Date record #86 Fateful reunion @ Nagoya Sachiko 8th time

 Hello. It's paparazzi. By the way, Sachiko is an activist in Sapporo. Why Nagoya if it's not even a trip? But I think everyone has a fateful reunion. I think it's a wonderful memory where coincidences create coincidences. This time, we will bring you a miracle that happened because we are active nationwide. I would be happy if you could think that this kind of thing does exist.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Yukiko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Type: C.
  • Age: Early 20s
  • Occupation: Student

History of dating

 One day in August, I landed at Chubu Centrair International Airport. I happen to fly to Nagoya regularly, but I also use this airport often because I have work to do. This time I arrived in Nagoya on a flight from Kumamoto. I'd like to call this work, but it's mostly play. After a quick customer visit, I felt like I had finished climbing Mt. Aso and then headed straight from Kumamoto Airport.

 There was a reason why I visited Kyushu. This time, I had originally planned a trip to Fukuoka with Sachiko. Sachiko is an activist living in Sapporo. I met my girlfriend for the first time in January of this year, but due to her good vibes and sense of appropriateness in a good way, I have already met her 1 times even though she lives far away from Sapporo. Ta. (There is one surprise cancellation, so 7 times in terms of number of projects)

 Occasionally, I have work to do in Sapporo, but most of the time I go all the way to Sapporo to see Sachiko. Still, the fact that it has lasted this long is proof that they are a good match. Then, after we had met only a few times, she started saying that she wanted to go to Fukuoka. Being a "traveling friend" was a wish that came true for me as well, so I readily agreed and was planning a trip, but unfortunately the trip was canceled due to the coronavirus vaccination at her school. However, once you have bought the ticket, the ticket is still valid. It's better to use it than pay a cancellation fee and get a refund. However, she is the only one available on the Sapporo → Fukuoka route. It's named after her anyway.

 So this time, I decided to go to Fukuoka again. she also she

 “It’s summer vacation, so I have time!”

 That's what I said. However, there was already a disturbing atmosphere. yes. This was a sudden cancellation due to poor health in July. It can't be helped since I'm not feeling well, but I had a vaguely disturbing and unpleasant feeling.

 Try using LINE to check your health in advance. her answer is

 "Instead of getting better, it's getting worse💦"

 something like. . . This is a sign of a sudden cancellation. Realizing this, I decided to take action.

 "It's a long-awaited trip, so I want to be in good health. If you want to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible."

 As an activist, the most painful thing is having to change plans at the last minute. You will be forced to bear the extra burden of balancing cancellation fees and re-arranging. If you cancel early, there are often no cancellation fees, and you can deal with it with some leeway.

 "That's right. I want to travel with you in perfect condition, but things aren't getting better at all💦."


 It's canceled. At the very least, there is no point in proceeding without positive comments from the other party's activists. I decided to cancel the trip. There was still about a week left until the day of the event, so I was able to make all the cancellation arrangements without any problems. I guess it's good news about insects, but I'm glad I checked. I realized once again that this was a pattern of last-minute cancellations.

 "I really, really want to go...I'm sorry😭😭😭"

 Let's believe this word. lol

 All I could say was, "Please take care of yourself," and since the purpose of my trip had changed, I changed my destination from Fukuoka to Kumamoto. Furthermore, I had just gotten a job in Nagoya, so I changed my itinerary to go directly from Kumamoto to Nagoya.

what was the date

 For this reason, I landed at Chubu Centrair International Airport in the afternoon. I have plans to meet with Natsuko later today, but it looks like I have some free time. As she was walking toward the exit of the airport, wondering what the hell was going on, she spotted a figure from behind that looked like she had seen it somewhere before. She is, of course, a young woman.

 That slender figure, the platform sandals she wears to hide her short stature, and that shape of her head. . . . It took me less than a second to think this far. What about Sachiko? I guess this is called intuition. I felt that way instantly. I guess there are people in this world who look like me. We have exactly the same preferences in terms of how we look from the back, the clothes we wear, and the shoes we wear.

 However, Sachiko is not feeling well and should not be able to leave Sapporo. In fact, the Fukuoka trip with me was also cancelled. . . . That being said, they are similar. I still want to find out who it is. I couldn't suppress that urge. By the way, my appearance at this time was completely "mountain man". lol

 Since I was carrying a backpack and wearing mountain clothes, it was as if my whole body was saying, ``I'm back from the mountains.'' There's nothing fancy about flattery. I secretly wanted to check on the young woman's true identity, but due to the angle in which we were walking, I had no choice but to peer into the young woman. And when I looked into it. . . . .


 It was actually Sachiko herself! Amazing! I wonder if such a miracle exists. I flew from Kumamoto and she flew from Sapporo at this airport on the same day, which is unusual, but we unexpectedly landed at the same time. If you don't have any checked baggage at Chubu Centrair International Airport, it will probably take less than 15 minutes from the time the plane door opens until you can get out. We were in the same place at that moment.


 "Huh? Sachiko?"

 "Eh! Mr. Paparazzi?? Amazing! Why are you here?"


 Her voice definitely still has a raspy feel to it. We were momentarily excited about our unexpected reunion, but soon we came to our senses and realized that even though Fukuoka was closed, we were still able to come to Nagoya. . . It became an awkward atmosphere. But that doesn't matter.


 ``Fukuoka was disappointing, but I hope I can go again, and I think meeting in Nagoya like this will be even better as a memorable experience.''

 I decided to take it positively. Anyway, what purpose does she have in Nagoya? It's not something I would interfere with, but I was curious about it.

 ``I have a good friend in Nagoya and he comes here often.''

 However, the fact that she was purchasing an express ticket from the airport to the city online showed that she was ``used to it.'' In contrast to her, I was not used to this airport even though I used it a lot, so I just sat in the regular seat.

Reflection of this time

  • I don't know when or where I'll meet someone. That too is fate.
  • The best part of nationwide activities is this fateful reunion!

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