Love Vaccine Chapter XNUMX I want to draw a statue of David (XNUMX)

"nice to meet you.
I am a woman in her late twenties who is considering applying.
There are several reasons why I want to start Papa Katsu, but the main reason is that I am studying art and I would like to draw while "touching" a man's body.
I would like to meet a man who would enjoy working as a Croquis model for a short period of time during the time we are meeting.
Before the interview, I asked a question because I wanted to get the opinion of everyone in the club.
The second reason is that I really want to be held by an older and more relaxed man.
I'm still a virgin with only one male experience, so I'm cautious, but I'm prepared.I'm thinking of choosing B, which is closer to C, for the relationship type.
It seems that the person who asked the question cannot add a postscript, so I would like to express my gratitude in advance to those who have responded. ”

Question number 13698 of Papa Katsu Anonymous Question Box.The person asking this question is the heroine of this column, Eri-chan.
I wrote heroin.I always keep in mind when I write about women in my columns.
It's about portraying women beautifully.
Instead of dramatizing, he faces the root of why he was attracted to that girl.Then, nature and the beauty of the woman ooze out from the writing.
If you read through my columns so far, you'll understand that all the women must have a unique personality.
Eri-chan's charm lies in her clumsiness, which makes life a little difficult.
Since he was in elementary school, he seems to have been aware that he is different from others, and he is particularly not good at skin-to-skin contact and physical contact.
I don't want to be touched or touched not only by boys, but also by girls.
He has a mysterious sensibility and likes 19th century culture and accessories.Every time on a date, he brings one by one Eri-chan's treasures that he has collected at antique markets as a hobby and shows them to him.Old glass vases from China, or obidome from the Meiji era.
I think Eri-chan's charm is that she naturally accepts her clumsy self without worrying about it negatively.
This is also a vital force.It is completely unrelated to the current trend of “self-affirmation” and “need for approval”.
Eri-chan looks beautiful and cute.However, I was fascinated not only by Eri's appearance, but also by her healthy soul.
Will other men notice Eri-chan's unique charm?It would be a waste if she ended up being evaluated as a slightly strange girl.
Eri-chan, I'm glad that I met someone who can feel the charm of "a figure that lives honestly without being distorted even though it's difficult to live."
And the reason I'm writing this column is that stupid anti-idiots might think, "You're a Mac guy, you're writing boasts again," but that's not what I'm writing, it's to please Eri-chan. .
While I'm writing this sentence, I'm definitely thinking only about Eri-chan.I'm writing this for Eri-chan, who will be happy about it.
It's not an ulterior motive to get a virgin.Graduation from virginity was quickly completed on the first date.Have we met 10 times since then?We make love every time we sleep over.What ulterior motive do I have now?
After going on more dates, listening to stories about her life up until that point, you've done a great job, and you mustered up the courage to apply for this Universe Club. It's my state of mind.
The preamble has become long, but this column is the end of Eri-chan's question above.
On the day of our first meeting, after meeting at the station, I took Eri-chan and drove to a villa by the sea.
Eri-chan was a B type, so I have no intention of inviting her to H on the first day.It's because I'm literally doing my part at the villa and acting as a model.
During the self-introduction and chatting on the way, we talked about hot springs.Eri seems to like hot springs.
Mr. Mack: “Come to think of it, there is a hot spring where you can stop by here.
Eri-chan: “Is it a mixed bath? I haven’t been there yet.”
Mac: "Could it be... if you'd like, would you like to go?"
Eri-chan: “Are you okay?”
I don't hate it at all.I would rather go.
I headed to the open-air bath about the hot spring inn.I don't know how many times I've been here.Eri-chan seems to be concerned about the construction of the inn, and she probably likes the elaborate construction of the oil shop that appears in "Spirited Away".
There are regular customers.
hello mac
Regulars: "Oh, hello"
I bring my young daughter every time, so regular customers appreciate it.When I got out of the hot water and wiped my body, the regulars came all the way and said, "Thank you!"
Mr. Mack: "Today I brought a new girl with me. Actually, I have a favor to ask of you. This girl is an art college student and a virgin. She wants to sketch while touching a man's naked body. Is there anyone who would like to let their daughter touch them?"
One of the regulars said, "Oh, it's cheap. Please touch it as much as you want."
He deliberately stood up for himself.
Eri-chan: “Are you okay?”
Mr. Mack: "It's okay, it's okay. These people came because I thought it would be nice if there was something interesting like this. Don't hesitate to let me touch it."
Eri-chan: "Excuse me."
Eri-chan cautiously began to touch from her upper arm.
A naked virgin girl clumsily touches the naked body of an uncle who happens to be there, checking the feel of his muscles.His expression is serious.Surreal and good.

*The eye-catching image below the title shows Eri-chan spreading her hymen as a thank you for touching the men's naked bodies.She is supported by two men and spreads her legs on a flower stand in the middle of the hot spring.While looking at the photos taken by Mack, Eri herself sketched for the column illustration.

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