Dating Club Struggle Record XNUMX Part XNUMX

School bikini → 2 days and 3 nights

Joe is still undecided about his dating style.

Still, if there is a type of girl, I will make an offer (there are not many), but barely?If there is an invitation from your favorite child who is connected, you cannot refuse.

If you meet him, he will make a fuss about love and love, and although it is not necessarily a wallet full of wads of money (about "bread"), it has become an ATM without a PIN.

Still, I haven't enjoyed the fascinating body that should be one of my goals as much as the redness on Mr. Mac's nails.

Because I don't know what to do.

That said, or perhaps it should be said more precisely, the reason I invite them to travel is because I think I can control my relationships a little more when I'm traveling.

In fact, it's the other way around and the results are even worse than usual, but Joe, who has a low learning ability, repeats the same thing.

My beloved Princess Nana is now based in Hanoi.I think she works in wine, but I don't know exactly what she does because she doesn't give me details (and I don't even ask Joe).

It seems that you often come back to Japan, but during your stay in Japan, are you entertaining other dads?I'm so busy that it's rare that Joe's turn comes around.

So, at the end of last year, I decided to go to Hanoi to meet him at Metropole Hanoi.

For better or for worse, this hotel is part of Vietnam's modern history.

Vietnam's economic growth is remarkable, so there may be smarter and higher-grade hotels, but Joe thinks that it has a good reputation not only in Vietnam but also in the world as a classical and flexible hotel.

(Let's go off topic. Before I get into it, if I ask myself, "So, do you know the world's hotels?" Too many. I wonder if they know and use them.)

Princess Nana appeared while Joe sipped a martini called "Charlie Chaplin" (Chaplin stayed here on his honeymoon) and an original gin-based cocktail at the poolside bar.

The outfit is a bright white dress decorated with the lotus flower, the national flower of Vietnam.

Upon acknowledging Joe, Princess Nana approaches her seat waving her hand.

Joe's usual feelings for Princess Nana are a complicated mixture of love and hate, but he always gets over it at this moment.

"You look fine. Nice to meet you here."

"I'm happy too. What do you want to drink?"

"What is Joe drinking?"

"Charlie Chaplin"

"Then I'll do that too."

When Princess Nana raises her hand, a manager-class white man comes to take the order.

The two exchanged greetings in Vietnamese as if they were old friends.

After taking the order, Joe can't help but ask.

"Princess, can you speak Vietnamese?"

"It's still a little bit. My current boyfriend introduced me to a teacher. It's the same teacher. He praised me, 'You're better than me.'"

and Princess Nana.

As for Joe, he has a lot of delusions.

After all, the princess is a woman who is too much for Joe, he says to himself in his heart.

While listening to the splashes and cheers of white children at the quiet poolside of a luxury hotel isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city, Joe lost himself in thought in front of Princess Nana.

"Are you hungry, Joe?"

"I haven't had lunch yet, so I'd like to eat something."

"It's fine here, but there's a delicious pho shop, would you like to go?"

"Nice, I love pho"

"Then it's decided."

Once in the room, the princess changed into jeans and a T-shirt and left.

I called out to the boy in the entrance lobby (of course, in Vietnamese).

A cyclo comes in front of the entrance and the two of us get in.

When you go out to the city, the silence until then is filled with cars and the hustle and bustle of people.

It's been 20 years since Joe came to Hanoi, but the memories of that time are revived at once.

At that time, I also rode a cyclo around the city.

At that time, the cyclo was a means of transportation for citizens to go anywhere, but the traffic volume has increased, and now the range is restricted.

It is said that it became a vehicle for tourists in the basic old town.

A landmark of Hanoi in front of you as soon as you depart?Hoan Kiem Lake spreads out.

It's my first time in 20 years and my second visit to Hanoi, but I feel nostalgic.

Because when Joe was a junior high school student, he had received something called "previous life fortune-telling" and was told that he was one of the royal families of Hanoi in his previous life.

Twenty years ago, in front of Hoan Kiem Lake, I thought, “I was here in my previous life, after all” (bitter smile).

I'm a Joe who has a lot of assumptions.

I came to a shop in a corner of an alley in the old town.

Since it was introduced by Princess Nana, I imagined it to be a more beautiful store, but it is a store for Hanoians that tourists never enter.

