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Excuses when being blamed for dad activities [10 selections]

It has become a hot topic that a member of the Diet did "papa katsu".

Papa-katsu is an activity that has risks and rewards for both men and women.
In addition, the established theory is that “the heavier the burden on a person, the higher the risk”.
Members of the Diet, the President, etc. The more you lose, the more you will be unable to withdraw and the more you will lose.With that in mind, men with status and money are doing dad activities.

On the other hand, girls who do dad activities,
Sometimes you receive severe criticism and reprimands from those around you, saying, "Why did you do that!?"There will be.

Just in case that happens,
It is reassuring to have an “argument” that convinces the other party.If you are currently in trouble with the progressive tense, it is even more so.


■ Excuses for dad activities [10 selections]

Less than,``Rebuttal to criticism of dad activities'' to temporarily surpass the opponentつ ま り"excuse".

Here are 10 items, starting with the most convincing.


for a specific financial goal

The most persuasive statement.In fact, there are many girls and single mothers who are out of necessity for various reasons and are doing daddy activities with a target amount of money.
Depending on your circumstances, such as scholarship repayment, study abroad expenses, etc., focus on the areas where you absolutely need money and explain to the other party.


for job preparation

For students, the word "job hunting" is very useful.In fact, visiting alumni for industry research and company research is part of job hunting."Meet people in the ○○ industry"A clear purpose is the reason why it is easy to pass.
By the way, if you are a member of society, you can paraphrase it as "increasing the number of withdrawals at work", "improving sales skills", and "wanting to see my work objectively".


To find someone you can talk to about ○○

Managers, entrepreneurs, investors, doctors, professionals (lawyers, accountants, etc.), and othersUnlimited search for men with various titles and backgroundsPapa Katsu Market.
One of the reasons is that there was no one around me who could talk about a specific topic, and that's why I was looking for it. (The content of the consultation can be added later.)


to acquire manners

It's called social studies.especially students,A phrase that is relatively easy to use for young peopleOkay. 
 Try saying things like, "I'm embarrassed if this continues."Assuming a meal scene, "I didn't want to grow up without knowing how to use a knife and fork."


to overcome shyness 

For better or worse, papa katsu is being rubbed by an unspecified number of adults (males).
The situation of "nice to meet you" told by the word "meeting",I wanted to use it to overcome my shynessLet's take it to the line.


To improve communication skills

Similar to the previous one, but
"I want to improve my communication skills"
You can make it a reason such as "I wanted to change my introverted self."
(actually,Papa-katsu significantly improves communication skills. )


For motivation to be beautiful

As a matter of fact, there are papa-katsu-joshi who have repeated meetings with men because they want to be beautiful.I was one of them.
A beautiful woman wins.somehow,In a world where appearance supremacy prevailsis. "I want to be beautiful" is a painful goal and wish for the person himself. It might be a good idea to cry, saying, "I really have a complex...".


Because it was a phenomenon that became a hot topic in the streets

It is also possible to become an analyst's point of view.
Papa life can be said to be a social phenomenon.I will talk about it in the context of actually experiencing it.If possible, try to relate it to usefulness in writing academic papers and reports, contribution to work, etc.


to broaden your experience

It is a by-product of dad activities that makes it possible to experience things that you can never do on your own.
"I wanted to know the unknown world"
"I wanted to increase the number of things I could experience in the early stages of my life"... It's not a lie, is it?I really thought so!EnthusiasmPlease try to tell your partner.


for a change

In a way, just open up?This may also be a surprisingly good argument.
Nowadays, there are restrictions in various fields due to the corona wreck, so anyone can have the feeling of "tough".If it applies to everyone, it also applies to us as daddy girls.
When you don't have a good excuse, say something like "I've reached my mental limit",Run away from those who buy sympathy.


■ My case and summary

The "criticism for papa katsu" that I received was solelydescended from parentsIt was a thing.

It is pre-established harmony that strong criticism and reprimands from parents, "Don't do stupid things!"
Papa's housing offer was also decided,Exercise your right to remain silent without arguing against what is said, Finally, in the form of running away from home, he forced his way through "continuing dad activities".It was a few months of "daughter's location unknown" for parents.

IfIf you think "whatever you say is useless", eventually you will silently disappear in front of the other person, is the quickest (laughs)



Although social awareness has increased,Don't expect to be understood when it comes to papa activitiesIt may be something.

At the beginning, I wrote "temporarily surpass the opponent ...".

"temporary" for "long-term" reasons, andIt is the girls themselves who "justify" papa-katsu.

"Hey, did you do well?"
When time passes, I want to show myself that I've grown as a person and as a woman, and through Papa-katsu I want to become a wonderful person who can just say, "I'm the proof."♡




In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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