• What would you do if you found out that you were identified by a dating woman?
    Women have already noticed what I've known...


Question date: 2021/09/05 22:34

What would you do if you found out that you were identified by a dating woman?
The lady already knew what I found out and received the line of apology.I haven't replied yet.
As for the background, the woman is a university student and has only a short history of activities, so she left UNIVA voluntarily, deciding that I would be the only father.I never said I want you to leave.
In August, when the four of us went to the pool by inviting two other female college students, I talked to the other two and found out that I was dating various dads, and it seemed that I was envious. It seems that you went to display and re-register.
In fact, the day before he went for the re-registration interview, he had a date with me, and at that time, he went out of his way to tell me, "I thought about going to re-registration, but I decided not to."I was kind of worried about saying something strange, so I asked an acquaintance to check it, and the above turned out.
Her excuse is, "Since I made a reservation for an interview, I thought it would be bad for the staff if I canceled it, so I just went. I was planning to withdraw again soon."
Asked by Mac.Since I understand that the specific hidden itself has been done by two people so far (one is a female respondent to this question box who I have never met, the other has been dating for about XNUMX years after meeting on the app. , After that, my daughter who secretly registered with Univa) I was going to have immunity, but this time I voluntarily said, "I will only do it for Mac", but it was hidden, but the difference was It's too big and shocking.
① cut ties
② Continue the relationship
Whether it's ① or ②, do you have something to say?What do you say?
If this is the essence of this girl, I feel like I'm being swayed and it's a bit stressful, so I don't feel like continuing... I'm trying to figure it out.

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Male member


column article

This is a male member's paper airplane.

I think it's Mr. Mac who is making the situation to lie.

If it is filled with Mr. Mac's large number of relationships and overcrowded schedule (probably ...), if it is a woman who sees until about January 4th a week, I would like Mr. Mac to like him more and make him feel better. It's only natural to say, "I'm the only one."Furthermore, if it seems that my only child is dear in the question box, I think that I will be encouraging it.
I think that specific non-display is also an extension of that.

I wonder if it's okay for a young college student who hasn't had any social experience to do that kind of hard work for me.

I feel that Mr. Mac is brave and cute, trying to make him feel good.

  • Answer date: 2021/09/06 00:53
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

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Blog post

Maezawa from the president's office will also answer.

I feel like this doesn't start no matter what other people say

>I never said I want you to leave.

If that's the case, I don't think it should matter whether you want to withdraw or re-register.

However, this time, I feel stressed

I'm actually glad you left.
I really want to monopolize other women, but I just can't say it.
It can also be said.

> At that time, he purposely declared to me, "I thought about going to re-registration, but decided not to."

In other words, I thought I'd go to re-register until I had a date.
When I went on a date, I found out that he was a man with a strong desire to monopolize (maybe he said something like that?)
After all, I decided to stop going.

But after the date was over, I felt like re-registering.
He always said things with a big heart that seemed like he was totally fine, so I thought it would be okay.
I decided to re-register.

I think it was a swaying woman's heart like that.

>It's a shock that the drop is too big when it's hidden.

Since the difference is so large, if you r, you usually tell everyone
I think it's better to tell them to stop because this is a shock.

From my usual words and deeds, I feel like most things have been thought to be okay.

and what to do this time

>② Continue the relationship

I think.

"Buddha's face is also three times"

I think it's probably the first time this time, so I think you can forgive me.

>Do you have anything to say?What do you say?

if it's necessary to keep my spirits up

This time I was really shocked.
I wasn't planning on contacting him anymore, but that's also immature, so I'm thinking of trying to get to know him a little more.
But the next time there is a betrayal, I think we'll probably say goodbye
I don't want you to betray me anymore.

It feels like

However, I feel that it would be better to just promise the next date without saying anything.
When I meet him, I feel like he's a good boy after all.

  • Answer date: 2021/09/05 23:31
Female member


This is Aya, a female member.

Experienced people like Mr. Mac will soon realize that saying "I thought about re-registering but I didn't" is suspicious, but it's a shallow lie...

Because he was young, he was too bad at telling lies, and he seemed like the type to unnecessarily hurt others and make them feel uncomfortable.

When I was a teenager, I also had a useless sense of versatility, and there was a time when I couldn't respect others, and I underestimated the adults around me who were obsessed with myself, but I didn't realize that such a child until I was hurt. yeah.The child doesn't respect Mr. Mac's social experience, and even looks down on it...

If it's a friend, it's a treasure trove of stories, so it's fine, but as a member of the opposite sex, it's too shallow and doesn't seem attractive at all, so I'll release it.excuse me.But I think it's fine if Mr. Mac likes to be swung around.

  • Answer date: 2021/09/06 00:47
Female member

Nana Ayase

I'm Nana Ayase♡

If you're coming to say sorry, even if you say goodbye, even if you continue, wouldn't it be okay to meet and talk once?

Ordinary college student?Are you a disgusting university student?
Mr. Mac... I have something to talk to you about, so let's meet once.
why do not you?When you reply
"Wow~ What should I do?"
where I became obedient
I think it's okay if Mac likes it.

  • Answer date: 2021/09/05 23:32
Male member

Losing man

He is the loser of male members.

Nice to meet you Mac.

I totally understand the feeling of shaking.And I think it's very nice to be able to express such honest feelings in a semi-open place like this.
Showing your weakness is the most courageous thing a man can do.

