Love Vaccine Episode XNUMX "Revenge for Money"

Yuba was explaining the plans for today's XNUMXP date to two girls at a cafe.

These two, Shiori and Sayaka, have very similar profiles.Both of them graduated from famous universities with high deviation scores, are office workers in their early twenties who work for first-class companies, grew up in economically disadvantaged families, and graduated after struggling with scholarships and part-time jobs.Neither of them wants to get married at all.This is because when I look at my parents, I don't get the image that they can get married and be happy.

But they both like sex.Sensitivity is very good.Today was the first time these two had met, and Yuba thought she would enjoy holding the two little girls in her arms.Yuba's favorite position these days is one where Yuba is on top, holding two girls in her arms, and kissing the other's mouth while penetrating one's vagina.

Shiori and Sayaka, who are meeting for the first time, greet each other while carefully choosing their words, slowly approaching each other with a mixture of vigilance and interest.Both are highly intelligent and have excellent communication skills.It's kind of like a planning meeting for a project team.

"Today, I have reserved a suite room with a city view in a hotel on the upper floors of this building. The three of us will go there now."

 The two listen while nodding.

"We both put it on in our room. Then we get dressed and go to the lounge."

 Yuba showed the contents of the bag.I bought it on Amazon and just received it today.It contains a rotor for the vagina and a device that vibrates the nipple for two people.Shiori and Sayaka burst out laughing a little sexy while being surprised.There is no dislike behavior at all.Yuba, who likes strange things, is expecting what she will do today.

In the past six months or so, Yuba has experienced threesomes with two girls several times.She was exhausted at first, but after she got used to it, it was more fun than having sex with just two people.These days, whenever she meets a new girl, she's used to wondering who she'd be a good match for.

Sayaka has experienced threesomes only once in the past.It seems that her former boyfriend called Miss Deriheru.She seems to have a delivery health lady who is okay with such situations.On top of that, her ex-boyfriend made her call her to apply for her, so it must have been part of the play to torture her.The ex-boyfriend was more than a year older than her and was her first experience partner.

 Shiori's first XNUMXP was set by Yuba.She calls in a bisexual blonde she's dated before to give the rather passive Shiori a firm caress and finish, and the result is Shiori's twitching and staring vagina. inserted a penis intoSo, for both Shiori and Sayaka, it was their second threesome.

The three of them got along well and headed to the hotel room where they had already checked in.

 Upon entering the room, Yuba orders Shiori to use the shower first. In the case of XNUMXP, the male leader needs to give clear instructions.It is a joint performance, a project, performed by three people.Good work cannot be done without a good leader.

 After getting out of the shower, Shiori is stripped naked, a rotor is inserted into her vagina, and both nipples are clipped.The clip is linked to a small motor, and you can change the vibration pattern with the controller at the end of the cord.


 Yuba had tried experimenting with her own nipples beforehand, but unlike women's nipples, they were smaller, so she couldn't pinch them well.It's the first time I've actually used it.

"It doesn't hurt. I'm fine."

 Then I sent Sayaka to the shower, put on the device in the same way, and dressed both of them.I'm on my way home from work, so I'm wearing a suit.

 Yuba turned on the switches of four controllers in order, two for each of the two girls.Shiori and Sayaka involuntarily say "Uh" from the stimulation.

"Let's leave the hallway and go to the club lounge. Let's sit on the sofa and drink alcohol while watching the night view together."

"Yes, can I go?"

 Sayaka answered with a lack of confidence.Shiori silently endured the stimulus.

 The three of them leave the room and slowly walk down the corridor.

"Are you okay? Don't your nipples hurt?"

"It doesn't hurt, but it's very irritating... can't people hear the sound?"

 Yuba is about a meter away from me.

"Don't worry, you won't be able to hear it if you move away. Besides, the controller hooked on your waist, the LED lights up, so you should cover it with your arm so you can't see it."

"Excuse me, could you please walk a little slower?"

 Shiori, who had been silent, let out a sad little voice.Yuba slows down even more.The appearance of the two girls walking slowly while holding their bellies is a little strange, but well, it's to the extent that you might think they're not feeling well.No one would think that it is because the rotor is attached to the nipple and vagina.

 I arrived at the club lounge.It was late on a weekday, so there weren't many people.The three of them sat on a large oblong sofa with a view of the night view.From the left and right, the petite Shiori and Sayaka lean on Yuba's shoulders, who sits in the middle.That alone was a fine situation, but the two of them were immersed in the pleasant feeling of vibration with a toy attached.Together with the vibrating sound of jeez, the two people's stifled swearing voices leaked out from time to time.Of course, it's not enough to be noticed by other customers who are far away.Only in Yuba's ear can it be heard like a whisper.

"Do you feel good?"

 The two nodded in the same way with their eyes closed.Even though the night view is beautiful, both of them don't even try to see it.

 After half an hour of sitting still and enjoying the game, shall we go back to our room?asked Yuba.The two silently nodded.It looks like it's going well.

 As soon as she entered the elevator box, Shiori

"No more, I want the real thing. Please insert it quickly."Sayaka, on the other hand, keeps her eyes closed, she doesn't say anything, and is immersed in her pleasure.

 Back in the room, I took off Shiori and Sayaka's jackets and laid them down on the bed.Shiori violently asks Yuba to kiss her, and Sayaka is still immersed in pleasure as she closes her eyes with a soft expression.After this, Yuba has sex with Shiori violently, all the while Sayaka is immersed in the stimulus of her toy like a drug addict.She does not care that Yuba and Shiori are having sex right next to each other, and she is alone in the world of pleasure.I thought they looked alike, but when I put them side by side, they were different.

 Speaking of differences, these two have different ways of thinking about money.Shiori is also the type of person who, although she has no desire to get married, is the type of person who would want to get on with a mistress with good conditions, while Sayaka is the type. , and aim to move up in the company and earn money on their own.I heard that she had a hard time with money and that she wants to "get revenge" on it.Indeed, even if she got money from Tamanokoshi, it would be more like surrendering to money, not revenge.

 Interacting with people who are in a different situation than myself is stimulating.Especially if it's a young girl and through sex.Yuba doesn't seem to be able to graduate from the dating club yet.

 (By the way, the rotors purchased on Amazon are "Vibrator Electric Nipple Clip Nipple Massage Nipple Blame SM Play Screwed Adjustable Couple Pink For Women" and "EROCOME Rotor Electric Massager Single Type Remote Control G Spot Stimulator 12 Vibration Modes Dual Strong Vibration Small "Both were well received. It's a good idea to use a medical adhesive bandage to stick the clip and controller so they don't fall off. For your information.)


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