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women's liberation movement

real sex education

This is a personal matter, but maybe because my mother was a teacher at the infirmary, the playground during the summer vacation was the infirmary!
Therefore, I think that only the study of sex education was perfect for preparation. (smile)

I was well educated by my mother.
"This is an important place, so check yourself in the mirror." .
Please allow me to speak on the premise that I have no resistance to sex more than people.

If there is an extreme remark, I will delete it immediately💦


Do you know what a vibe bar is?

I didn't knowUntil I asked a knowledgeable friend. .

vibe bar

I introduced it on my blog, but I can still vividly remember that room filled with sticks.
There is a strong impact, but this. .I really want to recommend it to women! !

・Male-led sex
・I have never had an orgasm.
Reluctance or shyness towards sex
・Sex is uncomfortable, sluggish, troublesome, and painful.

It seems that the awareness of sex that can be left to such people has become commonplace in the world.
I'm sorry! !It feels like it's going to be hot.

It's my nature to not feel comfortable.Oh, it's my fault.
There is no choice but to change the way you interact with your body, which was so indifferent.

Orgasm is a win!

Don't turn yourself into a crooked woman if a man doesn't make you feel good!
The Kurenai woman is unattractive no matter what she does.
Gone are the days when men lead the way.
Women, get up now!I want to sayAs one such open movement, if you feel uncomfortable alone, go with a female friend.
It is also recommended for couples who have a happy sex life.

Self-awesomeness only.

All that's left is to take action.Buy a vibe and try it out.is.
It's not a good idea to overdo it, but it might be a good idea to start with a cute rotor for beginners who are sexually open.

How about enjoying your sex life more?
There is a pleasure that only women who have received from God can feel, so if you haven't bloomed,Mottainaiis! !

What about men's side?
Am I the only one who thinks that being sexually active is not the only thing that makes a relationship better?

I am still like that.Let's release undeveloped libido this autumn~♪

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