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Really scary dad life experience story! !

Differences between dating clubs and daddy apps

Benefits of meeting at a dating club

・Because there is an examination, I am disappointed in my identity
・Transportation expenses are guaranteed.
・Since there is an intermediary, there is no need to give contact information until you meet.
・Although it is about the appearance and atmosphere, you can listen to it.


・Since it is not a direct exchange, there is a possibility that schedule communication will be delayed.
・Since it is difficult to appeal, the number of offers may decrease.
・Photos and videos must be posted on the member page.

Advantages of Papa Live App

・Because there is no intermediary, you can decide everything such as transportation expenses by yourself.
・Profile is free and easy to appeal.
・Since you can exchange messages, you may be able to see the feeling of the conversation and the photos of the other party.


・I don't know what kind of person will come because there is no intermediary, and I don't know what will happen.
・Since there are no rules, you may not receive money.
・Some people don't have a clear identity.
・It might be a cherry tree.

And so on.
I've heard stories from women who came to register that they were scared or backed up.

dating club age group

Women between the ages of 18 and 50
Men in their 40s and 50s on average

Age group of Papa Katsu app

Women may be falsifying their age, so there is a possibility that high school students are also mixed.
There is no admission fee for men, so there is a wide range of people in their 20s to 60s.

~ Dating record at the dating club ~

Late 30s Handsome!So lucky!Excited to hear from a club member!
A man was 15 minutes late, and someone from the club contacted me, so I also fixed my makeup and killed time.
You're as handsome as I heard when I met you!I was so nervous that I couldn't speak easily and escorted me.
The man said I was the second offer.
I made a reservation for a nice restaurant and we had a conversation while eating.
It was an early start, so would you like to go to another one?I was invited to go to a stylish bar.
A man got a little drunk and invited me to a hotel, but as I told the club, I would like to have a meal first, so I declined.

~ Dating Record with Papa Katsu App ~

Late 30s Received a message from someone with a blurry photo and exchanged it.
Since there was no contact notification, I had to open the app regularly to see the messages.
Moreover, there are quite a lot of bugs, and the reply from here has also been delayed.
When the schedule was decided, I was told to contact this when I arrived on the day, and I was told my LINE ID.
He also made a reservation for a wonderful restaurant, and took care of us and gave us a meal.
Well, I thought I was going home, so when I said thank you for the meal, would you like to go for another drink?I asked him if it would be good for about an hour, and suddenly he was in front of a love hotel!I was told to drink here, and I refused many times, but I was persistent.
I finally gave up, but I ended up disbanding in about 4 hours without transportation expenses. . . (T_T)
It was my first date with an app, so I didn't know, and I didn't present my transportation expenses, desired amount, or meal, which was also bad, but I was scared.

* The men I met are divided into two patterns

Those who want to meet again after going on a date

・I have made a reservation at the restaurant.
・She asks me questions to get to know me, and compliments me.
・She cleaned me up for the date
・ Gives you trivial consideration (Isn't it cold?can you eat kamada?And)
・The way transportation expenses are handed over is smart and cool.

Those who wanted to do it only this time

・ I was forced to walk in high heels without deciding anything
・Tardiness of 30 minutes or more
・Unclean (people who are not good at hairstyles, clothes, and dental care)
・It was hard to talk because the shop was buzzing.
・All I can think about is taking you to my room with dirty jokes
・ Only talk about yourself

No matter where you register, there are all kinds of men.
If you are strong-willed and have the ability to deal with any person, the app is fine, but if you are new to dad activities or are weak in guessing, we recommend registering for a dating club!


I will do my best to help you meet wonderful people! !


I'm not good at writing sentences.But I will write without losing. talk to this staff

Article by Miyu Watanabe

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