Love Vaccine Episode XNUMX Cinderella Story

According to Wikipedia, the word Cinderella is a combination of cinder (ash) and Ella (female name).

The story of Ella, a girl who wore ashes to work.

But ash is ash.

I'm not familiar with the word cinder.

Upon examination,

Cinder. A small piece of burnt coal./wood that could still go on fire
Ash… powdery substance left after burning something

It said.

Cinder feels more like cinders than ash.

Burning error.

Yuba confirmed Line's reply to Eri.

How many times has it been?

It will not be marked as read even after three days.

I should have said goodbye with a smile saying that we would meet again.

Something must have closed the line.

It's a common thing in dad life.

About a month later, I met with Higashida, who is a scout for Universe, and when we had a chat over tea, we happened to be talking about Eri.

“Speaking of which, Eri-chan, I lost contact with you all of a sudden. Are you connected with Higashida-san?”

"That's it, Yuba-san, please listen to it. Eri's mother was a mother and child, and her mother had a stroke and became paralyzed, so I introduced her to Univa. I thought it would be nice to have a good dad."

"Is that so"

“He has a cute face, so I got several offers. One of the dads sympathized with him and took care of him in various ways, and his mother was put in a facility.

"That was good."

Yuba genuinely thought so.

This is because of Yuba's good personality, and there is no desire to monopolize girls.

When a dad who offers better conditions than himself appears, he is happy as if it were his own.

“That was all well and good, but he started telling me to burn all the underwear he had given me so far, take a picture of the burning and send it to me as evidence.”

Higashida is also involved in sending used underwear from girls to online auctions and splitting the successful bid price in half.

Eri had no experience of being a dad.

I desperately need money, so I found out on the internet that Higashida was looking for a girl for an underwear auction, and timidly applied.

However, the money for underwear wasn't enough, and Higashida persuaded him to start working as a dad.

In addition to subcontracting Universe and underwear auctions, Higashida also runs a small-scale papa-katsu circle.

So Yuba was introduced to Eri by Higashida.

“Even though I told you to burn it, the underwear was originally handed to Eri and collected by me, not by him.

"That's right... Well, I understand Eri-chan's feelings, but I also understand Higashida-san's feelings of helplessness."

Since Eri met a good dad, she probably wants to erase her past of selling underwear and being a dad.

I understand how you feel.

However, from Higashida's point of view, it was he who created the opportunity for Cinderella to meet the prince.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could thank me more?

I'm sure the concierge staff at Universe have had similar experiences.

There must be many Cinderellas who walk away as if they were hiding dirty things by throwing sand on them with their hind legs.

Cinderella is not guilty, but I want you to consider the feelings of those who are being sanded.

Enough with Eri, Higashida and Yuba moved on to talking about a girl named Nana.

Nana is a child that Yuba's friend Kurabe discovered through an app.

As usual, Yuba was introduced to me by Kurabe and we went on a date, after which I introduced him to Higashida.

"How's Nana-chan? You're beautiful, aren't you?"

"Beautiful! Or rather, she shouldn't be in a provincial city like this. It wouldn't be strange at all to say she's a model in Tokyo or belongs to an entertainment agency."

"That's right. I want to let you go to Tokyo."

"Don't you think so yourself?"

"You're half Brazilian. You don't have a father, and you were bullied in elementary and junior high school. It's in the countryside. You've become slender and beautiful after the age of XNUMX, and people around you praise you like you've turned your back on them.

"It's a waste. Can't you at least make her debut in the universe? She's super black beyond black, that girl."

“I quit the app too soon. He said that he only needs one person to accept him, and a little allowance on top of his salary for daytime clerical work.”

"Is it a clerical work? It's a waste. You'll stand out at work."

“He said that he would be satisfied if the flowers bloomed beautifully in a small place.

“Mr. Yuba, please try to persuade her.

At the time, neither of them had noticed the ridiculousness of discussing sending out the next Cinderella after Eri's talk about chewing on sand.

Higashida doesn't learn, but if Nana becomes Cinderella, Yuba will just leave her hand, but even so, the desire to raise Nana to be Cinderella wins out.

There are also clauses that have been influenced while dating Higashida.

Maybe it's the pleasure of chasing idols who haven't sold yet, buying a lot of CDs and nurturing them.

This is another dad activity.

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