I haven't answered it at all, but I'll also write about my swaying feelings.

Like Mr. Mack, I am always in a relationship with more than 10 women, and I tell all but one of them, "It's okay to have another daddy."
But I really want you to focus on yourself.You're really selfish.I hate myself too.

Also, I always think that "a young woman who is 20 or 30 years away can't fall in love with me." I have, but I also think "maybe".The "maybe" here is the "maybe" of "maybe you are looking at me as a man".
It's a very embarrassing story because it's really painful.

Did Mr. Mac think, "Do you like me by any chance?"sorry if that's not right.If so, this case is very disappointing, sad, frustrating, and even more suspicious of women, so I'm worried about what to do in the future.

I don't think there is a correct answer.But I don't think there are any "mistakes".I think the path that Mr. Mac has taken is the correct answer.

I think that it is correct to take away the regret and emptiness and "cut" and "forgive" is also the correct answer.The former is for self-protection, and the latter is for improving men.
So how about tossing a coin to decide?Either way is correct.

By the way, in the past, many of the women I've been dating have said, "I quit the dating club," probably because the offer I presented was so big.

Unfortunately, I'm in a position to know whether or not she's specifically hidden, so I can understand the girl who's lying, but I won't immediately cut her off because of the lie, and I'll continue my relationship silently.However, that woman's rank is completely lowered.And I'm saying goodbye at the stage when a new and good girl comes in.It's a scary story that the child has no way of knowing why I cut her.

I know how hard it is for a woman to live alone.So I think it's one of Papa's jobs to forgive women's lies, but Papa is also a human being, so she does it with a faint hope of "maybe".If the probability is zero, I will never do it as a dad.

It's okay to be alone.I wonder if I can meet a woman who loves me from the bottom of my heart.You know it's impossible, right?I know, but I'm the stupid person who pursues such "maybe" and ends up making new offers every month.
I lose to my weak heart every day.That's why I chose the handle name "Loser Man".

PS: Sorry for not answering at all
Postscript XNUMX: There are two people who are seriously in love with the wishes of the female side.I'm super skeptical.When I look at a woman's expression, I wonder if she really likes me. .

  • Answer date: 2021/09/06 05:48
Male member

flag maker

column article

column writer flag maker

I recently had that pattern twice.
One of them is this story.

Voluntary ``Flag Maker only'' → Specific hidden → Go to reshoot → From the staff ``Recommended woman who was reshot! ’ I received a guide email.

I thought, “Hey!

  • Answer date: 2021/09/06 07:51
Male member

Shingo Lee

column article

This is Shingo Lee, a column writer.

I too have seen many cases where a pure-hearted girl with little love experience uses her wisdom to deceive and pick and choose people.

Personally, I think it's my dirty ego that keeps pushing my naivety.
Deceiving and hiding are necessary skills for survival.

If that person is really important to you, I think you should not cut it.
If you're disappointed that you didn't get the "atmosphere = service" you expected, I think it's best to say goodbye.

  • Answer date: 2021/09/06 10:34
Male member


column article

This is Kazu, a male member.

I think I will keep my distance because I will feel rejected if I am specific hidden.
In other words, it is mostly ②, but put a distance and lower the priority. I don't intend to do XNUMX, but I think it will naturally become XNUMX because there are other women who haven't rejected it.I do not say anything because it is not the purpose to have it displayed again.I just think that this woman wants to keep her distance from me.

However, if you hear from a woman that you want to hide it, you won't mind it at all.This could be the case, for example, if a woman was consulting with another man who had an offer, and I told her that there was a hidden mechanism.In this case, the woman asked the club, "Please hide all the men who have been set up in the past." yeah.

In this case of Mr. Mack, I place more emphasis on the fact that he made a false declaration to Mr. Mack the day before than that it was hidden.It is the same as the difference between income concealment, omission of declaration and non-reporting of tax.
In this case, since the income is hidden, it is ① unless the woman is so good that it seems that it is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.I have nothing to say in this case.

This time I received an apology message, so depending on the content, it may be ② due to extenuating circumstances.In this case, I have already received an apology, so I don't think I will say anything.If there are points in the explanation of the apology that are unsatisfactory, I think that it is enough to listen to it and use it as a material for extenuating circumstances.

  • Answer date: 2021/09/05 23:16
Male member


This is Dai, a male member.

I didn't know it was Buddha.

I also know one woman who has been identified as hidden.By the way, I don't have any other acquaintances who are active as dads, so it was the club's mistake that was discovered.

I hit it off with a B-type woman and developed into an adult relationship from the first time.I had a lot of fun and thought that she would become my favorite woman.

In addition to the date contact, we talked on LINE several times, but one day it suddenly became unread through, and then I found out that it was blocked.

I was surprised because it was so sudden, but when I asked another woman I dated after that to look at the conversation history, there was nothing unnatural about it.

I found out about the specific non-display because when I was introduced to a secret woman, she came up as a candidate...

I spoke frankly with the staff and asked them if they had any bad feedback, but they said, "It was a very fun date," so now I'm in a labyrinth.

In the case of the questioner (Mr. Mack), it was good that you contacted me.

My answer is XNUMX.

I feel the woman's reflection and the desire to continue the relationship with Mr. Mac, so why don't you forgive me without saying anything?

  • Answer date: 2021/09/06 07:20