Why I Joined Universe Club

This is my first time writing a column.flag maker.Thank you.

From now on, I hope to be able to write articles about various experiences and failures,First of all, let me write about why I joined the Universe Club.Let's eat.

I hope it will be helpful for those who will join us from now on.

Background up to registration

I often say, "Play a lot while you're young."I hear the word, but when I think about it now, the so-called "onna play"I couldn't do it at all.

There is also a cause in my home environment,On the other hand, he was a teacher to his parents and siblings, and when he was a student, he became an honor student type.become

class representatives and student council presidents,He is often entrusted with club activities and the director of circles, and both himself and others say "He has a strong sense of justice with the recognition that he is "serious" and "women's play"It was a type that was far from equal.

When I become a member of society, "I want to concentrate on my work" and "I want to succeed at work"I had a strong feeling that I was going to marry the woman I was dating at the time.

There is also the fact that my wife was a type of strong bondage,I had a child, so for a while I was doing my best to balance work and family.

There were days when I didn't feel like playing at all.

Of whichI was able to work on the work that I used to be reckless with a sense of leewayThings, money has become easier, my wife's bondage has weakened a little, and in the meantime, I suddenly had sex.(laughs)

Some timings overlap,It's not a good thing, but now that I have more time to spare, I've become a little more interested in playing.did.

What I felt after experiencing various things

However, "adultery"I didn't have the courage or the opponent to dye my hands on something.

And there is also stress at work, so first of all, the quick "Fuzoku"I started playing with , and I played a lot.

then "dating apps"I also get involved in things likehand. .

Not satisfied with that, after all, "adultery"I got my hands on it and regretted it and got hurt. . .

I hope to be able to write about my various experiences here in future columns.What I've noticed so far is that there are various reasons for meeting,For some reason, the other woman always says "marriage"It was that I was asked for.

When I asked the other woman, it seems that I was completely "It was said that he was not the type to play around, but rather to be the type to be married (smile).

In the first place, I have no intention of getting divorced or destroying my family.When asked for, it becomes a "farewell",During that time, I was able to experience various things, including painful ones.

"Customs" are also different

"Dating system" is also scary

"Adultery" also hurts

I wonder if I'm not suitable for play after all.

I was looking around the internet and found thisIt was "Dating Club (Universe Club)".

Image before joining Universe Club

The dating club is registered by some high-income earners.With an image like a secret club,I never thought it would be something I would include.

However,Looking at the admission criteria and costs, if you have the current income, you might be okay?I thought, and I was interested in what kind of world it was.

and maybe like meRather than being serious, I pretended to be a gentleman to women.OrIsn't the type that is said to be suitable for marriage rather suitable?I thought.

She is interested in things that she is interested in, so she applies for membership immediately because of her personality.

And now we come.

Join the Universe Club

What was different from the image when I joined and actually met a woman,Registered women are "aspiring mistresses" and "Please support me for my dreamNot only those who are highly motivated

Women who just want to pay for living expenses, or just out of curiosity, etc.It's a rude way to say it to both, but "ordinary woman"It was quite a lot.

So,How to socialize after meetingeach andOn rare occasions, even an encounter like this can lead to becoming a normal friend.Ri you.

Sometimes I want to have sex,There are times when I want to drink normally and get excited,Sometimes he gives me serious life advice and introduces me to work.

If you can seek pleasure, know women's values ​​and life,I also have the opportunity to grow as a person.

I can't say for sure because everyone I meet has their own purpose,Appearance, style, personality, ambition, etc., overall "high-quality women"Now I feel that the good thing about Universe Club is that you can meet safely and securely withis.

Of course, there are many things that do not go as expected,If you think of it as a “dating fee” with your favorite woman,I understand that there is no such convenient encounter in everyday life in the first placeI think I have no choice but to do it.

Now I'm finally able to build various relationships with some women I like.,Feeling good to know the existence of Universe Club where you can have various experienceswhile I am grateful

Because I don't have the ability to satisfy many women,I feel sorry for the club that I can't gradually make new offers.It's around this time (laughs)

I'm neither a high-income earner nor a manager,I can play using the club as it is,Rather, there are many things to learn,It can also be useful as a communication skill at work.soI feel like clubs like this should spread to younger age groups.doing.

If you are interested, we recommend that you register first!

Thank you

In the future, I hope to be able to write a column about my various experiences.At first, it became a private matter and no one was interested in it.Maybe.

Thank you for reading until the end.

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