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I interviewed a dad active girl who is active on Twitter ~ Part 1 ~

An indispensable item for dad activities, itSocial Media.
Today's daddy girls seem to be having fun in various ways.
This time, I interviewed a woman who is doing daddy activities at dating and dating clubs, and is making full use of twitter as an item for reporting and exchanging information about her activities, and I heard a lot of interesting stories.Some of them are specially released this time.

P child = Daddy active girl
(*Pko is not a female member of the Universe Club.)
Teratsuji = UC Nagoya Teratsuji
Takeuchi = UC Osaka Takeuchi 

Triggered by regular papa getting cancer

Teratsuji: Why did you start in the first place?
Child P: Twitter?
Teratsuji: That's right.
Child P: OriginallyI've been doing it since I was a student on a dating site with a lower unit price
Teratsuji: How much was the cheapest unit price?
Child:XNUMX or something,first time
Teratsuji: Huh XNUMX?
Child P: That's how I found Ryou-san!People who can meet 50 times a month, it was XNUMX once.That person was in his late XNUMXs,I think I had cancer about 3 years ago., That person lasted for two years, but at the end he wasn't feeling well at all, and for the last two months we only met for dinner, and when I thought he was really weak,In fact, I can't see you anymore because my cancer is progressing quite a bit by e-mail...I thought it was dangerous
Takeuchi: So you started at that time?
Child P: Twitter also started around that time.

People I met at dating clubs don't last long

Teratsuji: The number of followers is amazing.
Child P: It gradually increased.
Teratsuji: That's amazing.
Child P: That's amazing, but why?smile
Teratsuji: Do you follow and follow back?
P child: I don't follow much, at first I tried my best to reply, but I couldn't catch up lol
Teratsuji: What did you originally want to do when you started using Twitter?
Child:At first, the account name was "Papa Katsu", originally it was like that, so I made it
Teratsuji: Did you make it with the intention of tweeting about dad activities?
Child P: yes
Teratsuji: Do you feel like you're doing things in parallel (dating clubs in Tokyo and online) right now?
Child:In parallel!Holidays are too limited, it's a weekday.Isn't there a lot of people on Saturdays and Sundays off?That's why it's tough (to make plans). .
Teratsuji: How do you feel about dating clubs and dating in proportion?
Child P: Hmm, half and half...
But II can't keep up with people I met at a dating club,why.
Teratsuji: You don't like it?
Child P: Something like disappearing because the schedule doesn't match up.
Teratsuji: Ah
Child P: If you ask a man,For the time being, I want to meet and talk with various childrenI was told
Teratsuji: (When you saw the post) Didn't it feel like you got a big daddy once?
Child P: Yes~!
Teratsuji: Is that still going on?
Child P: That was about two months ago.The person over there was quite an old man and his waist was hurt lol
Teratsuji: So, are you done?smile
Child P: It's over lol
wellIt can't be helped because it's a common phrase

Dating market is about 1.5

Teratsuji: Wasn't it XNUMX in the first dating site? Looking at twitter, isn't it about XNUMX now?Will it go smoothly?I don't really understand the dating market
Child:The dating market is really like 1.5
Takeuchi: Are there a lot of people like ordinary office workers?
Child P: I'm here
Teratsuji: Isn't it difficult to find XNUMX people among them?
Child P: It's difficult!Really
Teratsuji: Is there a way to determine that?
Child P: Hmm.They say that dating sites usually ask for conditions from the other side, but they usually say no, and there have been times when I actually met them and ran away.
Teratsuji: Did you go to the hotel and run away without getting it?
Child P: That's right, that's right
At first he showed me the money properly, but maybeThe envelope was replaced and it did not come inAnd
Teratsuji/Takeuchi: Eh!
Takeuchi: Vicious
Child P: That's why it spreads on Twitter lol
NowadaysAt first, I always try to meet only with rice.
Teratsuji: Then, without the first day
Child P: Yes, it feels like after the second time.
Teratsuji: That's right, but it's safer that way, isn't it?
Child P: ButIn the first place, there are few people who spend money just for riceSo, first of all, that is the wall.
Takeuchi: So the first time, you didn't hand it over?
Child P: It's only 1 yen for the transportation fee for the meeting.
Teratsuji: In that case, do you feel safer at the dating club?
Child P: It's totally safe.There's no such thing as teasing, is there?
Teratsuji: Yes, no.

I started dating because of a girl in college

Teratsuji: What made you decide to start dating?
Child:When I was in college, I had a friend who was doing it, and I got along with a lot of girls, but when I was in junior high school, the girl who went to cram school with me happened to be the same girl in college.picture!It's like...
Teratsuji: A very light laugh
Child P: Ehehe, it was too light.
Teratsuji: Are there only two people in that girl group?
Teratsuji: You do a lot, don't you?
Child P: It feels like later
Teratsuji: Huh

Harassment on twitter and written on XNUMXch

Takeuchi: Have you ever been approached by a man on Twitter?
P child: I will come, but I definitely don't want it, lol
When you meet, (P-ko) is this person...
Takeuchi: Right! (to twitter) your face
Child P: Nothing posted
The account that I put my face on is pretty much destroyed, so I can't put it onI think
People who can identify are really amazing
Teratsuji: What kind of harassment do you receive?
Child P: I'm basically written on XNUMXch lol
A picture of the LINE icon has been posted, and this is definitely a relativeI thought
I create my own accounts with text messages or LINE@ and exchange with men, so (the LINE icon) is definitely my relatives.
Teratsuji: It's scary, you can't trust it.
Child P: So for some reason this is the only child?There is a child
Teratsuji: Isn't that in a girls' group?
Child P: Oh, no lol
Teratsuji/Takeuchi: Oh good
Teratsuji: You can't trust your friends anymore.
Child P: Yes, I'm a girl.
Teratsuji: Did you do something?smile
Child P: I'm not doing anything lol
the childShe's a very jealous girl, and although we're the same age, I'm earning money for my money, and I have a boyfriend, so it's nice to be sparkling!Like.I've been told that
Takeuchi: It's completely remote...

