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[Male member's true feelings: Dialogue] Strategy for dating type B

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40s Consulting company company manager
Dating club history 3 years
The trigger is the introduction of seniors

Slender, tall and stylish.He was dressed very nicely and answered the interview pleasantly.
I was allowed to talk indifferently with a soft demeanor, but this is the staff!Thank you very much for answering the question of root digging and leaf digging.


-The case where you didn't let me have sex

Mamiya: What should we start with?
Mr. N: At the very beginning, I was still connected with the girl who offered me the second time. I went on a trip with that girl, but she wouldn't let me have sex with her.
Mamiya: Eh!Did you go on a trip?Where have you been?
Mr. N: XNUMX days and XNUMX nights in Tohoku.
Mizuno: Well, I went on a trip.
Mamiya: Are you in the same bed?
Mr. N: Because the bed was twin.I haven't done it yet.
Mamiya: Type C? ?
Mr. N: Eh, B.I have many children of B. All B.
Mamiya: Why is that?
Mr. N: It's kind of interesting, isn't it?I rather like the troublesome one.I like the process of persuading a troublesome child, If I were to force it, but even if you look at it, even B is better than A, isn't it?Even if you look
almost more than AI work really hard.Money is the only way to break through the hardships

- Hard work is money...

Mamiya: Hard work is money... lol It's money that unlocks.
Mr. N:Gold, isn't it?It's all about money.So, according to the pattern up until now, you would meet B several times and go on dates, wouldn't you?
It will disappear then.Sport there.For some reason, I'm not getting any contact from women.It's getting worse and worse.
Narita: Oh, I can't pull it off.
Mr. N: Yes. .It's no good if you think you can't pull it anymore.Or do you talk about money at that stage?Actually, I'm really in trouble, I have a scholarship, I'm in trouble with my rent, so some kids ask me to give them a little more, and she's like that.
Mamiya: Even N-sama like this! ! ?
Mizuno: Amazing
Mr. N: No, no.She's quite a girl, she's strong.
Mizuno: Well then, try a lot until you drop it, and at the very end
Mr. N: I will.do.But it's about time, like, oh, there's just the right line.When I said let's have sex next time. . .Already read through.

- Distress of dating type B

Narita: How many times have you met before then?
Mr. N: Well, this child is C. It's C, but with thisIt's been quite some time since I said let's have sex.
Mamiya: Then you haven't contacted me yet?
Mr. N: Not coming. ,
Mizuno: Eh, Muzuu

Narita: How many times have you met?
Mr. N: This child is alreadyIt's about XNUMX times.Don't you think it's about time?
Mamiya: Even five times is quite enough. .
Narita: Have you had a meal after five times?Do you want to do some shopping? ?
Mr. N: Rice, rice.I didn't go shopping with this girl.It's like eating rice.It's basically just rice.Rice XNUMX times.This kid doesn't like high places.She's like a pub.

Mamiya: Do you feel like there is no strategy for dating type B? ?
Mr. N:Today's C is definitely B.This senior also said
Mamiya: The current C is
Mr. N: The old B.that's whyEven C runs away, and it's about half.That's why seniors are already D.What?
Mamiya: On the contrary, there are some successful examples among them.
N-sama: There are some kids who are good at inviting normally. Even B.
Mamiya: From the first day?
Mr. N:There is basically no first day.
Mamiya: That's right.
Mr. N:Never.I didn't even get C on the first day, and when I met him for the second time, I was fine.  It's either B or C.

Mamiya: Well, what is the borderline between being cool and being cool?Do you have money yet?
Mr. N: Yes,Money.I put out one hand.at the time of etch.But if I put my hand out, my friends in the dating club around me told me not to put it out.
Mamiya: You mean it's expensive?
Mr. N: That's why I don't want to wear it.Say it.That's why now I'm challenging myself from a low point.
Mamiya: It doesn't matter if you put it on, it's educated.smile
Mr. N: Yes!I have another friend from LINE, and he says he can't hold out more than one hand.That's why I took it out.
Narita: Is it because you're in good shape?
Mr. N: Yes.No.The probability that we will be rejected will be higher.

- Do men like boobs after all?

