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What would you do if your dad's activities were discovered? ? ~Response Part 3 Crazy Change~

▼Review from the last time

Last time, I accepted it lightly, and on top of that, I told him about the man in a reasonable setting.
That's what I told you.

This time, assuming that I was working as a dad,
What would you say if someone found you...?I tried to think about it realistically.
(Yes, when I was writing this sentence, there was only time to think about it lol)

And I found my own answer.
That's here.There is a high possibility that it will not be very helpful (because I have never done dad activities)
However, I am doing compensated dating while walking with my grandpa and father at my parents' house and my boss at work!And her family lover friend has been suspected.

I, who had the unreasonable experience of walking with my family and being suspected by my family,
The unreasonable dodge series is now open. (Is it the Japan series?!)

▼ Answer questions with questions

if i"I saw you walking with a man the other day, what were you doing?"When asked.

I will say this first.

"What is that, what are you talking about?"

This seems to be similar to shirao-kiri, but it is also a little different.
The image of "I don't know what this is",
My way of asking "What are you talking about?""What's that, what's that, tell me more about that!"contains the nuance of

Because why do you ask this way?
This is because smart people and observant people like to ask trick questions! ♡

Smart people don't need to know specific information, that is, even if they don't know for certain that the person they saw is that person.
It is possible to obtain specific information from the person and be convincedSuch you.


But after all, you may not know what, no, who you were with, or when.

What do you do when that happens...?

▼Get information

I wonder what the other person is sayingQuestionto explore.
that's right,"get information"It is

Let's say that the other person has specified a date and time, and on that day, I thought, "Oh, maybe that's what it is...?"

Just in case, let's find out where you were seen walking.

"The location may be different depending on the time of day. Where did you see it?"

Here comes the first turning point!

Here, if the other party is just playing kama, there will be no match.

I will list places that I think I will never go to even by myself
If the other person's reaction, for example, you don't say it easily, or you don't remember the place somehow

I think it's okay to switch to the course that cuts off the shiraki, or the simple course of appropriate recognition.
BecauseThe amount of information that the other party cannot be sure ofThat's why.

I just think that the other person might be ●●-chan, my daughter, or my sister.
In this case, it's just a mistake.

*Therefore, it is not recommended to wear clothes that become a symbol that you always wear on a date.

▼Specify, but do not let

Here is the stance I would make.

I identify where I was doing from what the other person said, but
I think I'll take a method of presenting the possibility that I was in another place to the other party, trying not to let it happen as much as possible.

On the contrary, suspiciously"Was that really me? Isn't that a surprise!?"You may ask.
There are things that cannot be conveyed in words, but what they all have in common is everything"Have room", "Stand up", "Stand still"
The only way to stay calm is to be prepared.

Because if you keep yourself strong, you can have a kind of trust that "this person doesn't have to worry".

By the way, if you witnessed the scene, tell your friends"Oh, this person is a teacher at my previous school (a school that doesn't share with my friends)!"Saying
I think I'll ask my dad (if there is one) to say hello to that friend.

It's okay to be so open.

Even if I regret itIt's not like you're doing anything wrong.

The men who are registered with the club are also people with good intuition.
As long as you don't think it's okay to cut your hair, or you're not too lazy, I'm sure you'll be fine.♡


The most natural pattern for me is different.
It depends on where you were, your age, position, and occupation.

And go that far! ?You might think that….
but!I think there are phrases and methods that make no one unhappy.

I think the day will come when I can say Happy Papa-katsu♡ when I find that method!
Let's do our best ♪ Let's all have a good rice cake... no, happy new year ♡

We hope to see you next year! ! ♡

The club is a school of magic that changes women♡Papa is a wizard♡
If you want a daddy, polish your magic tool (woman)♡
It was staff Seki who loves New Year's Eve irresistibly ♡ (I just wanted to say)

I like love, but recently I have lost my libido and my only purpose in life is to feed my two cats.Her favorite words are "It's nice~Nice~☆It's naked~★". talk to this staff

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