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Ah, my dear poor persuasion

▼ Other people's material is Seki's material

There are men in the world who are surprisingly unaware of other people's feelings (can't guess).
Even though I'm telling you to stop, it's like, "Stop, stop, you'll still love it, right?"
This is just a dad life.Because it's just a dad activity, it's for the purpose of supporting"You're contacting me because you like me, right?"
Don't you ever get annoyed when someone comes to you with a romantic relationship?

This time, it's a true (non-fiction) story about M-san, a woman who works as a dad, and happened near Seki.

(It will come out from time to time to conduct follow-up surveys in the future.)

I think that there are times when I feel that it is a little different from Papa Katsu, but since I have doubled my life, I think that "I show it with my attitude, so I'm sure they will usually understand this much". is prohibited.
There was an episode that made me realize that. Please skim it as a series of "there are people like this".

For the time being, I will try to describe the characteristics of "this kind of person" as a personal point, so please check it.

Please note that it will be in the form of sentences because it is like the story below.


One day three years ago, she wandered around the neon street with her friend Seki (me) on that day, and arrived at a shared table bar "Moss (provisional)".
Tonight, of course, is to find a good man.
We were colored.Then we meet a group of middle-aged men.

M-chan, 26 years old.
Unprecedented and inexperienced in working at night, he is a newcomer to daddy activities.
I love alcohol, rice, and pretty boys, but the most important thing is feeling.
I love to have a lot of fun with multiple people, such as at shared bars and joint parties, so I often get together and drink.

Mr. Y, an uncle who works as a masseuse in the consulting industry and an entertainer who doesn't know what to do.
Mr. D, the uncle of the drunken manager who doesn't know what it is.

The above is the main part of this article.

By the way, Mr. Y's Y is Mr. Yagi's Y, but after this, M-chan contacted me and I ignored it as read."Oh my God? A letter (contact) from me, I wonder if Mr. Goat ate it??"This is the origin of what I said.

Who is the goat that eats LINE talk information?


At that time, M-chan, who was a little worried about romantic relationships, usually narrowed down her romantic interests to young men.
I still remember how impressed I was by the gentlemanly manners of Mr. D and Mr. Y, their gentle demeanor, their ability to do a good job, and their slender and smart appearance.

Point XNUMX: First impression of appearance and behavior

The only thing that bothered me was that Mr. Y was talking fluently while drinking wine about the entertainment world that he would be involved in at work.

Actress G was so good at pillow sales that her sponsors let her appear on TV, so she's about to disappear. that you had a lover

By the way, Mr. G is still appearing on TV.

Point 2: Excessively wanting "as expected", "I didn't know", "amazing", "good taste", "Is that so" from women

I was taken to a nice bar in Nakasu, where I could lie down on a fluffy sofa in a private room with a view of the night view.
I enjoyed the pink champagne.

However, what was special at this time was that instead of Y-san, D-san, me and M-chan 2:2, Y-san: I and M-chan were 1:2.
Mr. D had already withdrawn from drinking too much.

▼Come on, let's talk!

Mr. Y seemed to like M-chan quite a bit in the shared room.
"M-chan, that's great! I've never met a girl like you!"
"M-chan, you're a child... you should meet a better man!!"
“If I was a few years younger, I would have been seriously wooing you.”

It looks like you're already seriously arguing, but...Aside from Seki's tsukkomi
M-chan was laughing out loud.Then she got up to go to the bathroom.

Then Mr. Y moved.

He approached me next to me and took a scoop of the tip of my long hair at the time.

"Actually...I...I'm not good with strong-willed girls like M-chan..."
"Actually, I'm the type of girl with a sweet smile and a sweet smile like Seki-chan..."
"I asked Mr. D to flatter M-chan, who seems to have the right to make decisions... I thought it would be smoother if I flattered a child like M-chan."

I whispered in my ear.
After this, Seki devised a plan and left the seat in the same way, but it is said that he said almost the same to M-chan.

Point 3: Say the same compliment to different people. (I should have said this)

Point 4: Act (say) without thinking about it later.

Point 5: I think all women are the same creature. (Cannot respond when an unexpected reaction occurs)

This guy is really no good...!We got fed up, exchanged contact information, and left the bar.


Seki and M-chan both exchanged contact information, saying, "Next time, how about having a meal with your pocket money?"
This is because I received a meal dad's suggestion. Needless to say, M-chan ate it, and I also exchanged LINEs.

why?I wanted to witness a male and female human horror.
Yes, you can enjoy Okesa Persimmons in the form ofI wanted to see how he got out of here.

This is how M-chan's and Y-san's LINE daddy activities and my observation of daddy activities began.

Expectations for M-chan's future! !

Continue (maybe)

I like love, but recently I have lost my libido and my only purpose in life is to feed my two cats.Her favorite words are "It's nice~Nice~☆It's naked~★". talk to this staff

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