Date True Story #89 Campaign #1@Atsuko Shibuya 1st time

 Hello. It's paparazzi. The club was just running a promotional fee discount campaign. I'm not a big fan of campaigns and deals, so I ended up getting caught up in the offer. This is the first in a series of ways to meet new people through campaigns.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Atsuko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: C
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Early 20s

first impression

  • Appearance: Almost as per the website. Is the real photo better? In any case, I have no complaints. And just plain cute.
  • Personality: Bright and energetic, talks bluntly. I feel like I can have fun

History of dating

 As I wrote at the beginning, the story is a campaign. I still feel that way, but I still feel like I haven't met the girl of my dreams. Even with the current female members, something is still missing. I thought so. However, this is also the scary part of this activity. There is no end to it. If you think about it, there are no perfect women in the world. In other words, he is embarked on an extraordinary journey of eternally pursuing something that does not exist.

 However, even though I know this, I still feel like I am going on this journey knowing it. Even if you never reach your destination, the process is quite interesting. So that's fine. I feel like I'm somehow convincing myself.

 In fact, it is true that you can get to know activists at a good price if you participate in campaigns. Therefore, I decided to take advantage of it to the fullest.

 And look for activists. This time, we will be using the campaign extensively, so there is no need for an OnlyOne feeling. Usually I choose one of the women I think is good, but this time I don't have to do that, which makes it easier. Start your search on the site as usual. There, I found a woman I was interested in. Was there ever such a cute girl? When I tried to add it to my "Favorites", I found out that she had already added it to her "Favorites" before. The previous class was Gold. Moreover, it has been added to "favorites" for quite some time now. I don't remember at all. Was there ever such a cute girl?

 That's how I made the offer, all by myself and feeling like it was my fate. An uneasy point arose during that exchange. The conversation just doesn't fit together. Naturally, this is not a direct interaction as management staff intervenes. However, it is clear that the staff members are not the cause. For example, do you have a free schedule or something that doesn't fit? Ebisu is good for this question. I was told that it would be okay if we arranged an alternative date, but what do you think? When asked questions, I received dates that were completely unrelated, and things didn't really fit together. The dates didn't work out, and just when I was thinking of giving up, someone suggested a date: "How about XX days?" I was actually about to give up, but I decided to appreciate his proactiveness. In the end, I ended up setting it up with some anxiety that the conversation wouldn't fit together.

what was the date

 It felt like that anxiety remained, but what had become the setting had disappeared. Let's forget about the details and just enjoy the date today. That's what I felt. I don't remember which one was more convenient for her, but this time we met for lunch. I arrived a little early so I had to wait for her. After a short wait, she arrived. My first impression of her was that she was cute.

 It's true that it's a little long, but that's what I knew from the photos on the website. From the looks of it, he seems to have a bright personality and is likable. I had a good impression.

 After the usual greetings, it was time to talk about each other. She is from western Japan and moved to Tokyo to work as an office worker. She is not in trouble with her income, but it is not very high, and the company is quite black in its own way, and she is forced to work long hours. It seems like the future is uncertain. It's not so much that you can call it poverty, but it's more like poverty plus anxiety about the future. In other words, he wants to use his allowance for living expenses. Many people in this poverty bracket are from rural areas. An overwhelming number of people live alone in Tokyo. Rent in Tokyo is still high. When you think about it, the ratio of rent to a woman's monthly salary is quite large. As she speaks, she explores her personality. She certainly doesn't feel like she's smart. In fact, it's just a little inferior in that respect. However, the talk is lighthearted and has a blunt feel, which makes it quite enjoyable. She has good reactions and is very curious. In her heart, she was glad that she might have met a good person.

By the end of the meal

 The store had a counter, but the atmosphere was a bit difficult to talk to, so I couldn't ask her inside the store. When I went outside, it was daylight and the summer sun was shining down on me. It doesn't have much of an atmosphere, but the store is in a great location, so I decided to take advantage of that. She seemed a little worried, thinking, "Hmm," but that only lasted for a second or two. She ended up following.

 When he entered the room, he seemed to agree with this line of flow, and he said sarcastically.

 “As expected of a great choice of store.”

 I wouldn't say that as a compliment. There was a comment. All I can do is smile back. lol

 Apparently she told the management during the interview that her profile said she had a good bust shape. It's true that her F-cup bust has a strong presence and makes a statement even when she's wearing clothes. And her figure without her clothes was quite something. Truly divine style. She's not very tall, but her bust shape and size are perfect. And she seemed to like this too, and was quite active. However, she doesn't seem to have the strength, so she says, ``I want it to end quickly.'' To that extent, we enjoyed a rich time. I had some concerns, but in the end I was satisfied.

Reflection of this time

  • Thank you for the miraculous flow line
  • Girls with low intelligence can also have fun

This store

 I recommend this store! Above all, this location. If you look at the map, you can see that the area behind the store is a love hotel area. Despite being close to the station, this line of traffic does not allow people to return home directly, making it extremely rare and valuable. There is a counter and the food is not bad. I'm not sure since it was daytime, but the atmosphere at night seems nice. This is a store you definitely want to visit for the first time!

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