Dating Memoir #7 Second Time with Neighbors

If it becomes a reference for dealing with women who work at night

Unfortunately, after losing consecutively in Nagoya and Niigata, the next opponent was a second date with a neighborhood girl, Katsukoto.It's an activity with a girl who has a night job, so I hope that the ecology and other things can be used as a reference.

the opponent this time

  • Name: Katsuko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Standard
  • Type: D
  • Age: Early 20s
  • Occupation: Sales (sole proprietor) + night job

History of dating

 The last date ended on a very positive note.She seemed to like me very much, and her next appointment was immediately decided on LINE.

 It's easy to match the time because the house is close, that is, it's a neighborhood.She says she works as a sole proprietor during the day and at a cabaret club at night.She is just a typical night job daddy girl.She is not limited to her, but for some reason she always has a certain number of girls who offer to meet during the day.She is one of them and her reason is busy with her work day and night.She seems to be the reason she can't make time, especially since she's in almost every night.Even here, tea is more cost-effective than lunch lunch than dinner.However, I can't deny that I feel that there is a sense of honesty.

 So, this time it was a lunch date without exception.Find a restaurant that seems to be popular with the girls at the local store.Due to the influence of the corona wreck, there are closures and restrictions on the number of people, so it is quite difficult to find, but I was able to find a fashionable cafe.

And I booked a day use at a business hotel in front of the station.

what was the date

 The meeting is at 13:12. At 10:XNUMX, it would be crowded with lunch, so I decided to start a little later. Arrive at the store about XNUMX minutes early.Katsuko hasn't come yet.She tends to be kind of like that, but I feel like it's pretty rare for girls to come early.I'm often late, so I can't talk about people. . .

 The store is not as crowded as I expected.It's rattle rather than saying. . .After all, I realize that the number of people eating out has decreased considerably, probably due to the influence of the corona misfortune.Although it has nothing to do with the main story, this store seems to be quite enthusiastic about corona countermeasures, so please leave the store after an hour and a half.and explained the time limit.There is a better way to say this.I didn't feel very good because I was told a lot of high pressure.I remembered at this time that it was certainly this kind of attitude when I called for a reservation.

 In the meantime, the promised 13:10 came.Katsuko hasn't come yet.I decided to wait, knowing that I was often late.After XNUMX minutes of waiting, I sent a LINE message saying, "If you're lost, please contact me."Hmm.Was it an accident?I am a little worried.More than that, the gaze of that overbearing shopkeeper is also scary.

 30 minutes passed while I was making excuses such as "My companion hasn't come yet...".I called you, but you didn't pick up.And 45 minutes passed.Thinking that she was really in trouble, she tried to make a LINE call.Then I got connected.

 "Huh? No lie? What time is it?"no doubt. . .

 "Sorry, just woke up"

That's what I'm talking about.I must have drank too much the day before.My voice is a little dry as well.This is the risk of drinking too much the night before and affecting the next day.

 "I'm really sorry. I'm going to hurry now."

 If this was a place a little far away, we would have canceled it, but since it is local, we decided to delay the time and hold it.Katsuko eventually arrived about 45 minutes after that.In the end, I had to wait in the store alone for an hour and a half.During that time, it goes without saying that I continued to receive the cold gaze of the overbearing shop owner.

 I have no intention of blaming Katsuko.Work must have been tough last night.It depends on the other person's attitude, but I think it's better not to get angry in such situations.He's not in a position to educate her, and she apologizes.

 Katsuko appeared with the bare minimum makeup and almost casual clothes.She realizes that women should be beautiful after all.She's definitely less attractive.She certainly thinks women change with makeup.

 After arriving, we talked about being late for the time being, and talking about how difficult it was at work last night.Due to the pressure of the owner, I didn't want to talk slowly, but I hurriedly ate the food that was served and left the restaurant.I didn't have time to feel the taste, I was only worried about the owner's mood.

By the end of the meal

After finishing the meal in a hurry, I had no choice but to invite him.

"Do you have time after this?"

I'm sure there will be.I just woke up.The bonito is fine.Continuing from the last time, we disappeared into a daytime business hotel (for day use).

 Certainly the last date was a success.He was very satisfied with himself.And I think that the LINE exchange was a good pace and a good feeling.

 But why?This indescribable sense of division. . .Not just being late, not just talking, not just deeds.Thinking about it comprehensively, I can't deny that it's a simple feeling of just meeting, just fucking, and just paying money.I wasn't asking for this. . .

 Night shift workers are accustomed to using "invitation LINE" to get customers to come, so I guess they are good at communicating on LINE.Was it just LINE for sales?

It was a date that only such a feeling of heart was born.

Reflection of this time

  • Be aware that night shift workers may oversleep
  • It seems like it was good to be able to tolerate oversleeping
  • Beware of stores with poor telephone service

This store

 Since "local" will be known, please let me be private this time.

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