GW is an important vacation for dads Vol.1


An important Golden Week with a woman who is active as a father

For all the men who are now fathers, how are you spending Golden Week?I'm already retired from work, so I don't feel that special.

However, there are probably many men who are still actively working.

Meanwhile, I think there are many people all over the country who have contracted young women and are enjoying themselves every day for various reasons.

As I've said many times, I don't think much of it when I hear the word GW, but that's not the case in the world.

This year, the media has been talking about how many people are taking long vacations and relaxing.

The same goes for women, and I often hear that people who usually work during the day are thinking about taking advantage of this Golden Week to get serious about being a father and earn money.

In fact, one of the women I contract with only meets three times a month.

The reason is that I work in the office during the day.

Because of that, he can hardly see me on weekdays.

However, she also has some private time, so even if I requested to meet her, it would not come true.

Since we are working as fathers, we cannot place any burden on women either.

Therefore, you need to be patient.

I'm sure this is true for every father's life, but it's limited to the types of women I don't see often.

This is because she has a very nice personality, and because she is rare to meet, I value her a little more than the women I meet on a regular basis.

If you think about it calmly as a dad activity, you should feel that the conditions are better for men to meet Mame.

But what is it?

We don't get to see each other very often, and looking at the terms, it doesn't seem to be of any benefit to the men, but they end up signing contracts based on the fact that she's a good woman.

Of course, during a contract, there are many times when you go back to basics and think, ``This contract's terms are too bad.''

However, there is still a part of him who feels that canceling the contract would be a waste, so he maintains the contract as it is.

Have you ever experienced such a thing?I feel like that all the time.

The more beautiful a woman is, the more people don't want to take her.

Even if it's not a good deal for me.

However, Golden Week makes it easier to meet women who usually work during the day.

This is a big advantage for me.

I can't help but feel special about that.

I invited a woman I don't usually meet on a XNUMX-night, XNUMX-day overnight trip during Golden Week.

Of course, I will meet more often this week, so I approached her with an allowance increase.

In the first place, I took this approach about a month and a half in advance because I thought she had plans.

Then, I got the OK, so I made the best plan so I could make some good memories as well.

However, there was one mistake.

I had planned a trip to Kyoto, but the Shinkansen ride on the first day was bad.

I was surprised at how many people there were.

I had a reserved seat, but there was a huge crowd at the ticket gate at Tokyo Station.

As far as I know, this is the first time I've experienced such congestion.

By the time I got on the Shinkansen, my excitement had dropped and I couldn't help but regret, "Why did I choose the Shinkansen?"

There were too many people, and I was imagining a relaxing trip where I wouldn't feel cramped with a woman, but everything ended up going the exact opposite way.

From there, everywhere you go is crowded.

The only place I really felt comfortable was the hotel.

To be honest, I made a mistake traveling during Golden Week.

For the time being, the female side said, "It was fun," but it wasn't the trip I had imagined.

Were you able to leave enough information about your trip to tell others?If you ask me, I don't have confidence in myself.

I was the one who invited her on the trip, so I felt very sorry.

So, I returned to Tokyo a little early and went shopping in Ginza.

I was planning to buy her whatever she wanted.

However, if you sign a contract with a woman who is active as a father, you will find that the better the woman, the less materially she wants.

Or rather, I don't know if I have materialistic desires.

But are you paying attention to this?

I tell her, ``If there's anything you want, just let me know. I don't see you often, so it's okay if you're kind to me, okay?''

``I don't want anything at all, so I'd like you to tell me about branded items,'' he said on the spot.

Somehow, when we exchanged things like that, I fell in love again.

Women who work as fathers have a strong image of taking it seriously as part of their job, so most of them don't hold back when they say things like this.

Regarding this woman I have a contract with, it's the exact opposite.

That's why I had dinner with you that night.

At that time, I tried to upload a small amount of my allowance and give it to them, but they didn't accept it either.

"I'm fine with the usual amount, okay? I'm fine with this now, and I'm indebted to you. I'll accept your wishes." She didn't want more than the contracted allowance.

To be honest, I have contracts with several women, but I wonder what the difference is?I asked myself that question.

Also, he said this:

“I apologize for not always being able to respond to your requests due to my own circumstances.”

When I heard these words, I was honestly delighted and started drinking alcohol that I don't usually drink that much.

When I look at Papa Katsujojo, I see that there are children who are really in various environments, and I meet children with various personalities.

It's true that there are many girls who don't suit me, and there are also girls who are a great match for me.

Once you see that part up close, and when you actually contract and learn the joy of raising a woman, you will never be able to quit your position as a father.

This time, I really felt it.

It's true that it sounds bad to say this, but there are hits and misses when it comes to meeting people at dating clubs.

However, when it really hits, the destructive power is tremendous.

In the future, I would like to continue to cherish women who are active fathers.

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