Mamiya: It's good that men don't like their friends, either.Is it bad?
Mr. N: I never wear a type.I never made an offer to a senior type.Have you ever worn a type?never before.But it seems that everyone other than me wears it often.
Mizuno: Ah, it felt like I was wearing it quite a bit.smile
Mr. N: Basically, seniors are boobs aliens,
Mizuno: That's right.smile
Mamiya: Hahaha, you're not that pretty.
Mr. N: Yes!You choose a senior.gold or standard.But even in gold, oh my goodness.Like.
Mizuno: Haha.There were two boobs stars.
Mr. N: You like boobs.
Mizuno: Ahahaha
Mr. N: So, in the first placeI never searched for bust cups.  Everyone will do more than that.very.
Mizuno: There are quite a few people who search for bust cups.
Mr. N: I was a little surprised.I have never searched.That's why it's said.I wonder if she's a boob star.
Narita: It's a little disappointing.smile
Mamiya: It's better not to wear it.absolutely.
Mr. N: It's better not to wear it.I tend to be relatively small people.ThereI didn't care at all.
Mamiya: Adult!

Narita: On the other hand, what kind of standards do you have and what type do you like?
Mr. N: Hmmm.I also have different types.but,The latest offer is CA.
Mamiya: Was it H-san?
Mr. N: That's right! Mr. H.kana.It was surprisingly good lol I didn't do it.yes.It was surprisingly good.I was surprised.It's kind of nasty.smile

―Relationship without H

Mamiya: What is the fun you don't have?Well, I guess it's normal. .
Mr. N:Some kids just do it.Pay on the spot and it's over.There is one nurse, but she doesn't show her face.I talk to him every time, but if it's just that, he's really not funny.Eat and have sex and finish.Like.So, the next time we meet, we eat and have sex and that's it.When it comes toIt's not funny at all.If you say you want to date normally, most children will be troublesome.
Mizuno: Huh, is it more troublesome for women? !
Mr. N: Women are more troublesome.There are some, but very few.  It's so annoying.Somehow, I don't like being restrained for a long time.It's already an hourly wage.
Mamiya: Is there a point to tell them apart? ?You don't know that until you meet them, don't you?
Mr. N:I won't know until I meet youー.Somehow,We place a lot of importance on comments, so it would be great if you could write a lot more comments, such as if you think it's going to cost money.

- Pseudo-romance is the real pleasure of the dating club

Mizuno: Unlike sex clubs and other services, dating clubs have the advantage of being able to go on dates.
Mr. N: Hmm.The man may not be looking for it unexpectedly.troublesome.  Even my seniors just meet and fuck.I wonder if there are more men like that.Maybe the seniors are there too. 
Mizuno: That's right.
Mamiya: But people who choose a dating club don't like the customs, and it's not that kind of pseudo-romance, but I get the feeling that there are more people who want that sort of thing.
Mr. N: I guess so. .Surprisingly, the first one is so, but I wonder if it will change later.
Mamiya: Well, that's right.
Mr. N: I'm single, so I can do anything.I can travel, but other people.I have to go home after all.
Mamiya: Ah,
Mr. N: I think that's what I'm talking about.

- Ordinary encounters on the side of the road are worse. . ? !

Mamiya: Aren't you looking for something like a real matchmaking?
Mr. N: Well, I don't think I'm looking for it.Are you getting married? ?
Mamiya: I think I have to.smile

Mizuno: Before you joined another dating club, what was it like meeting that woman?
Mr. N: ThatThe reason I joined was because I broke up with her.And it was just because her seniors enjoyed meeting people at dating clubs like that.I thought I'd try looking for it myself.
The story with her was miserable again, and we had only been dating for about half a year, but one day I got a call from a man. She was a 32-year-old girl, but she was my husband.

Everyone: Eh.
Mamiya: Terrible.
Mr. N:I didn't know you had a husband.I thought he was single.
Mamiya: Is that a girl you just met?
Mr. N: Yes!Get to know each other normally.At a coffee shop in Omotesando.Waitress who was there.

Mamiya: A pick-up? ?
Mr. N:Nampa, Nampa.
Mamiya: Eh.cool.
Narita: Amazing.
N-sama: Let's eat.and,When I started dating and thought I was single all the time, a man called me and said, "Who are you?" No, who are you?
Narita: By the time we met, you were already married?
Mr. N: I did.So, my husband often goes on overseas business trips, so he was able to stay overnight.
Mamiya: Huh, I was deceived!Like.
Mr. N: I was deceived and nothing,
Mizuno: From there, did you receive any further contact from the men?
Mr. N: After that, I questioned her, and as a result, I admitted that she was bad.On top of that, I was told to delete my LINE.I already do!Like.It feels good.
Everyone: Huh.
Mizuno: I hate that.
Mr. N: If that's the case,I felt like I was cut offThat's what it feels like.


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