Love Vaccine Episode XNUMX Love Doll


One day in August, Mac was a female college student.3I was at the pool of a membership resort hotel with someone.

One of the girls bought the first bikini in her life, so she asked me to take her somewhere.


When I told another female college student about it, she said, "I've never worn a bikini either."

So, I went to a swimwear shop and bought it for my daughter so she wouldn't wear it.

In addition, another daughter started saying the same thing.She was kind of busy so I showed her the previous two bikini pics and she sent me to buy the one I liked.


On the day I made a reservation for the hotel's outdoor pool, it rained a lot this year's Obon festival, but it was cloudy, but the weather looked like I could enter the pool somehow.

Mirror's cabin is at capacity3Since it is a person, only two girls can ride it.Another person is a local gathering.

This is a bit of an important point. The Mirror has a sofa bed in the back seat, but the car inspection is done by a freight car.

That's why I can't put people on the back while driving.It is a violation of the Road Traffic Law.

Cargo vehicles are allowed to have people in the rear only when they are guarding cargo and Self-Defense Forces vehicles.


Well, the two of us in the cabin are meeting for the first time.

Since they are the same age, the girls' talk immediately begins, and the inside of the train becomes lively with laughter mixed in.

Even if you can't keep up with the content, it's like the chirping of a small bird and it's comfortable to listen to.

When I arrived at the hotel and joined my third daughter, the conversation became even more lively.The third daughter is already acquainted with each of them.

This is going to be a fun day.

And a bikini in the pool.

Three people, beautiful, cute and sexy.

Mr. Mac is happy to take a lot of photos and videos with his smartphone.


Well, here's the story.

As I found out later, in the locker room,3It seems that people talked about various things and exchanged information.

AKo-chan: “Hey, before we change, why don’t we guess the color of each other’s swimsuits?”

BchildCBaby "Huh?AI know the color of the child's swimsuit.Mac showed me a picture of it."

AKo-chan: "Is that so? Mac, I showed you that picture... I didn't say I could show it."

AKo-chan was really looking forward to seeing the girls color their swimsuits.

From there, the story was lively, and what kind of photos did each of you take so far?Or that I was filmed naked outdoors, I did that too!I went in that direction.

BKo-chan: "Then, the photos and videos you've taken so far may have been shown to Mac and others, or maybe posted on the internet, right?AYou showed us a picture of Ko-chan in a swimsuit without permission! "

No, I would never do that...

surelyARegarding Ko-chan's bikini photo, she didn't ask, "Can I show it to other girls?"

However, it is only because of Mr. Mac's consideration that the swimsuit I purchase does not wear on me.

Please don't jump into speculation.

HoweverBA child's anxiety never goes away.

AchildCKo-chan doesn't have a particular exhibitionism, so fortunatelyBRiding on the child's anxiety, from now onHIt seems that they decided to ask him not to take inappropriate photos or videos.

It is the formation of a labor union.


No, this was totally unexpected.

As for Mr. Mack, he just wanted to let the young, flamboyant, and cute girls squeak and feel like a king for a short time.

I never thought it would turn out like this.


However, there is a punchline to this story.

At a later date, when I had a normal date one-on-one with each of them.

one child (dareABCI won't say who I am), "If you promise to keep it a secret between the two of us and never show it to anyone or tell anyone that you took the picture, then I'm fine with the shoot."

Another child, photos and videos,
(XNUMX) Things that should never be shown to others, (XNUMX) If the person himself/herself is present, he/she may show it to a limited number of people with his/her consent. dividing into things,
Especially for (XNUMX), external portable with encryption function for business useSSDSince it is stored in , if I die, no one will be able to open it.

"If you're doing that much, I wonder if it's okay to be filmed again."

also said.

It is a labor union breaker and a runaway.

I might be expressing myself a little too mean.

Anyways20A girl who is around the age and has little experience, combined with curiosity and prudence, has a wide range of tolerance.

My mood changes all the time.

As a result, I feel like I'm being swung around, but this stimulation is also attractive.


Another important exchange of information took place in the changing room.

Mr. Mac himself introduced the three of them, so it could be said that he was self-sufficient, but if young girls of this age are allowed to interact, the results may not necessarily be good.

BKo-chan, when dating Mac,

"Dad is a man who has money and plays around, so I don't mind if there are any number of other women, but I would like to have only one."

