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Club Activity Diary ~ A really annoying ending, part 2

In the previous column, Magnolia was found to be infected with chlamydia.When that happens, what comes to my mind is...

"Who is the culprit!?"

... isn't it?Unfortunately, it's in the dark.
Some of the men I dated might have had it. Magnolia may have had it from the beginning.It goes without saying that no matter who the source of infection is, it is too late.

Reaction of dating men

I've talked to all the men I've been dating and contacted them.The good news is that you all care about Magnolia's body (even if it's her social code).
What surprised me at the same time was that there were people who didn't even have a venereal disease test in mind or had any knowledge of chlamydia.
Everyone replied that they would go check it out.

And about the relationship, I was told that I would leave it to Magnolia to decide what to do in the future.

Over the past few years, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases has been in the news almost every day.

Dating men of Magnolia, I would like you to take care of yourself by going for a test or using a mail-in test kit.

prevalence of venereal disease

As you can see in Rachel's column, it is certain that STDs are on the rise. Magnolia was also knowledgeable, but she was no help at all.After all, knowledge that is not accompanied by actual experience is something that is difficult to acquire.
To be ashamed and honest, condoms were only used to prevent pregnancy at most.

I mean, oral sex with a condom on.
I really want to meet live~~!

…Well, I'm sick.

young woman crisis

If it is chlamydia, it will be cured with medication, but there is something I want you to be careful about here. Magnolia is 42 years old, has a child, and has no plans for another.She may have been infected with a venereal disease and she may be offended.But what about young women?

◻️Causes of infertility

That's right.Most of the women who work hard in club activities are young women.What if they were unknowingly infected with a venereal disease?What if it was left unnoticed for a long time?
It's a fine infertility completion.

How to prevent it?

But prevention is easier said than done.After all, oral sex with a rubber is not ... (Are you still particular about it?・lol)

As a minimum prevention, first confirm that you are negative.
If possible, check the other person and the man you are dating.
But whether you're dating a man or a woman, there's a possibility that you have another partner.
Each other, sexual partners are an unspecified number.

A thorough condom is still necessary.

The use of antibiotics has also been shown to have a preventive effect.However, regular use is not good.

Isn't the most important thing for each other to be aware of the risk of sexually transmitted infections?And if you want to continue dating, regular checkups are a must.

I don't know until I see it.indifference to venereal disease

Chlamydia, in particular, can be cured with general antibiotics prescribed by an otorhinolaryngologist.I may have been infected repeatedly, but before I knew it, I was cured.Such circumstances may also be the reason why it is easy to become careless.
But there is also data that being infected makes you more susceptible to other serious infections.This may lead to complete infertility, or to susceptibility to unexpected diseases such as HIV.

Also, most men are married.I would like you to avoid transferring it to your wife and turning it into a pandemonium.

female infertility

Pregnancy is the number one concern for women in a relationship.
However, before that, there is a possibility that the body will become incapable of conceiving or difficult to conceive.

Magnolia has several friends who have struggled with infertility for years and have gone through painful treatments.Some friends got their wishes granted and had a child, and some friends paid millions for treatment but the stork did not appear.

I want you to think carefully and act.
Dating women have to be smart.

Magnolia club activities

In fact, there was a man who told me that he was infected with chlamydia, but still wanted to continue the relationship with Magnolia.
As a woman, I am very grateful.
Once healed, resuming dating is also an option.


But I decided to decline.

Magnolia's feelings are not for dating men from the beginning. The task of “enjoying each day like her lover” is what makes Magnolia so passionate about her company and sex.
It was a club activity that wanted a polyamory relationship, but in fact, there are many men who want to monopolize women as much as they go out.

Dating men, sex, money, boyfriends, venereal disease risk...

After thinking about it for a while, I clarified my priorities for Magnolia.
Magnolia made one decision.

"I don't associate with an unspecified number of people.It's too much of a risk'

In other words, resignation.

For two months, I had a very fun, pleasant and interesting experience.

Are women interested?The amount is about 20.

With such an experience, there is also the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

If there is a meeting, there is a farewell.

If there is just excitement, Gaaan!There is also

Dating club is a recognition that it is a club activity that wraps up all such good and bad.

Ladies, don't fall prey to men (laughs)
And please take care of your body.

Men, don't risk falling for women and be gentlemen.That's the secret to a long-lasting relationship.

And I hope that both men and women should always remember to be kind to others.

A sincere wish from Magnolia.


Magnolia, Japanese name is Magnolia.

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