sense of worthless values ​​like "I have to buy you an apartment" or "I have to give you a ○○ bag as a present".Since the axis is not "to things" but "to people", condominiums and presents are passing points in interpersonal relationships.

When it comes to things, it's faster to save money and buy it yourself than to ask someone to buy it for you.

The night I alone counted the number of dreams my flying friend dropped

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