Club Activities for Adults [First Date Lost]

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Even at work, new sales, first meeting, important presentation, I'm sure you all experienced it when you were young.

Recently, I have also experienced "throbbing" that I do not experience at work for the first time in a long time.

This time, I would like to write about such a first date.

Preparing for a date

This time, the person who made the offer was Mr. A, a graduate student. She is a GOLD class dating type C, a neat young lady.

Ms. A is a woman who joined the Universe Club around the same time as me, not long after joining.

Since A is a young woman, we set up an appointment in Shibuya.Her profile says she likes fish, so I made a reservation at a sushi restaurant at 18:30pm, and had a meeting at a certain hotel lounge at 18:XNUMXpm.

I tried to come up with some ideas for the meeting this time.Because I thought.

Also, since this is my first offer, I must not be rude.

Because of my blunder, I can't help reducing the number of female members and causing trouble for everyone.

What I did this time...

XNUMX. Meet at the hotel lounge.

I was given a lecture on this in advance as a recommendation from the club considering "women's sense of security". Even the hotel lounge is very convenient.

30. Allow XNUMX minutes for meeting and reservation.

I set an appointment with Mr. A at 18:18, and made a reservation for the restaurant at 30:XNUMX.

This way, even if Mr. A is late, the shop will not be bothered. I tried to make sure that Mr. A would not feel responsible.

Mr. A actually came to the meeting lounge on time.

This time, I had plenty of time before eating, so I was able to spend a leisurely time introducing myself while drinking tea in the lounge.

XNUMX, my profile

I also try to write my profile in as much detail as possible to eliminate women's anxieties.

However, at the offer stage, I did not post the photos, but posted the photos the day before the offer.

As a result, if it turns out that the woman is looking at the photo in the conversation on the day, it means that she has confirmed the profile more than once.

With my information in advance, women will be able to talk about topics, and the conversation will be lively and cheap.

Furthermore, he casually appealed that he was on an equal footing with him, saying, "It's the first time you've had so little information about a person, so you're worried, right?"

Let's start the first date

At the appointed time, the smartphone rings at exactly 18:XNUMX.

I said, "Yes, I am 〇〇."

Involuntarily, I came out with my real name instead of the club name.

It's an easy mistake that loses persuasiveness in the above-mentioned preparations and ingenuity.

Ms. A smiled when I panicked and tried to make up for it. Her voice was a little low for a young woman, but she was calm, and it felt good for me, who is not good at being loud.

First, I told you that I joined the dating club for the first time this time, and that the person I was meeting for the first time was Mr. A.

On top of that, I asked Mr. A to let me know immediately if there was any rudeness. gave me

So we promised each other to be natural, tell each other honestly if something happened, and have a fun date, and headed for dinner.

For meals, choose sushi. In Mr. A's profile, it was stated that he likes meat and sushi, so I wondered if there would be yakiniku for the first date.I decided to choose sushi lightly.

Me: "I have a reservation for sushi, but is it okay?"

Mr. A: "I'm happy. I love sushi♪ Also, I like alcohol, so can I have some sake?"

and. Mr. A seems to have a pretty good mouth. (smile)

Enjoy after your meal.

After eating for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, I decided to talk a little about what happened after this, so I started talking about dating.

Me: “You chose [C] for your relationship type, but was [C] your image from the beginning? Or did you choose [C] after receiving an explanation?”

Mr. A "When I received an explanation from the staff, I was told that [D] is the most likely to receive an offer, [B] and [A] have few offers, so if I have the option to decline [C] I thought that would be good, and I wanted an offer, so I decided on [C]."

yeah?Is this a dating type scam?

You're such an obedient child! !

I thought in my heart, but I have only met one person so far, and I could tell that Mr. A was telling the truth, so I decided not to worry about the scam and proceeded with the conversation. .

Mr. A: “I thought that all the men were [D] type and would come to me, so I was worried that even [C] men would be overpowered.”

Me: "In that sense, I'm a [B] type, no, [B] rather than [C]."

Mr. A: “Would you like to see me again next week? I have 3 weeks of training after that, so I would like you to listen to my complaints after the training.

And, as expected, the true intention was [B]!

But he liked it and Mr. A told me about the next one, so I feel like a WINNER in my heart♫

When interviewing women, the staff said,It seems that you are careful not to become a dating type scam, but unfortunately some children seem to be guided by too detailed explanations.

However, after that, it seems that I received an offer, and the promise for the next week has disappeared.

Well, will next month's promise really come true?

It's not a dating type scam, it's probably because I didn't feel right?

I hope the day will come when I can report to everyone.

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