Episode 24 Shibuya date with Mr. L

~ Until last time ~


 An unpopular little 31-year-old man (pen name Makoto Terada because he looks like Shinko Terada) hits the door of the universe and challenges himself to become a father! Last time I went on a date with Mr. L, a blonde part-time worker, in Zushi and Kamakura, but this time it was her last date before studying abroad, and we decided to eat at a Mediterranean/Arabic restaurant in Shibuya Scramble Square. became,,,


 In preparation for our date in Shibuya, we communicated on line to decide on a meeting time, etc., but as always, replies from Mr. L were slow, and sometimes he didn't receive a reply for a week. . However, due to the circumstances so far, I had already given up on that matter lol.


 We had made sure to discuss the meeting place for the day in advance, and as usual, I arrived at the meeting place a little early and waited for Mr. L to arrive.

 However, she was late again and again this time. Since I was way too late past my reservation time, I decided to go in alone and keep my seat as I waited for Mr. L, so as not to cause any inconvenience to the staff.



 After taking a seat and drinking water and looking over the menu, she finally came into the restaurant, looking a little agitated.

 This happens every time, so I completely ignored half of Mr. L's excuses (lol).



 I regained my composure and looked at the menu, but since it was Mediterranean/Arabic cuisine, there were many dishes on it that I was not familiar with.

 Despite the traditional diet of people in Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Greece, and Spain, which include nuts and other high-fat foods, blood cholesterol levels are low and arteriosclerosis-induced narrowing. The Mediterranean diet is attracting attention due to research showing that there are fewer cases of coronary artery disease such as heart disease, myocardial infarction, and cerebrovascular disease.Olive oil, which is abundantly used in the Mediterranean diet, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. It is thought that the reasons why it is good for your health include: low intake of meat containing a lot of saturated fatty acids, high intake of plant foods such as vegetables and fruits, which have strong antioxidant effects. There is.

 In addition, Arabic cuisine is a general term for traditional cuisine that spreads mainly in the Middle East region, and is characterized by a distinctive flavor that uses rich spices and fresh ingredients. It is said that each country, such as Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan, has its own unique culinary culture. Perhaps because of that, there were a lot of dishes that I really didn't understand (lol), and the curry from Morokheiya that she recommended was a green vegetable curry that didn't seem appetizing to me, so I was having a hard time deciding which menu to choose.

 Among them, kebabs are the only one that I know, and I often buy them from food stalls and love eating them, so I ordered the kebab set! (However, the kebab set at that Mediterranean/Arabic restaurant cost 4000 yen, unlike the several hundred yen ones you often buy at food stalls (lol)).



 After a while, the ordered items were brought to the table! The kebab didn't look like something you'd find at a food stall, but rather a stylish kebab with pita bread, sauce, and meat delivered separately. Various meats such as beef and chicken were fragrantly roasted and it was nice to be able to compare them, but the sauce was too authentic and I thought that the cheap kebabs that I usually eat would be more palatable to me as an ordinary person. (lol).


 Mr. L ordered the Molokheiya curry that he always orders when he comes to this restaurant, and he shared some with me, but I could feel the unique taste and stickiness of Molokheiya. The seasoning focused on the taste of the ingredients, and I personally thought it wasn't very tasty and didn't go well with the rice.



 So, after finishing our meal at a Mediterranean/Arabic restaurant, we decided to go to Shibuya Scramble Square and decided to try climbing Shibuya Sky! ,,,However, unfortunately the weather that day was rainy. It seemed that the viewing had not been canceled and was still open, but after talking with my girlfriend, we decided not to go to Shibuya Sky this time, but to go again on a day with better weather.


 Then, I decided to look for a hotel in the Shibuya area. While I was searching, the rain got heavier and the weather became really unfortunate, but luckily I quickly found an empty hotel room and was able to do some physical activities there (lol).




 As planned, Mr. L will go to Korea to study abroad.

 A few days before I left, I sent her a LINE message saying I was there, but Ms. L marked it as read and didn't reply. By the way, when she went to Shibuya, she sent a LINE message to her requesting that she take some photos and send them to us, but it was also marked as read and there was no reply from Mr. L.


(Are you finally trying to use the pretense of studying abroad in Korea to let the relationship with me disappear naturally?)

I ended up posing such a question, but I will talk about how my relationship with Mr. L turned out after that in my next column! !

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