Professional Student Edition: First Time Other Than Boyfriend?

■ Synopsis up to the last time

First date with a 19-year-old vocational student who can't pay tuition fees I met on a P-katsu app.

After eating and going to the aquarium, I think that I'm a pretty good girl, and next is Hakkeijima!Enthusiastic.

I'm going to have a good time while interacting with LINE every day after learning about it.


■ Adult relationships

After having fun chatting on LINE, we finally got to talking about adult relationships!

Originally, she was thinking about an adult relationship, so I was just waiting for the right timing.


The day has finally come!

Meet her at the usual place after school.

I thought it would be fine to have a light meal, but


Professional student: "I have clothes from a brand I like, can I go see them with you?"


So, in short, buy it!That's what you mean, right?

Even though he knows that, men are weak when it comes to adult relationships hanging in front of them.wry smile


Me: "Good! Where is that shop?"

Professional student: "It's in the nearby station building! Is that okay?"

Me: "Okay, let's go."


When I arrived at the store, there was a knit dress that she had wanted for a long time.


Me: "That's great! There's something I want. Why don't you try it on?"

Professional student: "Okay? Please wait a minute!"


She goes to the fitting room. .

I don't know this brand...While she was trying on clothes, she looked carefully at the customer base in the shop and she said she was all her age!Just in case, let's take a look at the price tag of the dress she chose! ?


"EXNUMX Yen! ? 』


I was surprised!

I want it and can't buy it!I wonder if it's quite expensive?I wondered if it was this much.

This child more and more.I wondered if it was true that they couldn't pay the tuition fees even though they shared the money with their parents.


Professional student: "Thank you for waiting! What do you think?"

Clerk: "You look great! These short boots go well with that dress!"


little by little.Business before I say anything!

But it suits you very well, and it might be good to coordinate with those short boots?


Me: "Good!! Why don't you wear those short boots too?"

Professional student: "But..."

Me: "Please let me wear it because it's a big deal."


And then, after having the size of the short boots adjusted, it was unveiled again!

Yeah, it's so cute! !


Professional student: "Very good!"

Clerk: "It suits you very well! Would you like to go with me?"

Me: "Yeah! It's definitely good! I'd like that set, please!"

Professional student: "Huh? Is it okay?"

Me: "Yes! (It's not that expensive even with short boots...)"


While I was waiting for the payment in front of the cash register while asking the store clerk to check the inventory, I felt a little uncomfortable here!

The customer base of this shop is only young girls.I'm the only one wearing a suit!

It's such a strange landscape. P bare!waterfall sweat


■ It's my first time with someone other than my boyfriend. .

I didn't expect it to be cheaper than my allowance even with a dress and short boots, but I'm glad that this child doesn't cost that much money.


It's finally time to go to the hotel!!

I set it with a car navigation system and moved to a hotel I used to go to by car.


Arrive and enter the room and check with her again!


Me: "Today is a promise, but is it really okay?"

Professional student: "It's a promise, so it's fine!"


Oh!It's finally here.

19 years old is pretty young.


Me: "Oh, that's right! The dress I bought earlier. Come and try it!"

Professional student: "Yes! I also wanted to wear it!"


And very good stripping!

Don't you think it's embarrassing? ?While I was taken aback, I put on a dress in front of me and showed it!


Professional student: "How is it?"

Me: "Yeah! Cute!"

Professional student: "Thank you! I'm happy!"


She took off her clothes right in front of me, but now I'm going to take off the one-piece dress that I just changed.


this child.I got into bed while thinking that it was really thin, and took it off from the bra while kissing.


Professional student: "Actually, it's my first time with someone other than my boyfriend! I'm sorry I'm not used to it!"

Me: "Oh, that's right. Well, tell me if it hurts!"


Just like that, the adult relationship ended safely.


■A little accident!

What happened in the car on the way home after leaving the hotel.


Me: "Why don't you try wearing the short boots you bought earlier?"

Professional student: "Yes. Please wait a moment."


Actually, I changed into the dress I bought earlier and left the hotel.

I wanted to try pairing it with short boots, so I made a request.


Professional student: "Huh? It's kind of tight! I had my size matched..."

Me: "Perhaps I said to check the stock and got the wrong size! Isn't the size written somewhere?"

Vocational student: "Um. Ah! It's the wrong size! What should I do?"

Me: "I just bought it, can you exchange it? Why don't you call me?"

Professional student: "But..."


I'm kind of confused, so I decided to call the store...

Then, I found out that I could exchange it, so I stopped by the shop I had just visited, exchanged it without any problems, and sent it to the nearest station to her home.


■ After all, this child may hit?

I had my first adult relationship, but it was my first time with someone other than my boyfriend!Instead of saying that, he suddenly climbed on top.In that respect, it can be quite positive.

I really liked this child, and brought up the story of monthly rent instead of paying each time.

She told me how much money she needed for school, how much money she needed to spend with her friends, and we agreed on AE XNUMX yen a month.


And finally, it leads to Hakkeijima and a sleepover date. . .

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