First adult relationship with Asian beauty

Last time, I met a shy Asian beauty with beautiful long black hair who I met at a Universe event. I was able to tell you.

"Um... I want to get along better with you after this... Um... How about it?" I felt guilty that I was doing it, but I felt like I had seen the true value of Universe's club activities.


Well... let's continue from here.


I was totally blown away and forgot to tell you about the important allowance.

Since this is the first time, neither I nor the other party can consider the market price at all.


Up until now, I've been giving Yukichi-sama alone during dinner dates, so I plan to give him additional actions after that.

Now, Mr. Yukichi, how many people are reasonable?

I was worried, but since she was a platinum class, I offered the total price of the platinum class offer.


She looked down and said, "Yes...then...then please..."

It was an attitude that I didn't know if it was a satisfactory amount.

For the first time in a long time, I was tormented by remorse, thinking that I was negotiating very badly.


Anyway, the deal is done.


Actually, before the date, I had already checked in at a hotel day use with a restaurant.


If the negotiation is successful, it is important to move smoothly and escort smartly before the other party changes their mind.

With careful preparation, everything will be successful.


If negotiations do not come to fruition, why don't you call a girlfriend who is convenient for that time to deliver?I also thought.


When I used day-use, I was wondering who would use it and when.

Observing Robbie with those eyes, haha.I saw a grinning old man who seemed to understand, and young women looking around restlessly.

It was true that people only see what they are interested in.


Well, the meal is over and the allowance has been presented

, It was finally time to move to my room, but when I thought about the future, I thought I needed a little more alcohol to ease my tension, so I went to the convenience store to buy something to drink, and got on the elevator.

Luckily no one else was there, so that was good.

In a closed room, my heart is pounding so much that I think the other person can hear my heart beating.

It is a very dangerous condition for me who has a chronic disease of high blood pressure.


she hangs her head

I couldn't tell what he was thinking when I glanced at his profile, but his long eyelashes were trembling finely.


After shopping more than I could eat and drink at the convenience store, I took the elevator again and finally entered my room.

First of all, I handed over an envelope containing several people, Mr. Yukichi, and sat down across the table, unfolding the things I bought at the convenience store and chatting, but I don't know how awkward it was.


I can't stay like this forever, so I asked, "Um... who should use the shower first?" I decided to use the shower room first.

When I left the bathroom after carefully brushing my teeth and washing various places, I suddenly thought.

If I wear a bathrobe, should I keep my underwear on or should I take it off?

By the way, I'm not interested in my underwear on this day, but I'm wearing a Calvin Klein semi-bikini because most actors wear it in the AV I've seen so far.

To confess more creepy things, vio's hair is already shaved and smooth to keep it clean.

won't you be attracted?

I'm curious about a lot of things.


Instead of me, she disappeared into the bathroom and waited on the bed while listening to the sound of using the shower and sinking her heart with alcohol.


This kind of opponent is a good thing to experience many times when it's the first time.




I heard the bathroom door open.

She came out wearing a bathrobe.Maybe it's because she's shy or after a shower, her cheeks are slightly red and she's very cute and sexy.

Perhaps feeling the old man's unpleasant gaze, he whispered, "Um... can you make the room a little darker?"

She was also wearing underwear under her bathrobe.

Nice body with clear skin.Her underwear was pure and neat, and was designed with a beige color that prioritized functionality.

This underwear choice is proof that I didn't expect anything like this today, and I'm full of guilt.


Even so, I didn't stop, I stiffened my body and tried my best to be kind to her, who was trembling finely.


I won't write about my specific sexual skills because they are full of know-how, and I will omit them because they probably have no interest in reading in the first place.

If I could give you one piece of know-how, I would say that the porn that men are accustomed to seeing is all wrong, and if you do the opposite, I think it's all correct.

For a while, I asked him to switch between offense and defense, using such and such techniques.


Then it was amazing! !


The neat and shy person she used to be has changed into a wicked woman's face, and she has transformed into a gentle sadistic woman who likes to attack.

I don't know how much specific expressions are allowed, but I was particularly moved when I was asked to play something that could be compared to a traditional Japanese wind instrument.

Beginning with a slow stroke from the tip to the root, skillfully juggling the ball with your free hand like a magician, and also stimulating the Kiku no Mikado is the epitome of skill.

I thought that if I continued like this, I would not be able to avoid an outburst, so I lightly touched his shoulder and told him with my eyes that I was going to move on to the next turn.

I put on the "gentleman's taste 0.01mm" that I had prepared in advance and confirmed the love of adults.

When I was completely using all my skills and became a sage like the main character of Dragon Quest, the gentle Do S unleashed a skillful skill and asked me for a second round.

And I was very surprised that we were able to meet that request and were very satisfied.

This was the first time in a long time that I was able to confirm the man's confidence.

"I'll do my best at work from tomorrow."

What are you doing?

But I genuinely felt that way.

After this, I went on a lovey-dovey date with a gentle, sadistic Asian beauty, but I decided to browse and research the women registered in Universe to see if there were any new encounters.

As a result of my research, I had many encounters, but I would like to talk about them on another occasion.

Thank you all!








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