• If you are married, it is understandable to date a woman for money.I am also training myself to be popular (self-growth) by polishing my inner and outer appearance...


Question date: 2022/11/24 20:43

If you are married, it is understandable to date a woman for money.I am also training myself to be popular (self-growth) by polishing my inner and outer appearance.Because I don't want to rely on money alone.I'm looking for a thrilling date and a heart connection.I'm not looking for a lot of body.I know that women are economically disadvantaged.
I would like to hear the true feelings of a member's woman.I don't like flirting with money, smiles that aren't what you think, or behavior that makes men happy.I think that there are women who feel that they are men purely humanly and feel more than the price of money for each other, but what percentage is she?

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If you want emotional connection, you're not getting it in real life, right?
I don't think such a person can get a heart connection even if he works as a papa.

It's a strange story, but it's because I'm not confident that I'm particular about exchanging money.
I'm confident that the other person likes me even if I pay, so I don't really care lol
I think this is from the successful experience cultivated before I started working as a dad.
There aren't many, but I've never been turned down by someone who wanted to have sex with me.
Questioner: Is it because of the trauma of being dumped by a woman you liked in the past, or losing your confidence?

  • Answer date: 2022/11/24 20:49
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I'm like that, but at first I tended to be attracted to my dad who gave me a lot of money.

Maybe I just happened to be lucky, but my relationship with him has continued for a long time because of the high probability that I can respect him as a man who is cool, physically fit, and respectable.

Regardless of money, if the questioner wants to show off his masculine charm and excitement, I think the only way to start is to improve his appearance at muscle training, cosmetic dermatology, and beauty salons.

Daddy active women care more about how men look than men think.I wish you the best.

  • Answer date: 2022/11/24 21:54
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It's My

whether there will be a charge
whether the man is married or single
It doesn't matter if you're popular or not

Because it's a dad life

It's My

  • Answer date: 2022/11/24 20:53
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I'm not here when I come
don't rely on money
do your best on your own
she?you should find a companion

Please do your best

I think it's hard, but...
i will have a good time here

  • Answer date: 2022/11/24 21:15
Female member


Because I want a relationship with benefits,
Care is a prerequisite.
On top of that, I would be happy if I could meet a nice person
As well as being attractive as a man, as a human being
I like attractive people.
Working hard, being kind to my parents and siblings
Look at how you use your time and how you interact with people
I'm attracted to you.
Also, I respect my dad's social position and economic power because he was the one who built it.
I think that everyone I've met has worked hard to be the person they are today, so it's very interesting to hear that kind of story.
I think it has value that money can't buy.
I feel inspired by being around people I respect.
I also want to work hard and live positively.
Give your partner the amount of allowance you received
The ideal relationship is one that you can trust.

  • Answer date: 2022/11/25 03:59
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I totally understand how the person asking the question feels.
Assuming that the questioner's "connection of hearts" is at the level of love, I will tell you my few experiences.

We married men connect hearts with papa active women.It only floats for a moment.From that moment the end (farewell) begins.There is a gradual temperature difference.

I often feel like this.

  • Answer date: 2022/11/24 21:02
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Women want benefits, and of course that's the premise.

I don't like the kind of laughter that follows, and since it's always XNUMX, I don't even have a flattering smile.

However, I've never been treated like that by a woman in the club, so the percentage is almost XNUMX%.

The questioner may not be asking for that answer, but I think the ratio will change depending on the man after all.

I don't look good, and my BMI is about XNUMX, but my stomach is sticking out.Well, it's to the extent that it doesn't get caught in the metabolic criteria...

On top of that, as my dating style, I feel like I'm basically trying to entertain women.

I also try to create an atmosphere where women feel comfortable expressing their true feelings.

Since men are paying allowances, if the other woman feels that she should treat him, she won't be able to enjoy it either.

Good luck with your questioners!

  • Answer date: 2022/11/25 07:24
Female member


I agree, but I have no way of knowing about other female members.


  • Answer date: 2022/11/24 20:51
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

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Blog post

Look for a partner in the city as usual.
Alternatively, if you go to a place where people with the same hobby gather, you will meet people.

