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What would you do if your dad's activities were discovered? ? ~Response Part 2: Accepting~

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Papa Katsu Ninpojutsu Part XNUMX: Cut Shira
This method is for the time being,"Huh?"was to appeal.

This is because some people may get annoyed
Let's practice hard in front of the mirror(´∀`)lol

Huh?The trick is not to open your eyes too much and not to make a difference in the height of your eyebrows.
natural huh?Let's find out ♡

Let's get down to business!
This is a powerful trick that can be used when the subject is brought up later, or when it is discovered on the spot♪

What the hell is that...!? ?

▼I admit it easily

yes.I can't help but find something.
Let's just admit it!

"Yes, I was walking with a man."←only hereThat's it! !
Please do not post any personal information such as Mr. ●●.

Probably, there should be a lot of dads who are adults and adults.

If you are a working adult,
"That's right, that person is a person (boss at work) who I have a relationship with at work~"
"I bumped into my former business partner who was indebted to me before changing jobs!"

If you are a student
"I'm the teacher in charge of the temporary seminar."
"He's the owner of my previous part-time job."
“I just happened to meet the mature teacher who used to take care of me!”

Let's make it a person in a position in a setting that cannot be specified at present.

Unless you are an acquaintance who reports each other's recent situation one by one and knows everything about yourself
You can use "Teachers of old lessons", especially since they are often older, so I think it's like that.

*It is forbidden to talk more than usual, as if to cover it up.
this is very unnaturalsuspected to the contrary.

Don't talk more than necessary, and be conscious of speaking to the extent that you can't get into it if you're asked.
Look the other person in the eye when you speak.

▼ As a mental stance

Some people feel guilty to be shy and talk about things that are not true.
I think there are many people who are not used to it.

You don't have to speak up yourself, don't worry the other person
I'm just trying to feel comfortable and continue being a dad.

No matter how seriously the other party thinks about private matters
It doesn't mean that person will support your life or make your dreams come true.

"thank you for worrying about me"Firmly accept only the feeling,
Don't let that person worry too much that you won't be found in the same pattern again next time.

I wonder if I can do it well! ?

And surely ~~~~! ! ! !I am waiting for your reply.


The club is a school of magic that changes women♡Papa is a wizard♡
If you want a daddy, polish your magic tool (woman)♡
I want to be an angel rather than a witch ♡ It was Seki ♡ (I just wanted to say it)

I like love, but recently I have lost my libido and my only purpose in life is to feed my two cats.Her favorite words are "It's nice~Nice~☆It's naked~★". talk to this staff

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