we are all alone

WTW is an over XNUMX-year-old father who is an office worker president overseas.

Why did I join the club and what kind of encounters did I have when I was stationed overseas?

I would like to write while sharing my memories.

August XNUMXth to Japan.Canceling flights and settings

Since our company will be closed due to the long vacation in Japan, I was planning to return to Japan temporarily from this day, but due to various reasons, the flight was delayed.

It ended up being a XNUMX hour delay.

My flight was delayed, but other flights were canceled, so the flight was full.

Since it was a self-funded flight taken with miles, it was economy, but I was surprised that the XNUMX was fully booked.

I'm glad I was able to return to Japan safely.

But there is a big problem.

For the first time, there was a setting with a woman outside my registered base.

The criteria for selecting women this time is also from <Memories of her in the past>.

I found her by chance, but her private photo was quite different from the time of the photo shoot, but it was a setting that I was looking forward to because I had an offer from more than a month ago, but this time it was off by one day. Unfortunately, it was canceled at once.


I asked for the setting when I went on a business trip to Japan a month later.

August XNUMXth: A sudden set-up, a neat young lady

So, I asked for a new setting for today and tomorrow, and in the end, it was Mr. S and her.

I don't like her, who has a neat and gentle atmosphere, but I booked a steakhouse near the hotel.

Because I wanted prime rib.

Mr. S, who went out with me in such a selfish way, relaxed and opened up to each other, and accepted my invitation.

She was in her 20s, but she was close to 30, but her C-cup breasts were attractive to men, with well-shaped nipples and soft and elastic breasts.

She said she had never died before.

WTW is service-based SEX.

I can't let myself go.

Rather than dying, I am the type who feels joy when a woman reacts to the act of WTW and passes away as a result.

They were very responsive to WTW's way of doing things, and passed away many times. 

Her switch is the right breast nipple, peeled penis and entrance.

With WTW's hands and penis many times, her face, which makes her abdominal muscles tense, changes from a neat and cute face when she is eating and talking to a beautiful adult face. I like people who make beautiful faces during sex.

WTW hasn't died this time either.

When I heard later, he said that he had never been licked like this.

Somehow, you haven't dated a good man, have you?I guess I was unlucky.

Only XNUMX people met at the club, WTW was the XNUMXrd.I was the second person to develop after the meal.

The first person was asked to marry him, and he seemed to be a stalker.

What a strike for that man.

I don't know how I feel.

So I said goodbye to Mr. S at the hotel entrance.

We promised to meet again.

I wonder if the next date will tell if it will be a long-term relationship.

August XNUMXth Midnight abuse Mr. T

In addition to Mr. S, I made an appointment with Mr. T to come late at night and spend the night together. 

I got acquainted with Mr. T in Universe and have been on two dates.

I didn't get to see her often because WTW is overseas, but she's quite a beauty.

I just don't like sex that much.

A XNUMX-year-old ex-beautician who is disappointed that only her fluffy breasts are the result of losing weight on a diet.

Since I changed my job to Kanto, I am calling this time.

We communicated on the line, consulted about changing jobs, consulting about moving, and occasionally talked on the phone.

When I was asked to meet at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. and wait until the next morning, I was honestly happy at first, but after parting with Mr. S,


line with.

This is the second cancellation from her. 

"It's fine. Understood."

When I hit back, the angry waves of insults began from there.

From Mr. T

"WTW only cares about themselves."

'Overly self-conscious and self-centered'

"Review the line exchange from the beginning. It's like posting on Twitter."

And so on. 

WTW doesn't understand why Mr. T started to get so angry all of a sudden.

The response is to apologize and apologize.

The abuse continued endlessly, and when it stopped, I thought I should have blocked it, but I thought it was immature, so I didn't block it, but what the hell is going on? 

Did you notice that you meet someone after meeting them?Were you in a bad mood?

Line posts are also distributed all at once, so I understand that it is taken as it is because the contact is like a post, but what on earth made her furious until the end?I don't know.

I thought she was a gentle and healing beauty.

The first is C's girlfriend.

Still registered in another region.

But it was changed to A one month ago.

From C to A.

Did something special happen or did you just feel tired?

August XNUMX Flight canceled again and Natsumi No.XNUMX

After finishing the necessary things in Japan, I went to the hotel where I promised to meet Natsumi No.

* Natsumi No. XNUMX<I'm looking for you until the morning comes>Please refer to.

Reopening for the first time in a month with my favorite daughter now.

is on the train on the way to the hotel, he receives an email that his return flight the next day has been canceled due to Typhoon No. XNUMX! 

I hurriedly called the call center and booked a flight from another airport for the evening of the next day.
(I made the mistake of making a phone call on the train.)

Well, a date with Natsumi No. XNUMX.

She said she was out of work and the quality was low today.

I think so.

Due to the typhoon, we didn't have time, so we skipped the meal again.

Natsumi No. XNUMX is a woman who learned to die for the first time on the last date.

This time as well, WTW is crazy about her and SEX.

She allows her kisses deeper than before, WTW's relentless chest caresses, teasing and slow pubic caresses, slow grinds and quicker grinds in response.

While inserting, use both hands and hands to play with her.

Natsumi No. XNUMX seems to have felt it more deeply than before.After all, she is special.

Happy to see her die in WTW's arms again and again.

WTW Do strike face, beautiful breasts, size, shape and softness really strike.

This time, the bottom was bald.

Until now, it was a little darker and was growing around, but this time it has been processed.

I was quite shy, but in terms of WTW, I felt that the beautiful Natsumi No. XNUMX over there was even more endearing.

WTW who has been swimming since childhood and endures ejaculation many times due to the tightening of Natsumi No. XNUMX over there.

I like it even if it's a substitute for Natsumi No.XNUMX.

It's fine as long as she's understanding, but if your heart melts, WTW will be dissatisfied.

it's difficult

I feel like I can't get into Natsumi No. XNUMX's heart because I'm going home early this time.

Amanojaku's girlfriend.

I have a feeling that someday the relationship will be severed before the ice on the surface melts, but I would like to continue the relationship without any regrets until then.

The next date is September.

At that time, I will ask you to come here at the end of the year. (with mandible)

At that point, it may no longer be an alternative.

Next time we meet, I want to leave it to my instincts and die.

August XNUMX Move and move

Moved from the hotel early in the morning when the typhoon was strong.

and go home.

This time, I had booked an economy class as a mile award, but it was canceled and I had to redo it.

Only business is available, so I'm going to return home slowly on business. (It's still a free ticket with miles)

It was a rocky flight.

But JAL's entertainment, my favorite genre, I've seen it all.

It is WTW that revisits the last XNUMX minutes of the Avengers final battle and the final Live Aid scene of Bohemian Rhapsody over and over again.

It was a temporary return home with good encounters and sad farewells.

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