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Club Activity Diary-Honest intention and reason to withdraw

The cold is getting tough, isn't it? The city where Magnolia lives is very rural, so every day is cold.

From registration to withdrawal

In this column, I will quickly trace the past month and a half from Magnolia's registration to the universe.And she withdrew (registration deleted).
I would like to frankly explain the background and the true intentions.

1 week of stormy waves

Registering for the dating club universe, which challenged me with anxiety and curiosity whether I can register even in my 40s.
After the thrilling interview, I went to the starting line.

It's been a week since my profile was uploaded...
When I think about it now, I really think that this week was a fork in the road of destiny.

If you're in your 20s, you don't know what to do... Even if you're in your 30s, are you still in demand?
For those in their 40s who are thinking about registering, the first week is the game.

If you don't get an offer within a week, I think the chances of getting an offer after that are extremely low.
In the case of Magnolia, the offer was made the day after it was uploaded, the day after that, and maybe a week later.

Good job, staff!

three offers

And as I wrote before, three offers overlapped, and it ended up being a three-day date in a row.

Yes, frankly, number one!

“Could it be that an unexpected offer is coming?Well, three days in a row is exhausting.Isn't it okay to turn down one thing?Why do you think the offer will come again? 』

But I also think about it.

``No, you won't know what kind of people are among these three offers until you meet them, right?You might have a great time, and you might even hear some very useful stories. 』

So, I beat myself up, accepted all three offers, and went on dates for three days in a row.

New Offer, Zero Reality

It was partly right and partly wrong.
What was right was that all three were wonderful men.

What was wrong was that there were zero new offers after that.
Male members tend to prefer fresh women.

And there is no longer any doubt that Magnolia's registered profile is already buried.

Offers for different age groups

And I met with three men for three days in a row.
Interestingly, the ages are also in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

As a result, we are still continuing with male members in their 50s and 60s.

People in their 40s sometimes contact me, but it seems difficult to continue.This was in anticipation.

Don't be fooled by internet information

In the world, blogs and threads about dating clubs are scattered all over the place, and information is overflowing.
But if you ask how much of it is real information, most of it may be a lie.

Some of the contents may be self-produced and performed by the club itself to guide them, and there may also be content that is amused by the men and women who are using it as a way to vent their dissatisfaction.

But Magnolia doesn't care what's true and what's not.

There is no need to detect lies, and the important thing is to stay calm and not be overwhelmed by information.

The Internet provides a lot of information, but only a small amount of information is necessary for the person.
And how you use that information depends on your intentions and actions.

Especially when it comes to dating clubs, if you're really interested, you have to be aware of the system and the risks (I think this is the bare minimum of important information) and give it a go.

A balance between hard work and leaving luck to heaven

If you're a woman, you have to do your best (make a good impression with registration) and then wait (for an offer).She really has no choice but to leave her luck to Heaven.

On the other hand, if you are a man, you should identify women and use your communication skills to persuade them.The lack of charm is supplemented with money.

And this time, both men and women will make an effort to continue.From the standpoint of receiving medical treatment, the efforts of women are essential, but if men do not need to make efforts, men also need to make efforts to continue.

No matter how much women are for money.
I think it's quite difficult to continue a relationship forever with a man who doesn't feel right.

At first, the smiles that were faked will gradually come out, and above all, once you think that you don't like women, they are creatures that give you goosebumps just by being touched. (In that sense, a woman who works hard in the world of sex industry deserves respect. No matter how much she has a disgust inside, on the surface she serves customers with a smile. I just think it's amazing. )

Reason for withdrawal, part 1 ~ Overcapacity

Luckily, both of Magnolia's dating partners are straight men, and we've never had a bad time together.

From now on, if I think about a long-term relationship, even if I get a new offer, I feel that it is already physically and mentally overcapacity.

“For me, this situation is all I can handle. 』

That's what Magnolia felt, so I decided to obey.That is the number one reason for her resignation.

It is a fact that once you are registered, you never know what kind of wonderful relationship you will have in the future, and that is the real pleasure of dating clubs.
I am also aware that it would be a waste to abandon an unseen relationship.

Reason for leaving, part 2-I want to erase anxiety

The second reason for withdrawal is because I feel that the value of the registered information is approaching zero.

Magnolia is disgusted by the fact that their registration information is buried in places they don't know.
As long as there is still a reaction from people around me, it may be live information, but if it is buried, I feel that it is almost worthless.

I once saw someone on a women's blog who casually signed up for a dating club, but didn't get an offer.

In the end, the woman felt that they didn't get along, so they broke up over a cup of tea.

Of course, I trusted Universe and registered, so I have confidence in the handling of personal information.
However, I don't know who the male members are.

Also, it's not always possible that male members won't show it to other people, and there is a possibility that they can see it.
In short, it is said to be revealing, but I want to avoid that, so I want to eliminate unnecessary anxiety.

I want to give priority to the current relationship

Men will be able to check new registered women every day, and the feeling of freshness will continue, and are they used to dating?You're more likely to look at new women than women who might be.But what about women?

It was only a month and a half, but I learned a lot from the dating club.
And since I was able to get a relationship, I would like to graduate from the club for the time being and cherish the relationship I have now.

Magnolia, real dad life

Well, it's money. Magnolia doesn't intend to list all the pretty things, but she's not really interested in money.However, it is enough if you know how your partner thinks about spending time with Magnolia.

I work, so in addition to my monthly salary, Magnolia still has a real dad.
It's the dad who cut the pipe in the selfie of the example (laughs).

If it's 20-30 a month, it's normal for me to get pocket money. (But I think I understand the value of money well because there were times in the past when I was in trouble with money.)

The real intention of SEX

You really want to have sex, don't you?There will also be an opinion....
It is said that sexual desire peaks in the 40s, so I admit that.

Sexual experiences with 6 people so far became 9 people at once at the dating club.
It was my first experience at the age of 20, so in about 20 years I had sex with 6 people, but in just 3 days I had 9 people.

For Magnolia, this was quite an adventure, no matter how hairy at heart.
And I've learned that sex without love is nothing more than temporary pleasure, and it's still empty.

provide time to feel love

That's why, even if only a little, love grows there.
I don't know if it's once a week or once a month, but if we meet and share the same time, I'd like to try to fill that time with love, even if just a little.

This is because Magnolia believes that if you accept money, that is the bare minimum of etiquette.

People in the movie "Magnolia"

Such an interesting human pattern of dating, is coincidence inevitable?You never know what will happen in life.
People are attractive because they suffer. … If you are thinking about such a thing, I would like to introduce “Magnolia”.

◯◯◯ may fall from the sky tomorrow.It's also good!

Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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