• What are the signs that a relationship type B person is likely to have an adult relationship?

    I think it's OK to hold hands...


Question date: 2023/01/13 22:35

What are the signs that a relationship type B person is likely to have an adult relationship?

I feel like that when it's OK to hold hands.

Please give me a sign that is easy to understand.

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In my case, I am conscious of getting rid of the wariness of the other woman first.

If you feel that it has loosened while talking, then you will be OK if you agree on the allowance.

By the way, I'm not the popular type, but I've never confessed myself and been told no even in private.

The reason for this is that I carefully observe the other person and only confess after gaining the confidence to be told that it is OK.

Each woman is different, so I think it's better not to think about easy-to-understand signs.

  • Answer date: 2023/01/13 23:35
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I think that's why they ask if this allowance is good and they accept it.

  • Answer date: 2023/01/13 22:44
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Is it okay if we have an adult relationship next time?
What do you think about this allowance?
I think you can answer if you ask.
If there is no answer, I think it is a bad sign.


  • Answer date: 2023/01/13 23:44
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No sign or anything, just whether or not the questioner is the type that women can accept.

Women don't want to join a club unless it's necessary.

  • Answer date: 2023/01/14 00:48
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Maezawa (Staff)

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as a major premise
Dating type B is disbanded only with meals on the first day
The basic rule is not to invite on the first day.

Considering the story after the second time
At the end of the meal (Please have a pleasant conversation during the meal.)
Next time, please have an adult relationship.I think the allowance is XNUMX.

I think it's good to ask straight like.

If you say you don't like being rejected at a good age
Keeping you entertained while you eat
I think it is important to select a store with a good atmosphere in the previous stage.

That way, you might be able to tell when the other woman's eyes are moist.

>What I think is that when it's OK to hold hands, that's how I feel.

Holding hands from the first day...
I feel like a man who gets a lot of bad feedback
Negative evaluation accumulated
Didn't the staff tell you that if you do it next time, you will be forced to withdraw due to the addition of a minus?
I'm a little worried.

  • Answer date: 2023/01/14 00:55
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I think holding hands is a good sign if you're trying to persuade a Starbucks clerk to go on a date, but it's better not to do it at a dating club.It's not a normal romance, it's an allowance relationship, and it's necessary to discuss the conditions first.For example, if food is XNUMX and adults are XNUMX, how much is the allowance for the zone in between, that is, holding hands, kissing, rubbing breasts over clothes?It is only men's selfishness to devour the gray zone without such negotiations and allowances.Free love is fine.However, the dating club has a line called allowance, and I think that the line should be firmly drawn for behavior.Of course, it's fine if you get along and agree with each other, but you shouldn't do it in a situation where you're trying to find out.I used to do that too, so I won't say anything arrogant, but from my experience, I think that in many cases, such behavior is nothing but stressful for women.Even if the relationship with the allowance was OK.

In dating clubs, I think that ``courage to speak'' and ``literacy of expression'' are important, especially in the early stages.Even if the wavelength matches and it feels good, I will talk about what I should talk about without being dependent on it.However, it's not like negotiating a fee for a sex club. First, tell the other person how you think they're nice, and then consider the circumstances of the woman who signed up for the dating club and talk seriously about the allowance.I think that gentleman play is an important and accident-free tactic, especially in the early stages.

Even if you are type B, if a woman is positive, she will bring up the topic.If she doesn't swing, I'll start investigating, but there are some women who want to find out a little more, so I'm trying to find out while watching the situation.But I will definitely put in a search.I think it's important to find the right time to explore and not overdo it.

There are also women who prefer not to negotiate allowances, and such women prioritize matching wavelengths first.Then, when we meet for the first time, the atmosphere changes around when the woman thinks, "Maybe I'll be asked out soon."Strangely, it doesn't get excited in the sky on a topic that is usually exciting.It's hard to express in words, but it's a unique atmosphere.In that case, it's best to just cut it off.It's okay to talk about allowances after the fact (it's mostly up to you, but first let the woman tell you the amount you want and be prepared to follow it).On the other hand, if you don't cut it and end it with a meal date, it will be too ripe and rotten.Limited to 2 times in my experience. I can't see you anymore after furiten twice.

I'm speaking based on personal experience.It may be different depending on the person, but I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.


  • Answer date: 2023/01/14 02:37
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You can touch the skin only after agreeing to an adult relationship.

It is sexual harassment to touch only food.

  • Answer date: 2023/01/14 15:00

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