"Slender Beauty, Inundated with Reservations" Work with an underground idol who used to be a model talent!

In a cute room like Kei

A men's esthetic that started with Kei-chan who was a model talent  

Work everyday with your favorite underground idol

If you are a man

It's just fun...

Kei-chan is so free-spirited that he even formed a carefree idol group.

Kei-chan, who has never had a regular part-time job so far.
If you wonder what will happen
unexpectedly doing well

Although it's just what I want to do...

Well, it's okay, I'm having a lot of fun here, so...

I was able to secure a room at a real estate agent.

Next, design and prepare the room

Let's go to Kei-chan and Nitori, let's go to Francfranc, let's go to Yamada Denki and Yodobashi.
Riding in the car with Kei and going to the electric and furniture stores one after another is also fun.

Kei-chan and I went to Yamada Denki and Yodobashi to buy a washing machine and a refrigerator to keep tea cold.
Yes, this is like going to collect home appliances for a room where you live alone.

However, the capacity of the washing machine is for a large family of the largest size, so it's a contradiction to living alone...
If you don't measure the depth and frontage of the washing machine storage area accurately, such a huge size won't fit in the 1K washing machine storage area...

Hair dryers, chairs, tables, and accessories such as decorative plants, lights, and cups are also available.
At times like this, general stores that sell Nitori and other fashionable accessories are also convenient.

In this way, I decided to look around the shops here and there with Kei.
Shopping around for new business items is different from normal clothes and has a clear purpose, so it's relatively fresh.
That's it, it's a good thing

Kei-chan will coordinate cute patterns and decorations for the room with the items she has purchased.
This is still feminine and the sense of a girl shines
very difficult for men

It looks like it, as if you entered a cute girl's room, it becomes a refreshing pattern
Customers also complimented me

One after another, interviews, grinning...

At the same time as deciding the design of the room
Every day, one after another, cute girls come to the interview.
This makes me smile again...

On busy days, 1 people a day, 5 people
Moreover, at the meeting place, she was prettier than the many women around her.

This is important for a man
If all I do is ugly, I don't want to do this kind of work.
If you're a cute girl, your motivation will go up... pretty much

and immediately recognizable
After all, meeting with a pretty girl,
That alone makes me happy as a man.

What are you doing...?
good old man...

However, I am the one who selects the therapist for the conversation with the beautiful woman...
That's all, it's fun!

no, already
I'm happy!

Until now, I have interviewed hundreds, even thousands, of normal part-time job applicants and employees.
Compared to that, it's already a big difference

Fun, absolutely.

My main business is the service industry and customer service industry, so a nice girl in the black class of 18.19 or XNUMX years old also comes to the interview
That makes my heart flutter
If you find out about Menes' interview,
That's no comparison...

With Menes, after being hired, there are times when I take pictures and interact with my body as a model.
When I brought a gift, I also talked about consultation and advice and crowded talk
Moreover, Menes is not a main business, it's a carefree, so it's even more
The interview for my main job is a normal job, so the conversation will be normal, and that's it

I smile at the questions

On the other hand
Menes interview
the pretty girl in front of me

For unknown gray work
Worried... uneasy...
I'm seriously asking all kinds of things...

Things men want to talk about
Naughty things, racy things...
I have a lot of questions about men...
It's like answering a question box...
If you're a man, you'll ask questions about things that interest you and make you want to answer...

Moreover, the expression is also cute

Not just a question like a normal interview because you want to pass
to get rid of worries
They ask me with anxiety...
I'm falling into the illusion that I'm being relied on...

In addition, there are children with various circumstances regarding their physical condition, and they will talk one after another about things that would be impossible in a normal interview.

Also, all of them are girls with looks and styles that would normally make it into the top 3% of the world.

If it's a universe, most of them are platinum or higher...
With those girls, I'm sure I'll be able to exchange plenty of sexy stories full of curiosity about men rather than interviewing for Universe...
Moreover, I hear more and more from them

If it's a normal job interview, "What's your question?"What do you want to ask? ', but I've heard a few very obvious things and it's over
When it's full of unknown anxiety, there's no end to what I want to ask
The story is going to be long.

That's why I'm always excited when I go to meet up for an interview.

When I meet someone and find a girl who is prettier or cuter than the others around me
Whoa, today is also Yatter! !
I feel happy when I go to talk to the child
This feels so good

What kind of relationship do you have with those around you?What kind of occupation?
What kind of man do you think he is...?
I can't quite imagine
Also, I don't feel bad about it...

just for an interview
I can't stand it.

