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How to pass before the interview

This is Watabe from Universe Club Tokyo.
I am currently undergoing training at a call center.I think the first contact up to the interview is the part that makes women the most anxious.I would be happy if I could help you even a little.

Let's go to the dating club to register for the first time!The one who made a decision.
I will teach you how to pass the interview even before the interview!

Email application or phone application
People who are good at writing and people who are good at answering the phone TheImpression up!

1) Email

Woman: Are you free on ○ days?
Club: Available, what time would you like it?
Woman: Are you free on the 〇th?
Club: Yes, we are available for 〇 days.
booking is done

the day of the interview
Woman: Excuse me, can I come later?
Club: Okay.

If there are many such exchanges, even if it becomes an actual date,
I imagine that it will be easy to cancel
When deciding the schedule of the interview, the response is too slow and it is difficult to decide.You can rest assured that you will be contacted within half a day at the latest.

2) Telephone

Woman: arrived
Club: Are you the interviewer?
female: yes
Club: Mr. 〇〇 who was interviewed at 〇〇 branch, thank you very much!
Are you at the meeting place now?
Woman: No, I'm lost right now~

Where the hell did you get a phone call?
If you don't have a good sense of direction, let's have a margin!
For those who are not good at maps, we will guide you from the station!

and on the phonelow tension!
On the actual date, we will call the man when we arrive.
Many men say that if the first impression on the phone is not good, the tension will drop.

Frequently asked questions before interview

-Do I have to post my face
→ We are available for consultation.

-do you have an offer soon
→There are people who will come soon and people who will come in half a year, so I can't give a general answer, but women can appeal to men themselves.

-what kind of men do you have
→ On average, there are many people in their late 30s to 50s.
Although it is optional, men also have profiles, so you can check it in advance.

-Until what age can a woman register?
→ There is no particular age limit.

-It's raining and I'm not feeling well
It's okay to cancel.Please contact me when you feel motivated again.

~ What I noticed during the training period ~

Responses are important even on a date, and many men are busy, so
If you are not willing to adjust the schedule at the time of the interview, you are not suitable for a lover who can have a long-term relationship.
Of course, it is possible to change the date of the interview!
Howeverlate cancellations or late arrivalsToo much and it deserves an interview evaluation.
At the time of interview schedulingJudging has already started!

A woman who has anxiety and unknown points about dating clubs and can't take a step to an interview!
First of all, we are waiting for inquiries and reservations by e-mail or phone.

↑ Please enter from here.I'll be waiting for you (*^^*)

Watanabe Miyu

I'm not good at writing sentences.But I will write without losing. talk to this staff

Article by Miyu Watanabe

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