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Let's take advantage of men's "convenient predictive conversion."

Hello, my name is Yuateya Kotoihanboshiko. If you know me, you can tell by the handle name. (Tomorrow, I'll be someone's mine girl Yuateya)

A year has already passed since I set foot in this world. It's not uncommon these days for female college students and office ladies to do this as a side job after returning from their day jobs.

But what exactly is the percentage of housewives? I'm sure there are many reasons for this, such as to make ends meet, to experience something out of the ordinary, to feel a little richer, to repay a loan, etc., but I'm sure there are quite a few like me.

I hope that students who are busy with their studies, working women who are busy with work and private life, and PJ housewives who are busy with housework and childcare can sympathize with me even a little and think, ``I see.'' I wrote an article.



  • What are you talking about with dad?

I'm still trying to figure this out as well. When I was in my teens and early 20s, I used to get by with "I don't know anything ♡ Please tell me ♡", but when you're in your 30s, that doesn't apply anymore.

However, he doesn't watch the news, doesn't read newspapers, and doesn't have any hobbies that adult men would enjoy, such as sports, horse racing, or golf. I'll eventually run out of stories about the climate and where I'm from.

Hmm, I'm in trouble, I'm in my 30's. In my case, I also run a business, so we get heated talking about company management techniques and tax returns (lol).

A deep topic that arises after a somewhat casual conversation.

If you have children or have been divorced, there are many cases where the conversation progresses a little and then the conversation begins to delve into each other's family circumstances.

I'm the type of person who can talk about things fairly openly, but there are some things I don't really want to talk about.

However, many men who are active as fathers are separated or divorced from their wives, and have various life experiences, so most of them will understand even if you don't have enough words.

For example, "Are you divorced from your husband? Are you separated?"

"Ah... that's..."

“Oh, it looks like you’re in mediation?”

"That's right...we haven't been able to come to an agreement."

"I see, it's tough. We're also living separately..."


In this way, if you have something you don't want to talk about or want to hide, whether it's true or false, try to put on a mysterious face and get through it.

A gentleman with a wealth of life experience will convert it using the most royal pattern. Spend your time thinking that you are a competent chat GPT.




  • The question "Why are you working as a dad?"

I'm sure everyone has their own needs, such as to earn money for tuition and living expenses, to have more leeway in their lives, to pay off debts, etc.

"The fact that you're doing this even though you have other jobs that pay well...doesn't it mean you like naughty things?"

There are some gentlemen who give an extremely convenient interpretation. (20% to 30% from experience)

I want to shout, "No way!", but since you're all ladies, please take a deep breath.

"Hmm...I guess you don't like it?"If I say this with embarrassment, it's this one.

"So do you masturbate?"


“All women say they don’t do it, but they do it (lol)”

"How do you know?///"

Like,Men automatically create images of women in their minds that are convenient for them.

Therefore, unless you have a strong sense of pride and say, ``I don't want to be seen as such a sleazy woman!'', you should refrain from speaking and try to use men's predictive conversion skills to provide energy-saving customer service. (Is it okay to recommend it?)

Everyone who worked hard on the interviews and filming, I'm sure there are many unpleasant things, but let's continue as long as possible ♡



  • "Let's take a breather once in a while, shall we?"

“If you’re that tired, why don’t you meet me and have some delicious food and relax?”

I'm sure there are quite a few people who have come across men who say that.

You sound very caring and kind, but I

"I'm so jealous of the super positive thinking of young girls who get a break from meeting me!!"

I am deeply impressed. If I had been this positive, I wouldn't have gotten sick.

What should you do if you normally respond with "I see?", but you find yourself becoming unusually irritated, such as before your period.

In the case of I“Yes♡ I have a keen eye for delicious food, so I would like to go out to eat a lot♡”

I reply with a stance of ``I didn't say I was going to be with you, right?''

There he was thinking extremely positive and was overjoyed, saying, ``Alright! Next time I'll take you out for sushi!'' Men are cute.


・Exceptions to the right to remain silent

However, be careful not to take a passive stance during sex.

"Does it feel good in here?"

"Hmm (actually it hurts)"

"Then let's make it more intense."

“…!!! (Writhing in agony from pain)”


This will make you unable to support yourself. However, even if you say, ``It would feel even better if you were a little gentler♡,'' in a very observant way, men are filled with pride and will often coldly say, ``Then I won't touch you anywhere.''

Before your mind and mucous membranes become exhausted, try to be on top in the early stages and think, ``I want to attack next♡.''

That way, we can take the initiative to some extent, and

"A naughty woman who takes away her daily frustrations with me."It conveniently performs a predictive conversion in the brain.

Therefore, even if you do something painful without remorse, you will be forgiven and say, "Not now."

Men who are used to having fun don't often have this kind of thing, but if it's been a long time since you've had an affair or if you're not used to having fun, you might not know how much force to use, so you can maintain your dignity and really do it yourself. Please focus on protecting yourself.



Today's haiku:“Save energy in body and mind with your positive predictive conversion”



Thank you for reading this far ♡

Next time we look forward to.

A housewife in her 30s who has gained life experience as a prostitute, a con cafe, an office lady, and a love hotel clerk since she was 19 years old. She is currently a childcare worker who has been working as a father for two years. She wants to write objectively with the aim of making women "understand!"

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