• I would like to ask you a question about Mr. PJ, who I am currently in contact with.

    We met for the first time last spring for lunch.


Question date: 2023/09/30 00:11

I would like to ask you a question about Mr. PJ, who I am currently in contact with.

We met for the first time last spring for lunch.
I was busy and had some free time, so we met for dinner in July.
I'm planning to meet her soon to give her the clothes she said she wanted.

I wanted to develop a relationship that goes beyond food, so I contacted him to see if he was interested in that.
The person himself answered that there were conditions and that he would become friends with her.

Is it okay to think that this is implicitly rejected?

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Is it this spring instead of last spring?
Was it really last year?
Which one was busier?

Conditions + After becoming friends

I think he is seen as a standard dad.

Of course, I wouldn't want to meet him without money, but since we met here, that's only natural.

It's fine if you like him and he's trying to make fun of you when you meet him to give him a present, but I feel like he's already taken advantage of you quite a bit.

Apparently there are many other dads as well.
If she can accept it without pursuing it, she will likely become a member of her father's family.


  • Answer date: 2023/09/30 00:19
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Ah, I'm completely on the cabaret course now.thank you for your hard work.But I think it's totally okay if the person enjoys it.

He's been meeting with me and showing me the way, so I don't think he's refusing my request.

I think it's easier to understand this type of "after we became friends" if you think of it as "the cumulative amount of monetary value provided."

I think there are factors such as how interesting the conversation is and how you feel about it, but if you're a highly skilled woman, it's within the margin of error, so you don't have to try too hard.

The conditions seem to be 10 or more each time.Or, it's more than 30 per month, but you're likely to hear something like, ``I'm so busy that I can only see you once a month.''

However, if you like the woman or want an amateur rather than a hostess, then it's fine.Please do your best.

Tomorrow, I'm thinking of eating Kamo Nanban while thinking about the person who asked the question.


  • Answer date: 2023/09/30 01:39
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column article

I think it's a no-no for adults.

It's up to you if you're aware of that and continue to have dinner dates, or if they overlap.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/30 02:06
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column article

As soon as I can contact you
Isn't it rejected?

If you really don't like it, you'll be blocked.

If it were me, I would just avoid that woman because it seems like it would be troublesome.
Accepts adults easily
I'll make it a woman though

the questioner
If it's worth chasing so much
I think you should try your best.

Let me contribute as much as I can, and adults will smell ☓.
I'm tingling, though.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/30 15:31
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Nana Ayase

Please understand
I don't think the person asking the question has any interests other than money.

Wouldn't it be better to stop buying clothes for him?

There are plenty of women out there, so don't be stubborn.
Check out the women's profiles again.
But don't think that you don't have any treatment.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/30 07:41
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date ◎ dream

column article

I don't think I'm hated either,
I feel that the conditions are not good enough.

In this case, it's two things: ``conditions and getting along'', so it may take a little time.
What do you think about the idea of ​​inviting us again sometime this winter?

However, if you get along well with the conditions, it might be a good idea to invite him again next spring.
Sounds like fun (laughs)
I'll try my best and look forward to hearing your results.

  • Answer date: 2023/09/30 19:17
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It's My

I'm not being treated as an opponent.

If you want to move on to a relationship that goes beyond food.
Tell the other person that you can accept the offer
After creating an atmosphere that makes people think
I have to invite you

It's been abandoned since last spring.
Please think that the hurdle is even higher.

And what you say you want
Even if you give it as a gift, it won't be very effective.

What humans really want
It's something that's hard to put into words.
Often we don't even realize it.

We met just for meals 2 or 3 times
What do you really want from the conversation?
Please find out.

If you can do that, you might have a chance

It's My

  • Answer date: 2023/10/01 09:32
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

column article

Blog post

thanks for your questions.
Maezawa will also answer.

We met last spring, then the next one will be in July of this year, and the next one will be in October, right?
The spaces that fit are too wide

First of all, I don't think the "befriending" part of the condition has been met.
However, even if that point is not cleared, it seems like your wish may come true depending on the conditions.
However, I feel that the conditions would be much higher in that case.

Is your allowance more than XNUMX yen?

I mean, I'm going to buy you some clothes.
I think that is a condition for becoming friends that is different from the allowance.
It seems like it will cost a lot of money.

>Can I consider this to be implicitly rejected?

If you ask about the desired conditions, you will know whether or not your application has been declined.
If you are offered more than XNUMX yen, I think it is implicitly refused.
If the desired condition is within the range of around XNUMX yen
I think there is a possibility that it can be used.

Anyway, this + condition for becoming friends is similar to the customs of Yoshiwara during the Edo period.

① First, you need to spend a lot of money at a teahouse.

② At the first meeting, the prostitute sits away from the customer and does not speak to the customer or eat or drink.Customers are judged, and if they are deemed unsuitable, they are not allowed to associate with the prostitute.Customers must demonstrate their financial strength by inviting many geishas and performing in a flashy manner.

③The back (second time) is basically the same as the first meeting.

④It finally becomes familiar after the third time.A plate and chopsticks with your name on it will be prepared.At this time, a sum of money is paid as a gift.
Usually, it is finally put into bed after the third try.

It's an old tradition that you can't have sex the first time unless you get along well.lol

  • Answer date: 2023/10/01 11:24
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column article

We meet too few times.
Before blaming the father-active girls for their indifference, let's take a look at ourselves.
Of course money is an issue, but if the other person doesn't feel a certain amount of passion, I don't think they'll open their legs easily, even if they're a dad-hunting girl.
In other words, he's simply not good at wooing people.Did you compliment the other person properly, such as ``cute'' or ``I like it'' before negotiating?

  • Answer date: 2023/09/30 09:14

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