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latest! !Introduction of blogs for men and women in the neighborhood of dad life

Maybe you are a member too? !

Hello!Half a month has already passed since I moved to the Universe Club Marketing Unit!This is Mamiya.
It's still a matter of trial and error, but this time I'm going to create a column that summarizes blogs about dating clubs!

In the past, the world was limited and narrow, so articles about dating clubs were a very valuable source of information, and among them, I was aware of the members' blogs.
I was surprised to find that quite a few people were writing when I searched again.

If this happens, I will try to pick it up thoroughly, so please take a look!

Among them, although it is my subjective, I will introduce my recommended blog.

There is a link in the blog name below.

Dating club blog

If you are looking for a blog to start a dating club, you may be the one with the highest recognition.Mr. Shizon!Recently, the activity has been canceled or the blog of the relocation has been deleted.
It is very disappointing, but even past blog articles are very helpful.The depiction is concrete, and it is written in detail about the trouble system and the universe club in particular.


Daddy life blog at the universe club

He is a member who I have actually met, and in a good way, he is a wonderful member unlike the image.
On the blog, a bit of abusive words are frankly written, which is interesting, and it is very helpful for women to know the feelings of men from the standpoint of men.In particular, I feel that depictions of pseudo-romances of dating type B often appear.


Ossan pseudo-love story

How are you Matthews?You write that you have been dating for 6 years, but I think it may be longer.The blog has been updated several times, and the names and tools of the past have been deleted.
I'm sorry I'm on vacation these days.We are waiting for you to update again! !I've been indebted to Universe Club since the beginning, and I'm running a dating club blog!There must be many die-hard fans.


Wandering around the Universe Club (Papa Katsu) ♪ This is Saito, who earns an annual income.

Mr. Saito, who is also indebted to the column.His way of playing is different, or an order of magnitude different, and he has a sense of life that makes it hard to believe that he is on the same planet.
From a woman's point of view, it should be like a god dad!There is a world like Mr. Saito's.Keep an eye on it!We are looking forward to the update!


Join the dating club (universe club)!Newcomer's Blog

There are many people who have joined the Universe Club through introductions from newcomers, and many people have contacted us.The articles are constantly updated in an easy-to-understand manner even for newcomers to dad activities, and the impression is that they are lively.
There are also dad activities outside of dating clubs, and I appreciate the creation of categorized content such as apps and shared houses from the reader's point of view.


So far, I have introduced a blog from a male perspective, but next time I will introduce a female blog!

New wife YuKiNa's father life experience, recorded

I'm a married woman and a daddy, and the title is quite intriguing!I feel a sense of intimacy because I upload things such as what I got properly, what I ate on a date, coordinating daddy fashion and reshoots with photos.
Even though it is corona, the update rate is high, so it seems that you can get the latest information on dad activities.


Yuina@Papa's Consultant's Blog

Yuina-san, you've become a consultant before you know it!I'm young but I'm strong.I'm sad that there hasn't been any updates lately, but when I read her past blogs again, I can see that she's grown up in both sweet and sour ways...! !
In particular, Yuina's Hitorigoto is on point, so I can't help but want to read it.I may be busy with consulting at the moment, but I'll be waiting for another update~



It's a great study because it describes the details of negotiations on a date and the psychological state of what to do.
Are arasa girls around the age when they want to write a blog?I can see that I'm objectively watching daddy!


Nonotan's Dad Life Blog!

Nonotan is a valuable presence as a papa active blogger.You will be healed by blogs that show life-size cuteness.
Women's blogs are often less interesting, so I would like to review this blog before it is deleted someday.


Arafi Fushin Mama's Papa Katsu

Daddy life at Arafifu! ?Shocking.Moreover, the blog is also vivid and I feel a sense with a blog that seems to be popular with women.Am I the only one who feels that the lower neta is not nasty and has a good quality?
A real story with a dream is wonderful for a woman who has a relationship with her big dad and can continue to be a dad even after getting married and raising children.


Next, it is a recommended blog that looks like a fashionable summary site.

Rina P's Papa Life Blog

It's a great hook to reveal the daddy technique that has been practiced.It is written in a column-based manner.
It is recommended for those who have a pinpoint problem because it is easy to find.There are many sources of information other than RinaP, and there is plenty of advice written.


Yureka's Papa Life Blog

I thought the profile was suspicious, but everyday things are often drawn.It would be nice if there was a little more information about dad life~
It was a girly and cute blog, so I'm curious about what you're doing now!


papa love

I'm picking up the problems that I'm sure to bump into on the way to advance my dad life.There are plenty of content without complaints!
Personally, I have the impression that the sentences are a little long.For me, who wants an answer immediately, I went to another article without reading to the end...


rice daddy's dad blog

I want to earn money with rice for dad life beginners!Isn't it most of the people who think?More than that, what kind of guy is a male dad in his 20s!And that is the point that worries me the most (laughs)
I can't think of any merits for men, but a rice dad blog that allows you to write a column like this is valuable.


【Extra edition】

No more blog?

I was looking through past memories and bookmarks, but there were many blogs that no longer existed.

Chahan King
Sincerely to the dating club
I wonder if I can be a dating idiot - I like women
Kyazu's Papa Life Consultant?diary
Papa life from around XNUMX & loved one = mistress life
Beautiful witch's dad life ♥ Love life ♥
Possible Life "Mariri's Mistress Life Sometimes Daddy Activity"
Hinata @ Papa consultant for women
Dating club blog

We look forward to seeing you again!


There were many other blogs, but I picked up some blogs that I was interested in this time.I would appreciate it if you could use it for your future daddy life.I also recommend this blog!Please tell me if there is ♪

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