With that said, I voluntarily withdrew from Univa.

Mr. Mack has little desire to possess women.

I don't have that kind of qualification, because I'm admonishing myself.

But as I said above, I don't feel bad.

not to mentionBKo-chan is the daughter who gave her virginity to Mr. Mack.

It is "Sakura-chan" that I wrote about in a previous column.

HoweverBBaby, in the changing roomAchildCI heard a lot of stories about other dads from Ko-chan.

AchildCEven Ko-chan is a woman, so I want to show off how much I met a good papa and had a wonderful date.

There aren't many female friends who can talk about dad life.

Listen to itBChild, it seems that the two of you have become envious.

Suspecting that Mr. Mac might be showing off his embarrassing photos and videos here and there,BIt is also the timing when Mac's stock in Ko-chan plummeted.

BI sensed the envy of the childAChild said:

"Mr. Mack understands that girls have multiple dads, so ifBIf Ko-chan wants to re-register, you should tell Mac-san in advance.There's a system called "Specific Hide", but the risk is too great if it's discovered, so I can't recommend it."


after i get homeBKo-chan lined up at Univa's branch.

"Please re-register. I'm currently in a relationship with Mr. Mac, so please hide Mr. Mac."

So I booked an interview.

The interview is half a month later.

During,BI had two one-on-one dates with Ko-chan and Mac-san.

In the photo and video suspicion incident,BMr. Mack's stock in Ko-chan has gone down.

Right after we met, it was kind of awkward, but men and women can open up to each other when they're on top of each other.

BI wonder if I've had sex with a child about XNUMX times in total?

In foreplay, I started to clitoris, and I also learned to shake my hips on my own.

pleasantSEXMack's stock has completely recovered.

BKo-chan suddenly began to speak while being held in Mr. Mack's arms.

“Actually, I was thinking about re-registering.

Oh yeah.

However, it felt unnatural.

A few days later, I asked an acquaintance of mine, a male member,BI asked her to check if she had accidentally re-registered.

The result is black.

Are you serious··

Please excuse me.

How does it feel to be tested positive for STDs?


BThe date and time of the next date was decided with Ko-chan, but Mr. MacBI put a line on the baby.

"There was a sad incident, and it seems that it will take time to recover. I will contact you again."

Better yet, stay like thisBShould I cut off my relationship with the child?

What saddens me is not that I was betrayed,BIt's sad to wake up with a special feeling for the child.

It's a love that sprouted in the heart of a man who has passed his XNUMXth birthday.

I wanted to grow as much as I could.


When I wrote this story in the question box, one of the answers was, "Didn't Mr. Mac also have an exclusive desire to love only himself?" There is really no.

It is fear and regret that I might end up hating B-ko.


There is one more point.

As an adult, it means that you have to scold B-ko, who is still young, firmly.

It's easy to spoil yourself here.

However, in that case, when B-ko-chan meets someone who will become her real boyfriend or husband in the future, she may lie just as easily and end up hurting herself.

Lying is not necessarily bad.The problem is that you lied to get caught.

BIf you think about Ko-chan, you have to become a demon here.

BKo-chan must have felt something disturbing about Mr. Mac's line, so she consulted with C-ko-chan on the line.

Then C-chan sent a line to Mac saying, "Did something happen with B-ko-chan?"

Mr. MacBI told C-kochan that I was shocked to find out that Ko-chan had hidden herself and B-kochan had re-registered.

C-chan must have contacted B-chan, and B-chan sent a line of apology and explanation.

This is what B-ko-chan said.

It's true that when we last met, I thought about stopping my re-registration, but due to my easy-going, all-around beauty personality, I went to the club branch to make a reservation for a re-shoot. I couldn't refuse what they gave me.She was thinking of going on a dinner date with about one person, and if she contributed to the sales of the people at Uniba who took care of her by the time it took to reshoot her, she would quit.

For the time being, I left it alone and didn't reply, and Mac decided to take some time to think about it.

I would like to hear other people's opinions,

I also posted on the question box.


In the meantime, it seems that A-ko-chan and C-ko-chan held a countermeasures meeting.

C-chan: "At this rate, in the worst case, Mr. Mac might misunderstand that we're the bad guys who recommended B-chan to re-register or hide specific information. What should we do?"

Girl A-chan: "Because I was the one who taught you to hide the specific information...I'll check with Girl B-chan about how she feels!"