What you don't want to spend money on
I can only hear that they are working hard to get the news.

Please look elsewhere.
I thought the questioner was not suitable for dating clubs.

  • Answer date: 2022/11/25 07:41
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Joe Rubicon

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It's been 5 years since I joined, but it's hard to say that the behavior is sophisticated, and it's hard to say that I'm using the club well, so I can't say anything too arrogant, but the questioner's letter When I read it, I wanted to say, "It's still blue."
For example, don't you think that no one can answer the percentage?Also, if you say things like "I don't really want your body" or "I want to connect with your heart", I'll sink you in the Kamo River!I want to say, I put myself on the shelf.
We recommend that you go to Eiheiji Temple with the woman you have in mind for a one-day training experience.By eating shojin ryori and practicing zazen four times in two days, attending the morning religious service, and listening to Unsui's lectures, you may realize that you are a mass of worldly desires.Moreover, sex after training is insanely hot lol.After that, you say, "I'm not looking for a body."
Ah, let's put up with having sex at the monk.You will be punished, and in the worst case you may be kicked out.I wake up before 4:XNUMX in the morning, so let's go to bed early at night!

  • Answer date: 2022/11/24 21:12
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date ◎ dream

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One vote for Fuu!

The dating club is just an allowance and a set.
I think it's better to think of it as a set.

  • Answer date: 2022/11/25 00:47
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If you think you can meet, you will meet.just as I had in mind.

If you think about it the other way around, it will only work that way.

>I've never been rejected by someone who wanted to have sex with me

indeed.However, I wonder if it's also necessary to be able to sense that it's impossible, or rather, to be able to judge the compatibility that feels good before making an argument...

  • Answer date: 2022/11/25 07:23


It's not that I don't understand what the questioner is trying to say, but it's no different than a woman's obsession with money. but,
If you have that, you don't need money, right?Don't you give the feeling that you think? 
Is that a good man w

For example, there are various patterns of requests for money from women w. In that case, the more you have it, the easier it is to negotiate w How much can you pull?
But this doesn't matter because it won't be fun for each other w

There are some women who never talk or behave like this.
In that case, the game is also sealed, and it seems that the man is being questioned w
If you take advantage of it, you're a man until then, so you have to be careful.As a result, the burden of money is increasing as a result of increasing and raising it with surprises w
Well, you might say that Osaka is being beaten, but I wonder if the man will understand the way you respond beyond that.

There are various types of women, but the number of people who can date is limited, so I think it's important to worry about the ratio.
By all means, I want the questioner to raise the charm of a man to the point of destroying the pre-established harmony and create a legend!
There are times when you can win against Germany too w

  • Answer date: 2022/11/25 11:44
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There is someone I want to meet even if I don't have an allowance.

However, even without an allowance
Am I attractive?
you like it
That's because he doesn't even emit the slightest dust.

desperately yourself
I'm obsessed with youth and beauty
It is a foul if you deny that there is an allowance


  • Answer date: 2022/11/25 15:19
Female member


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This is Umu Potashi, a female member.

In the first place, I thought it was good to be a man
I don't do dad life, so
I don't associate with people I don't like or who are superficial.

Why are you getting paid
・For self-control when you fall in love
(Men don't want to be forced to divorce or have their private lives tied up, right? Don't they hate heavy women?)
・It is proof that my feelings are being conveyed
I think it is.

I don't know about other female members.

This is my own opinion.

Opinions from female respondents here
I only know if there are such good people.
If you would like to know more,
I think it's a good idea to read past questions in the forum.
I wonder if that way I can get an unbiased opinion.

  • Answer date: 2022/11/24 21:58
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Even if it is not a place of dating, people try to be pleasant to the person they meet.
I think you're asking for nonsense.

If you make an offer to about XNUMX people, you may be able to meet at least one woman who feels that the questioner's male is more than worth the money.
Good luck.

However, since the questioner puts orders on the content of the answer, there may only be about XNUMX out of XNUMX people.

  • Answer date: 2022/11/24 20:56

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