• I would like to ask both the representative and the staff, among the registered women (including women who were not registered)...


Question date: 2018/06/03 14:26

I would like to ask both the representative and the staff, what kind of woman did you think was the sexiest out of all the registered women (including those who weren't registered)?The reason is?I would like to use it as a reference.

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Kida (President)

Thank you for your question!Kida will answer

Good question!
I'm not sure if it will be helpful

We look at whether male members feel "cute" or "sexy" when interacting with women at work.

Therefore, regardless of whether it is a female employee or an employee in their twenties, "cute" is not an individual sense, but an acquired sense from the viewpoint of "industry popularity".

In this question, "sexy" is not our personal hobbies or preferences, but from the member's point of view.

There are three women who have left an impression on me.All the employees were black class, but the employees were women who tilted their heads, "Why are they black?"

One is a 1-year-old G-cup and an ordinary office lady.
It is said that she used to model for a while when she was 20, but she wasn't that flashy.
I felt like a normal housewife.
why do you think it's sexy
I wonder why. . .Instinct, I can only say

The other is a 27-year-old woman who works as a clothing designer.
I'm sure if I hadn't interviewed you, it would have been gold.
Her sexiness was transparent
Something like the quirks peculiar to women who come to interviews at dating clubs
She was a woman with a bright smile.
After one date, I got a hasty contact saying, "I'm leaving because I met a wonderful person."

The other is a standard class woman in her late 30s.
why do you think it's sexy
I wonder why. . .Anyway, I felt a special sexiness
Someone who excels in a certain field and does not brag about it,
He was the one who felt 'sexy from the inside out'

I had the opportunity to meet some famous model, including my previous job.And I've been trying to learn how to see through the essence of a woman.

The conclusion I got there was, "The inner surface is the innermost outer surface."
I can understand why the inner glow is emphasized in the selection of Miss Universe.

So I don't think it was helpful at all, but it was a story that said, ``A woman whose sexyness comes out from the inside is good.''

  • Answer date: 2018/06/03 22:55
ス タ ッ フ


Universe Tokyo staff Mamiya will answer!

I'm sure there are many people who think you look sexy.
Those who have a beautiful bust form, or a tight skirt that emphasizes the hips and a beautiful leg line,
I think it's sexy that everyone can understand if the overall curvaceousness is the golden ratio,

Sexy = sex appeal, right? ?

I believe that there is nothing better than pheromones that are put out by thinking about how people will accept your personality when they see it.

There was a person who was very elegant and came to hear a little story.
Even though it was rough, it created an atmosphere where the person was enjoying their time.
He was honest with his own feelings and said that he would stop registering.I really regretted my lack of power that I didn't register because I felt sexy even when I refused.

I hope you will be able to show off your femininity and sexiness! ! !

  • Answer date: 2018/06/04 10:29

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