Girl A gave a line to Girl B.

“B-ko-chan, do you want to stay by Mack-san’s side as before?”

BThe child answered immediately.

"I want to stay! But once trust is lost, I can't regain it, so I've almost given up."

B-ko-chan replied.

"Okay. In that case, me and C-kochan will try as much as we can. But don't expect too much."


Achild isCI lined up for the baby.

"I'm going to be the bad guy here and save B-ko-chan.BI'm a child, but I'm responsible for giving you a choice.As a result, it can't be helped if I myself get cut by Mr. Mac."

Ako-chan grew up in a Christian home.

Maybe I was brought up with self-sacrifice as a virtue.

CKo-chan panicked when she read the decision.

This is because Ako-chan herself knew that Ako-chan's next date would be tomorrow at noon.

CKo-chan gave Mack a line.

"Sorry for the suddenness. Can we meet tonight? It doesn't matter if it's late."

Cbaby isAKo-chan becomes a villain himself and Mac-sanBI told Mac that I was trying to restore my relationship with Ko-chan.

On the other hand, he also argued:

"BThe child is by no means a bad child.I'm inexperienced in various things, and I'm really easy to get carried away.BKo-chan's current feelings are that she really wants to go back to dating only Mac.BI also confirmed properly on the line with Ko-chan.”


20The bond between girls around the age of XNUMX is strong at times like this.

Daddy life is called, stepping into various unfamiliar worlds and helping each other in unfamiliar ways.

I feel healthy and young.


later on this story20I asked a daddy active girl in her late teens what she thought.

"You're young. When you get to our age, you won't be able to exchange such in-depth information, and you'll try to solve it alone alone."

That's an adult.

It's a good story, but it also means that these three still have a child in their hearts.


Mac firstAI lined up for the baby.

"AI understand how you feel baby.ABaby you're a good boyHowever, self-sacrifice is precious, but you have to value yourself even more."

AFor the sake of my child,BI decided to make up with my child.


I used the questionnaire.Thank you to all who responded.

the answer ofBI made my child read it.


For the first time in a long time, Mac20I was able to experience something like the entrance of adults around the age of XNUMX, the sweet and sourness of youth with a wide range.

It feels like riding a screaming machine for the first time in a while.

But what?This hazy feeling, incomplete combustion-like stress.

Was this really what I wanted to do in the dating club?

In such a caseDOnly for children.

DKo-chan is in her late twenties and has been with Mac for about two years.OLMr.

I decided to take a day off and spend a day with him, driving along the beach and having fun.

DKo-chan accepts almost all of Mac's desires.

I don't mind being filmed or exposure play, and I don't care where I show it to anyone.

I don't say anything troublesome like that trio.

Mac calledDI stripped the baby naked.

and men's whiteTI put on only one shirt and made him sit in the passenger seat of the Mirror.

After the drive, park your car in the parking lot of the service area, on the side of the coastal road with a good view of the sea, or anywhere else.Dbring the baby to the rearSEXdid.

DOnly Ko-chan is always rawSEXTo do.

Mac is currently aliveSEXWhat to doDOnly one child.

SometimesDI take my child out on a drive date, but each time20Since I inserted it about once, I ran out of rubber and it became raw before I knew it.

DAccording to Ko-chan's declaration, she currently doesn't have a boyfriend, and although she has one other dad, she always wears a rubber band.

Just to be sure, I also take a sexually transmitted disease test once every two months.

I also do vaginal cum shot before and after my period.

"I won't bare or creampie other girls,DIt's just a child." He looks happy.

I will be more pleased if you say, "You are my own raw masturbator!"

completely nakedTWearing only a shirt, I entered a seaside cafe.

on the sidelinesTIt will look like you're wearing shorts under your shirt.However, if you lift it up, you can see the cute over there.

Stealing the store clerk's eyes, let me lift myself up to my chest in the store and secretly take a picture.

This is the kind of date Mac wanted.

DKo-chan is Mac's living love doll.


CChild said,

"I can't stand D-ko-chan alone. I know that because D-ko-chan accompanies Mac-san's play, Mac-san's desires are dissipated and he doesn't come towards us. from"

trulyDThank you baby

I will continue to cherish love dolls, so please take care of me.


The main character of this article was the one who finally made Mr. Mac feel refreshed both physically and mentally.DI was a child.

That's why the title is "Love Doll".

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