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[Dad life 4 frames] Not paying is a status

This is my second post. My name is Yuateyako and Ihanboshiko.

When I first posted it, I asked myself if it was worth posting, but I'm relieved that it was published successfully. Although my experience and writing skills are not suitable for other PJs, I would appreciate it if you could take a look at it to kill time before meeting up with your dad.

This time's theme is about "fathers who don't want to pay."

I don't think this will happen to you Mr. P, but as a low-offer PJ from a northern country, it manifested itself perfectly.


I met with him many times and he paid me properly, so I was able to trust him, but as the amount of his allowance gradually decreased, I wondered if it was due to my deterioration over time.

However, one day, he came to bed in a very drunken state and said, ``I came home from a drinking party at work in the morning.'' Although it was fine, things didn't work.

As a former prostitute, I was able to make full use of my techniques as if to say, ``This is where I can show off my skills!'' and was able to complete the task successfully, but the problem came after that.


“Sorry, I spent all my money on drinking parties and don’t have any money.”

"Eh!? What does that mean!?"

"Then, the next time we meet, I'll pay you 100,000 yen for this time and the next time (for some reason, the lump sum discount has reduced the amount by about a third)."

"Isn't it strange that one dose is 00,000 yen and two doses are worth 10,000 yen? The correct amount is 10,000 yen..."

For some reason, a P in his 60s requested a discount for two doses. And then she said something shocking.


"But you didn't pay the girl you met last time, did you?"

“Eh...(speechless), ah, ah, that’s because ●●-san is so attractive that we were able to have that kind of relationship (bitter smile).”

“Well, that’s what it is.”


Silence flows between the two of them.

Apparently, he met the author many times and became close with him, so he thought there was no need to pay him.

Have you ever come across a case like this?


Well, it's not a big deal if you don't have to spend money from your own wallet, but the purpose of this club is

“Men who can afford it support women who have dreams and goals.”

I thought so. He must have been well aware that I was opening my own cafe and that it was costing me money...

About one in three people encounters this type of P.

"I'm amazing at having sex with young women without paying them."

I think this desire for self-expression is at the root of this. However, the girls are using their precious time to sign a contract as a job.

I really don't understand how you can think of not paying for it.

Men may also be spending time on this while they are busy with work and family, but I don't want them to think of their time as equals between young girls and older men, and they also have to deal with schedule adjustments, beauty treatments, and alibi before they meet. I put a lot of thought into making this and meeting you (especially since I'm married with a child...(lol))

Meeting the girl for free = neglecting the girl's dreams and life

I think. It's a different story if it really develops into a romantic relationship and they're mutually agreed upon, but I really want this woman to stop because she still has dreams and a life to live.

If it's a restaurant, it's equivalent to eating and drinking without paying, and the level of discomfort during the act is 1000 times greater... (lol)

Therefore, girls who have had this kind of experience before may say, ``I think Mr. ○○ is okay, but I've met someone like this before and I want to prevent trouble.''

We recommend that you make arrangements in advance. (I want to do that next time)


I often hear about mounts that are "●● done without paying", not just in this case.

Recently, I heard a politician say, ``I had a drink with a young member of party 〇〇.Well, of course, he was a crackpot.''

Eh, I'm having a drink with this noisy, dirty old man! ? It may not be luxurious due to the Public Offices Election Law, but there are some patterns that are not legally luxurious.

Everyone, please don't be fooled by the word "politician".


Also, in the female version, ``I met a female-style therapist without going to the store♡''

I understand that people usually get a feeling of elation when they get something they want even if they pay a lot of money, and they want to brag about it to someone and think, ``Wow, I'm amazing!'', but don't take things too far. To. You'll feel the pain later.


Then the story went back to the beginning, and I was at a loss at first because I hadn't been paid, but since I knew the name of the company and my real name, I said, ``If you don't receive the money within this month, I'll come to your workplace to pick it up.'' One word: LINE. I received a reply immediately and I was also given interest ♡

As you all probably know, be sure to get the name of the man's company and his business information, such as the details of the work call he received while you were dating.


Auntie PJ has been having a lot of troubles, but I will update again.

A housewife in her 30s who has gained life experience as a prostitute, a con cafe, an office lady, and a love hotel clerk since she was 19 years old. She is currently a childcare worker who has been working as a father for two years. She wants to write objectively with the aim of making women "understand!"

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