A slender beauty appears

One day
Got 1 interview

That day was the one interview
Aiming for the interview time, I was heading to the interview place near where Kei lives.

Then, from the interview girl
“We are quite late today, are you okay? 』I got a call from Kay.

Since I was going to be late, I decided to meet up with Kei and go buy clothes for the therapist until that time.

Originally, I often go shopping with Kei-chan
That alone is pretty fun
When it comes to the therapist's costume, it makes me smile a little...

sexy sexy dress
If you look at it, it's a chemise?Something similar to underwear...
Kei sometimes tries this on

Occasionally, I'm called to the fitting room where Kei-chan is, and I go in with her...
I'm fascinated by her try-on...

Usually, the clothes Kei-chan chooses are...
A little serious, modest exposure... From a man's point of view, it's a shame...

Also, if you choose yourself from a male perspective...
Sexy as much as possible.
Because it's a costume, you can buy as many as you like, so the shop staff will remember you and you'll be a VIP.

And when I'm having fun shopping for clothes with Kei-chan,
I got a call from the girl who was late

when it's too late
Anyway, I was not hired, so I decided to finish the interview with Sassa, and headed to the meeting place myself.
When I found her standing and saw her from a distance



eh?Really! ! !

Ahh, finally I've been waiting
Definitely an ace! !

She's the ultimate slender beauty

Great coccha... 

I have to adopt this child no matter what... Are you impatient?

Absolutely popular!

getting closer
and meet
Inwardly, wow, what should I do?what should I do?Such a beauty? ?
It's bad if you say no...

After meeting and chatting for a while,
Apparently, from the talk and reaction, it seems that he has never worked at Menes, and he seems to have no time for interviews...
that?This is your first time at an interview, did you get flustered?

Anyway, I have to reassure you...

Up until now, I had interviewed all the children by myself.

No matter what this kid is...

I can't miss it...

I'm in the middle of shopping with Kei-chan right now.
Yes, call me Kay!Anyway, don't worry...

I immediately called Kei-chan and asked her to meet with the girl.
Then, at the city hotel cafe, I had an interview with Kei.
Kei-chan also took a liking to the child right away.

I answered a lot of questions with Kay.
Anxiety seems to have been wiped away

And, good thing, the kid ended up working
It was his first day on the job.

Now, the slender beauty girlfriend is also taking a picture immediately
Well, it always does, but now, this makes me feel even better
There is no doubt that it is No. 1 so far, and there will probably be a flood of reservations
Even in the industry, there are not many people who have found such a bargain.

She changed into a sexy outfit and took pictures of various poses
Yeah, yeah, I like the style
legs are very long
And your legs are thin and beautiful

Put those limbs into various poses
Like this, this way, hold the limbs and decide the position of the limbs
In my heart, my heart feels refreshed (secret?)

Decide on your favorite male-looking poses one after another, and take lots of pictures
As a man, this alone is worth starting with Kei-chan.

However, as training, this child will also be treated as a model
Dressed pretty close to naked, the whole body is touched and massaged...
Moreover, unlike the customer, he is serious without cutting corners...

This area has double contents from the previous time, so I will omit it
During the training, I immediately received a phone call for the first reservation of the day.

The first day of the slender beauty ended successfully, and on that day, I sent him home on the way home.
It's a so-called sending

A storm of reservations...

slender beauty
Well, what about the second time you go to work?

On the promotion site of Menes information
"Slender beauty, shortest time ◯ minutes"
notify as

Then, most of the customers who came in for the first time made another reservation with her when they left.
Well, before I announce the next shift on the blog, it's already filled before the shop's shift is confirmed.
Moreover, long-term reservations
And then, one after another, many more...
Oh, it's so popular
Before Kei-chan assigns each therapist's room, it's already filled up

Way to go! !
Such a child is rare
No, it's just this kid...
A level that would not be bad in the universe
In terms of class, it will easily exceed black
Reservations are already filling up one after another
Also filled
En-en, keep filling up to the end
Men seem to take all the reservations they can get...
Kei-chan is overjoyed to see this much popularity
I want to go buy something as a reward
For girls, lipstick is the standard
Thus, the ace of therapists was born...
The rush of men to a slender beauty is amazing...

Thank you for reading to the end?‍♂️

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