You are my only shining star

WTW is an over XNUMX-year-old father who is an office worker president overseas.

Why did I join the club and what kind of encounters did I have when I was stationed overseas?

I would like to write while sharing my memories.

post after a long time

It's been a long time since I've been posting.I couldn't actually write.

I've been working hard to digest my thoughts for XNUMX years.

The story from now on may be just a heartbreak story rather than a story about dad life.

Female college student I met in Taipei

It's the end of the story. 

her name is <N> 

We met in Taipei, where I was posted before WTW.

In Taiwan, there is a Japanese town called Linsen.

There are many Japanese restaurants and bars for Japanese people.

The role of Japanese companies in Taiwan is becoming smaller and smaller, and it is said that the bustle of the past has long since disappeared.

A bar with women has a club-like cabaret club-like snack and bar.

Unlike karaoke clubs in Thailand where girls are assigned according to the number of customers, this style is called a snack.

It is larger than a Japanese snack and smaller than a club.

Nowadays, it seems that more and more Japanese are coming to study at Taiwanese universities for short-term language training.

Universities in Taiwan offer low tuition fees and low living expenses, so some students chose Taiwan for family reasons, while others came to study Chinese.

You can live if you have an allowance of 5 yen, excluding school fees.

Part-time workers in Taiwan earn around XNUMX yen per hour at restaurants.With snacks, it's finally about XNUMX yen.

WTW was familiar with snacks, but my mother wanted to hire a Japanese girl, so I created the text for the job board.
(Mom wanted to post this and that, but in the end it was a mess.)

After seeing that, I applied for <N>.

After graduating from high school, she first learned Chinese at a language school in Taiwan, and entered a famous university in Taiwan as a foreigner. I entered the store.

1500 yen x 4 hours/day x 7 days/week x XNUMX weeks XNUMX yen.

As for Taiwan, a considerable amount of money is available.

If accompanied, it costs XNUMX yen per time, and depending on the shop, there is also a bottle reward.

N was also earning about XNUMX yen a month, wasn't he?

You are my favorite type

The first customer she had was WTW.

It was love at first sight.

Her sense of danger and transparency between girls and women.

Skin like white porcelain.

A voluminous bust that is estimated to be F size or larger, a thin waist that doesn't suit it, and zero long legs.

He was also fairly tall.

WTW's favorite type of face is big eyes, slightly droopy, crisp eyes.

It was perfect.

But I couldn't find the key to open my heart.

I was the type to not pry into my private life.

If you read past columns, you will understand that WTW is not good at persuading women.

You can only throw straights.

I'm not good at bargaining and dropping.

For example, in the universe, if it is B rather than C, it will work out.
(You may be able to go to bed on the same day)

Because it is an encounter on the premise of a dating club.

I think that the good points of WTW have been recognized and accepted.

But I still don't have enough technique to persuade a woman just for rice.

Women other than past dad activities also spent a long time getting to know WTW, dropped it, and after dropping it, they got to know WTW more and became friends.

Yes, I think it's completely clumsy for women.

Continuing to throw straight balls, the opponent gets tired and gives up and opens the gate

I may not have that kind of love.

But, if you get a love attack from your opponent, won't you run away?I know that I am doing things that are unacceptable to others.

But it's just a straight game, and it doesn't have the ability to learn.

clumsy way of thinking

The response to N is exactly that.

clumsy lumps.

Since I work part-time, I don't go to work every day, but when she goes to work, I go to work with her most of the time.

So, when the shop was over, I almost sent her to her room together.

With a fixed monthly allowance and accompanying WTW, I think that N was saved a lot until she graduated from college.

I think I probably gave more money than my mother sent me by remittance.

Everyone knows that WTW is a devoted child, so there should have been no negative feelings from other children or customers at the store, and no financial inconvenience.

I helped N with his job hunting and writing the entry sheet until quite late.

Web test too.

Most of the PCs that university students have are Macs, but there were times when things like web tests didn't go well with Macs, so we snuggled up to each other in the common space of the WTW apartment and brought the WTW desktop all the way there. Tests, (you didn't come to the room), web tests at the counter late at the bar.

The arms were stuck together, but the mucous membranes never touched each other.

But it was fun.

Unrequited love.

N is also a Japanese raccoon girl who has become a very good woman.

Women at this time of year are really beautiful.

WTW was crazy but couldn't get N crazy.

His parents divorced and he was raised by his mother.

In order to send money to her, it seems that her mother was also in the water business in Japan.

His mother also knew that N worked at a snack bar.

When N came home from vacation, he brought his mother's dress and wore it at the shop.

For her, she wanted to experience what her mother is working for her. I wonder if the part-time job continued because it became like that.

For N, WTW was a good person, a good old man with long legs.

Even though I knew how it felt, I couldn't get away from it.

Was she also obsessed with cleanliness and clumsy?

I graduated in June and joined the company in April of the following year.

N was in Taiwan until the visa expired, so it happened several times before that.

Her Chinese is almost perfect, but she wanted to study English as well, so she went to America for a short term study abroad, and I lent her that money as well.

It was enough money to buy a car, but I thought that the money would not come back.

and broken thread

And the other day, I received a full refund from her in Japan.

The girl I met in Japan had become a normal woman.

Has the magic broken?No glowing aura was seen.

But he's the one I've been thinking about so far, so I still love him.

After receiving a refund, the thread that was connected thinly has been cut.

I knew the thread would break.

But I couldn't write about her until the thread broke.

I think she was the type who was only interested in men she fell in love with.

It's been over a year since she left Linsen, but she hasn't drank there once.

And after she left Taiwan, WTW joined Universe.
I have a lot of pseudo-romances, but I can't control my heart.

Maybe all the time.I'm always looking for someone who looks like N.


Recently, I found a girl with the same name as N in Universe.

The type was C at first, but changed to B on the way.

WTW made an offer upon returning home.

I talked down firmly.

just by name.

She is still young and is very bad at telling lies.

I will talk differently than what is written in my profile.

Maybe they were dating.

It's the type you don't usually choose.

But you know. I didn't care about WTW.

I had sex while screaming N's name.

Yes, Universe's N isn't a replacement or compatible with Taiwan's N, but it does help heal a little bit of the scratches.

I hope someday the scab will come off. 


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