The taste is unmistakable, but it's hard to say that it's clean.It's a style restaurant where you sit down and eat while crouching down with a plastic bowl in your hand.

It also makes sense that Princess Nana bothered to change clothes.

Are you the owner?Her aunt seems to be a familiar face to her, and she exchanges some words.

And I ordered chicken pho according to Princess Nana's recommendation.

It bothered me that the coriander piled up in the basket was put in with bare hands, but the taste is completely different from what you eat in Tokyo, for example.

Of course it's delicious.

Speaking of Princess Nana"Ngon Kuwa"(“Delicious” in Vietnamese) is repeated while slurping the pho.

Looking at Princess Nana's beautiful profile, Joe thinks again.

"Who the hell is this person?!"When.

Joe's head is full of "?" marks.

At the same time, I had never felt so close to Princess Nana as at this time.

The road to hell is paved with sweet flowers, and it's hard to escape.

After returning to the hotel and taking a dip in the pool, we went to a Vietnamese-style French restaurant in the city for dinner.

There is French in Metropole, but regardless of the service and taste, the price will be "Is this Paris?" I requested.

Did Princess Nana also follow Joe's intentions?The concierge made a reservation for the store.

It is a back alley shop near Hanoi station.

The appearance and interior are stylish as it is, but the response is not good enough based on Metropole's service.

Still it tasted good.

In the first place, Joe is a country boy who has never thought that French food is delicious from the bottom of his heart (especially pigeons. Even though they are edible, pigeons are not meant to be eaten, right?) The French cuisine here is arranged in a Vietnamese style. Or fits Joe's mouth.

The price was about half the price in Tokyo (although it's super expensive for Vietnam) and it was easy on the wallet (the amount of money I spent on Princess Nana exceeded XNUMX figures. If so, there is a place to be stingy first).

Princess Nana seemed to be dissatisfied with the wine list, but said, "It's delicious here."

Shopkeeper?He came to my seat to say hello, and of course we exchanged words in Vietnamese here as well.

How many dads is Joe?He didn't ask because if he knew the truth he would reverse the great food.

After returning to the hotel, I went to the poolside bar again.

After tilting a few glasses, I returned to my room and had a fun time with Princess Nana for the first time in a while.

After Joe took a shower, he changed into his bathrobe and went out onto the balcony to look out over the street while he waited for Princess Nana.

The lukewarm air runs down your cheeks, and the hustle and bustle of the street fills your ears.

Joe likes this moment when the ordinary and the extraordinary intersect.

Then Princess Nana, who finished taking a shower, went to the balcony in a bathrobe.

They exchange kisses from each other.

It's a full-force kiss that intertwines Joe's favorite tongues.

Actually, I want to decide standing back here as it is, but I'm not prepared to be taken to the detention center in Hanoi.

With the door leading to the balcony open, he rushed into bed.

La Perla's underwear that Joe gave when he took off Princess Nana's bathrobe.

Beautiful and erotic.

It was a pity to take it off, so I moved the shorts and inserted Joe himself into the secret part of the princess, who was already moistened enough.

And in no time (bitter smile) it was Joe who died.

After that, we had a pillow talk on the bed.

“Joe-chan, come visit Hanoi again.”

"It will be difficult for a while. I'm busy with new business, and I'm planning to go to Europe next month."

I'm sure I've learned that such remarks are forbidden in front of Princess Nana, but since I was relaxed after the first battle, I accidentally said it.

"Eh, Europe? Where?"

Princess Nana responded immediately, and Joe regained his senses, but it was too late.

“Berlin and Brussels. I have a junior high school classmate in Dublin, so I’m thinking about stopping by.”

"If you're going to Brussels, let's meet in Paris! Paris is on strike now, but next month it will be over, and if you're on strike, you can have fun during the strike. Hey, okay?"

I can't say no.

So it was a reunion in Paris.

The full story is in the second part.

Business contact

I didn't mention the theme of "3 nights and 3 days", but it means that "XNUMX nights and XNUMX days" is the limit for a trip with Princess Nana (bitter smile).

Despite that, I stayed in Paris for a total of XNUMX nights with an interval (bitter smile XNUMX).

Since you are talking about Mr. Mac, I think you have already prepared a manuscript for "ka".

It doesn't matter if it is uploaded before the second part is uploaded.Thank you for your continued support.

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