First meeting!

■ Synopsis up to the last time

I asked a female employee to teach me the word "papa-katsu", but I ignored it without interest, but Yoshiwara's Awahime approached me about papa-katsu, and I decided to investigate the market price using the papa-katsu app.

Then, although he made contact with several girls, the first one suddenly stepped on the bomb.

A girl who is far from the profile picture and content appears and forcibly takes money, making use of that failure, reorganizing and succeeding in picking up XNUMX people again!

From now on, I will know the actual situation of Papa Katsu Joshi (PJ).


■ First interaction with PJ

The PJs who selected themselves

・19-year-old vocational school students who cannot pay tuition fees

・ A housewife in her 20s who wants a sex friend

・A nurse in her 20s who wants a friend who is confident in her technique

・ 35-year-old hostess who seems to have a strong guard


While exchanging messages with these four people at the same time, the daddy activity survey finally started!

However, since it is an application that charges according to the number of messages, I would like to make an appointment quickly.

When I was thinking so, this is also the PJs who want to see you soon!Isn't that what you're saying? !

It is even more convenient.

Alright!I'll try it! !


■ 19-year-old vocational school student

The response was good, and he said he wanted to see me right away, and I got an appointment, which is a memorable first PJ!

I found out that the photo was a selfie and I didn't use a magazine model as a substitute, so after continuing the exchange, suddenly, can't we meet this evening?That (surprise)

Of course, the condition was XNUMX yen under the guise of a meeting, but I immediately headed to the meeting place in Ikebukuro. . .


The person who was waiting for me was a very petite and pretty girl who looked just like the picture.

It was on time, and on the contrary, I felt sorry that I had to wait for a while, but it was the first meeting at a nearby coffee shop.


I'm sure this cute girl is working as a dad~.

By any chance, is this a hit? !

No, you're looking for money, so aren't you keeping an eye on your scary friends nearby?


And while my heart was pounding, the first meeting started on the open terrace where it was easy for people to see.


Me: "What would you like to drink? Anything is fine! We have alcohol!"

Professional student PJ: "I don't need alcohol! Ice tea!"

Me: "Then I'll have iced tea too!"


(Huh? This kid was underage!! (Takisetsu) Ice tea was good!)


I don't remember now how I made the story exciting, but in the end it turned out like this.

・ Vocational school students aiming to become nurses

・Mother is doing water and not at night

・My parents are divorced, but my father is a customer my mother found at the store.

・It seems that the mother has borrowed money from relatives and acquaintances and has not returned it.

I was told to start working as soon as I graduated from high school because I had no money at home.

・My mother promised to help me with half the tuition fee, so I went to school.

・I'm also working part-time, but it's not enough, so I started working as a dad to earn tuition fees.

・Meetings start from A ten thousand yen, and meals start from AE ten thousand yen.

・You can become an adult at some point


I see!It's a common occurrence, but as long as you're having a conversation, it's a lie!I didn't get the feeling.

But after about XNUMX minutes...

Vocational student PJ: "I'm thinking of going home soon, so is your allowance okay?"

Me: "Well, then the promised A XNUMX yen!"

 I wrapped it in paper and gave it to you.


We left the coffee shop together, but is this the end?Isn't there next time?I thought, and ended up talking while standing, but we exchanged LINE and decided to break up.


■An unexpected dinner invitation? !

Professional student PJ: "The class ended early today, so why don't we meet at the same place as last time?"

Me: "I'm going straight from work, but I can meet you!"

Vocational student PJ: "Let's meet! I would like to receive an allowance of AE XNUMX yen. Is that okay?"

Me: "Okay! See you later!"


So, let's meet at the same place as last time!

And again, I'm late... (sweat)


Today she had a bag that seemed to contain textbooks like a student.

And I went into a different shop from the other day and talked.


Professional student PJ: "I'm hungry, can I eat something?"

Me: "Of course!"


Me: "How long have you been working as a dad?"

Professional student PJ: "It's still about two months."

Me: "Well, I met a lot of people."

Professional student PJ: "Maybe two or three people."

Me: "Aren't you still with those people?"

Professional student PJ: "That's it, we haven't even exchanged LINE."

Me: "Heh, that's right..."


While talking to him, I asked him about money.


Me: "You and your family pay half the tuition and go to school, right?"

Professional student PJ: "Yes."

Me: "I don't know how much it will cost, but isn't it pretty difficult?"

Vocational student PJ: "I've been working part-time since high school, so I'm doing something while cutting down my savings."

Me: “By the way, how much does it cost to be a nursing student?”

Professional student PJ: "It's about DXNUMX yen."

Me: "It's quite a sum.

Vocational student PJ: "No, I'm sorry! I had to postpone the payment for the stethoscope and sphygmomanometer today (laughs)."

Me: "Well, if you're a nursing student, you have to buy something like that. By the way, how much does it cost?"

Vocational student PJ: "It's a little over $XNUMX for both."

Me: "Then, isn't today's portion enough?"

Professional Student PJ: "Yes, I have to meet someone again!"

Me: "Well, I have no choice but to do my best! (laughs)"


And when she finished eating, she claimed and received the allowance, and we talked while walking together to the station.


Me: "Are you alright?"

Professional student PJ: "What's wrong?"

Me: "A while ago, you said you didn't have enough money if you didn't meet someone, so I'll give you B ten thousand yen!"

Professional student PJ: "Huh! Thank you!"

Me: "From now on, please make an appointment with a stranger and give me money! If you have any trouble, please contact me! I think I can help you!"

Professional student PJ: "Okay!"


So I sent her off.


■ Impressions of the first PJ

・ The tuition fee was not a lie but a market price

・I was really hungry

The stethoscope and sphygmomanometer were reasonably priced.

・From what I heard, they didn't seem to have any intention of tricking us into taking money.

・ When is the relationship of adults eventually? ?


Since the last time was too bad, I was convinced that the vocational student PJ was a hit!

And this was the beginning of a 10-month relationship with her.



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