When I mutter about Papa-katsu, I get messages like "I'm interested" and "I want to do it."

Child P: I've been contacted before (on Twitter) that they're going to sue me, but there's nothing in particular.
Teratsuji: From whom?
Child P: It seems that he is from a dating club in Tokyo, but I blocked him, but it seems that the club is still there, butIt seems that the name was changed because there were too many bad rumors..
Teratsuji: How does it feel?
P child: It feels like the owner is giving a sex class
I had an acquaintance connect me to the owner, but when I heard that story, I tweeted (please be careful) on twitter, and the representative contacted me, which was really annoying.
Teratsuji: Nothing in particular after that?
Child P: Nothing in particular.Sounds like I'm going to get a lawyer and suewith a feeling
Teratsuji: Do you get inquiries from other women on Twitter?
Child P: I'll come.
Teratsuji: How many people come in a day?
Child P: That's right.If you tweet about a new person you meet, the new follower will say "I'm watching" or "I'm curious".And
Teratsuji: But in just over a year since I started using twitter, I have gained a lot of followers.
Child P: That's right!
Teratsuji: Do you get asked questions?
Child P: It's amazing!people do
Teratsuji: Isn't that annoying?smile
Child P: Hahahahahahahaha
(If it's a dating club) I've created fixed phrases about the flow up to registration, how it feels like when you get an offer, and so on.is that so!thank you for your politeness!The person who ends with is over,People who are very anxious are asked questions like this, this, this, this, this, this, thisSo I'll just return it.

i don't like rice

Child P: Is there demand for food alone?
Teratsuji: To be honest, I don't think it's too much, but sometimes there are people who think that they're trying to persuade a woman who only wants to eat.I would invite such people regardless (from the first day), so girls complained, "I only have meals on the first day, but what's going on!"
On the other hand, there are men who think that just eating is enough, and such people receive offers (for women who only want to eat).But very few.
Takeuchi: Yes.
Child P: How often?
Teratsuji: I think about three people have received offers since I joined the company.
Child:Can I just have dinner?I have a lot of questions about
I answered that the activity itself is possible even if it is only a meal.
Then I said, "Okay!"
Teratsuji: Is that the question you get the most?
Child P: There are many, really.I think that's what I'm most worried about
Teratsuji: By the way, what do you think when you hear that kind of question?
Child P: What do you think?smile
Teratsuji: Isn't that your type?
Child P: That's not it lol
ButI don't like rice!
Teratsuji: Eh?
Takeuchi: What do you mean?smile
Child P: Because, for example, if you eat at a place like this (hotel lounge), it's like an uncle and me lol
Teratsuji: Well, it's Moro, isn't it?
Child P: I really hate that lol
I'm the type of person who wants to go straight if possible
If I do that, I will see it even if I go to the store,It's stressful to think that people are watching youdo you say
Teratsuji: I see.
P child Takeuchi: Ahahahaha
Child P: There are so many places like this (hotel lounges) these days.
Teratsuji: There are so many.
Child:When I'm walking around the downtown area at night, I see things like
Teratsuji: One time it was really interesting, but completely unrelated, I was on the elevator on the way to an interview at a hotel.Then there is a very beautiful person on the left side, I can't miss this!Think, I have to speak out!I thought, but I didn't have the courage lol
Then I got to that floor, ah, I thought I was going to go, and then there was a man on the right side, but he was my companion lol
Child P: Was it an uncle?
Teratsuji: Uncle Uncle
Child P: Ah
Teratsuji: That's why I thought it was a good idea.
Child P: I'm glad I didn't speak out lol
Teratsuji: If you talk to me, you'll be my companion!lol
P Child Takeuchi: Ahahaha
Teratsuji: That's why I'm glad
Child P: Yeah, that's why I eat... (No)
Teratsuji: Then, can I just have dinner?Do you think that you shouldn't say such a sweet thing to a child who says...
Child P: I think so!Mecha
Teratsuji: Ah, that's right.
Child P: I won't tell him (to him), but I will definitely laugh.
Takeuchi: Hahaha
Child P: Never say
Teratsuji: But lately it's become popular to be a dad who just eats, so I wonder if the number of inquiries like that is increasing?I thought
Child P: Yes, but can you still work with just meals?There is
Teratsuji: But if you look at it, there are posts that say you're making a lot of money.
Takeuchi: It's strange to see that, isn't it?
Teratsuji: That's why I thought that many of the girls who see posts like that and inquire are thinking that they have to make money because of that.
Child P: Ah yes, definitely
Takeuchi: I think it's a normal flow.
Teratsuji: Ordinarily, I don't know.
Child P: Not at all lol
Teratsuji: What does it feel like to crush each other with kids who are doing dad activities like you said earlier?smile
Child P: For some reason, there are a certain number of accounts that want to be destroyed.
Teratsuji: Is that a girl?Or someone who scouts on the internet
Child P: I don't know that, because I can create many accounts, so I don't know who it is.
But I was probed
Teratsuji/Takeuchi: Huh?
Takeuchi: It's scary.
Teratsuji: Do you answer questions like that?
P child: There is no one who answers for the time being and doesn't hear back after that.
Well, I wonder if the internet is like that


continue to part XNUMX


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