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I interviewed a dad active girl who is active on Twitter ~ Part 2 ~

SNS is an indispensable item for dad activities.
This time, we succeeded in interviewing a papa katsu girl who collects and disseminates information about papa katsu on twitter.
Part of the deep story about dating and money is being released to the public.


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Increasing money is self-satisfaction

Teratsuji: What made you want to take a picture of the money and post it?
Child:I'm just self-satisfied
Everyone: Ahahahaha
Child P: Yeah yeah yeah lol
Teratsuji: There's something really funny about it, and when I happened to be watching it, there was a time when someone was posting money, and someone was using it as if it were their own photo, and they were attacking it lol.
Child P: That's right lol It's not yours lol
Takeuchi: Ahahaha
Teratsuji: If you put out a photo like that, it will be used, right?
Child P: I think so.
Someone DM me about that too
Teratsuji: Wow, you're kind.
Child P: Child P!Pko's photo is used!....
Teratsuji: Do you have exchanges like that?
Child P: We don't have that kind of interaction much though.
Takeuchi: When you meet someone on a dating site and say hello, let's have some tea, what kind of restaurant do you go to?
Child P: People who make reservations for restaurants do.
For example, yakiniku or yakiniku from the first day!I laugh while thinking
Takeuchi: The smell really bothers me lol
Child P: Yes lol
Teratsuji: Isn't that a high hurdle for that kind of dating?
Will a certain number of people come?
Child P: Hmm, but he's kind of a normal person.
ButWhen you came with a great Benz once, oh!thoughtbut lol
Takeuchi: Hahaha
Child P: But I'll set it up the other way around lol
Teratsuji: Huh
Child P: But that kind of personI play a lot, so I can't see you often
Teratsuji: It's quite reasonable, isn't it?
Child P: I'm very clear
So even if you have a boyfriend...
Teratsuji: Are you okay?
P child: It's okay, so it's dangerous, I think it's pretty dangerous
Teratsuji: What are you going to do with your money?
Child P: I want to save some money lol
Teratsuji: Well, what do you want to do instead of saving money?
Child P: I don't have any desire to get married.
Takeuchi: Huh.
Child P: So, my senior at work started getting married, so I thought, ah...
Teratsuji: Ah
Child P: But so far, I don't really have a desire to get married.You can't do it without money, can you?That's why I decided to capitalize on my youth while I was still young.
Teratsuji: Oh, are you thinking?How old do you think you are
Child P: I'm thinking!
Teratsuji: Around 30?
Child:Up to 25 for now!
Teratsuji: How old are you now?
Child P: I'm 24 now
Takeuchi: Wow, one more year! ?
Child P: So, I feel like I should be able to go from there.
Teratsuji: Do you want to look back at the conditions after reaching 25?
P child: No, I'm going to slow down my current speed lol
Takeuchi: Ah, I see lol
I also have physical problems.
Child P: I'm still okay,I wonder what will happen when I get older

dating is so tough these days

Teratsuji: Since you're going to use your body to make money, you're going to work with a lot of different people, aren't you?
Do you do that?
P Child Takeuchi: Ahaha
Teratsuji: Are you just enduring while thinking that it will end soon?
Child P: Ah
Teratsuji: Are you enjoying the action itself?
Child P: It really depends on the person.I think clumsy people will end early
Teratsuji: (Looking at Twitter) About an hour and a half straight away
Child P: Yes, there is, thank you very much!I'm really looking for someone like that lol
Everyone: Ahaha
Child P: I'm begging you, please shorten it
Teratsuji: Are you there?If it's this person, even if it's XNUMX instead of XNUMX, it's perfectly fine.
Child P: It's a dating site, but the other day I met someone who paid 20 yen for an hour of dinner, and said, "XNUMX yen for XNUMX-XNUMX hours of dinner would be fine?" My profile was in my late XNUMXs.I thought it was definitely a lie, but when I met him, he was in his late 20s, a very ordinary and very nice person.What is it?I'm so sorry.Let's go have a normal mealbecame.
Teratsuji: You don't need money?
Child P: You said you don't need money lol I had a conscience lol
I gotta pick it up from my uncleI thought.
Teratsuji: That's interesting.
Child P: I'm not good with young people.
Teratsuji: Huh, was that young person making a lot of money?
Child P: No, when I met him, he was married as usual, and I'm going to have dinner with him tonight lol.
My boyfriend left me so I left him alone lol
But still healthy!
Teratsuji: What would you do if someone like that invited you?
Child P: Well, I'm lost, it's amazing.What should I do... but I won't get my money
Teratsuji: Shall we go without getting it?
Child P: I'll get it... I don't think I can get it...
Teratsuji: I see.
Child P: It's a very rare case.
Teratsuji: If you look at that (twitter) so far, it's definitely a pattern, isn't it?
Child P: Yes
Teratsuji: It's just someone who thinks it's okay.
Takeuchi: Young people are rare, aren't they?
Child P: Unusual, probably the youngest ever.
I wonder what you're doing lol
Takeuchi: Hehehe
Teratsuji: Are there a lot of uncles who are dating?
Child P: There are many uncles
Teratsuji: About what age are most of them?
Child:Many are in their 40s
I get a lot of e-mails from people in their 30s, but I don't have money, so I skip them.
But sometimes there are great presidents.
Teratsuji: Huh, what are you using? Is it PCMAX?
Child P: That's meAkabaned
Teratsuji: Eh!is that so lol
Child P: I can't enter anymore lol
Teratsuji: Eh, you can't enter?
P-ko: Well, I have to register my ID card, but I'm pretty sure I can't register it if it's the same one.
Teratsuji: Why did it fail?
Child P: I don't know lol
Takeuchi: Eh lol
Teratsuji: Did someone report you?
Child P: Do you understand that quickly?
Teratsuji: No, I don't know, but lol
P Child Takeuchi: Ahahaha
P child: So stop there, now I'm excited email
Teratsuji: Is it okay to be a sugar daddy?
Child P: That's out of the question.
Teratsuji: No?
Child P: No!
Teratsuji/Takeuchi: Huh
Child P: Dashi,quite a lot of ridicule.
I registered before, but it was useless because there was no movement at all.It was a long time ago, so I don't know what's going on now.
Teratsuji: I heard that a lot of our members are sugar daddies.
Child P: Oh, is that so?Then maybe I should register lol
Everyone: Ahahaha
Teratsuji: So I sometimes get information about that.
Child P: I'll put it in my field of vision for a while lol
Teratsuji: It might be getting better, but I don't know at all.
Is there such a dating system looking for a normal encounter in the first place?
Child P: no no no
Teratsuji: Is that so?That kind of money is the main thing, right?
Child P: Yes
Teratsuji: Then why did the account become useless?
Child P: Well, when it comes to exchanging money, it's tough these days and it's instant.I've been using it for about four years since I was in college, and it was fine all the time.AkabanSeriously...
Teratsuji: Wasn't it bad to have that kind of interaction on the site?
Child P: Actually, it seems that it is useless.Exciting emails are totally fineWhat is it
Teratsuji: Is it loose?
Child P: It's really loose
Teratsuji: Are there other dating clubs like this?
Child P: Ah, but online (and you can register)
Teratsuji: Yes
Child P: I registered over there.
Teratsuji: That's right, what do you think?
Child P: I got an offer once.
Teratsuji: Huh
Child P: Oh, come on!Thought it was.When we meetIs it okay for male members to not have an interview?This club...I thought.
Teratsuji: I often hear that the barriers to entry are low, so it's quite easy to get in, but I've also heard that there was one time when it was like a beauty salon because many girls were also admitted.
Many people may be wary of such things.
Child P: I was kind of surprised.
Teratsuji: But then it's no different than dating, right?
Child P: It doesn't change.
I'm worried about whether the photos I send are properly protected.
Teratsuji: A child who came to register the other day registered online where they can register, sent a photo of their ID card, and didn't get a response at all. It seems like it ends with a message saying "I have registered."We started talking about how scary it was to send personal information.
Child P: I didn't send you my ID.
Teratsuji: Is it okay if I don't send my ID?
Child P: You didn't send it, did you?
Teratsuji: That's amazing.
Child P: Yeah, I didn't send it.I didn't send you my driver's license.I wrote something like the basics.Also, just send me one photo that shows my face, and when I thought you wouldn't come, (offer). (One photo, etc.) Aren't you worried about giving me an offer for that reason?
Teratsuji: Did you get the money properly?
Child P: Got it!

The first reaction was when I put money on it

Teratsuji: Is there anyone following you?
Child P: I'm here.There was a person I met all the time in the first month, but I was told that the company's server was attacked and I couldn't see him for about XNUMX months because he was mentally ill.
Teratsuji: What the heck
Child P: I didn't really understand, but I said, oh, I understand (we broke up).
Teratsuji: After that server attack
Child P: No more news
Teratsuji: If you can't contact me, it's fine.
Child P: I'm a mental guy lol
"Recently, I've been having a lot of trouble with my cell phone and computer. I'm sorry, but could you postpone it for a few months?"Is it alright?
Takeuchi: Do you get the most response when you post something like that on Twitter?
Child P: The best time is when you put money on it lol
Also, when I posted a message (exchanging inquiries from a woman who was interested in dad life)
It was the first fever when I put money
Teratsuji: Eh, what kind of thing is fever?
Child P: I want to do dad activities in DM!And.There are a lot of people who come with a dwarf, but they come with a dwarf.

"Is there anything you're not good at?" "It's impossible to do strange things."

Teratsuji: By the way, how did you decide on the XNUMX setting?
Child P: How did you decide?butThere were XNUMX people who continued for a long time, so I can go!XNUMX since thenwas
I'm here because I want to work there, so I wondered if I could say no
Teratsuji: For example, I often hear that once the amount is fixed, the girl comes in later and says, "I can't do this or that for that amount." Do you do that?
Child P: Oh, no!What do you mean?
Teratsuji: Something like if you give me another XNUMX, I'll give you a blowjob.
Child P: Heh, I don't do that kind of thing.
Teratsuji: Do you feel like everything is OK now?
Child P: Yes.When asked, "Is there anything you're not good at?"feel.That's it.
Teratsuji: (Rubber) Do you wear it properly?
Child P: I will put it on.Oh, butThere were people who stubbornly hated it.
Teratsuji: What do you do when that happens?
Child:Finally the other side brokeI think I understand.
Teratsuji: Good.I have to do it properly.
Well then, for the time being, I have one year left until I turn 25.
Child P: I want to do my best!
Teratsuji: Today's story will be written with various excerpts lol
Child P: Lol I talked so fluently lol
Teratsuji: Do you have any other questions you want to ask?
Takeuchi: What would you do if you were attacked on Twitter?
Child P: Just leave it alone!smile
I see you being attacked on twitter and written on XNUMXch.
Teratsuji: Do you search XNUMXch with your name?
Child P: No, I'm already following you, wandering around lol
Teratsuji: Do you have a goal?
Child P: Yes, there is!25 million by 1000!
Teratsuji: Do you think I can go?
Child P: I think I can go
Teratsuji/Takeuchi: Wow!
Child P: With this calculation lol


Note) This interview article is an individual customer's experience, and it does not guarantee services such as dating content.Age, occupation, etc. have changed.

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

Article by Mayu Teratsuji

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