• "Dating with type B people is not going well"

    A middle-ranking P with 5 years of P experience and 2 years of Universe experience.
    Until now, Universe...


Question date: 2022/07/04 18:12

"Dating with type B people is not going well"

A middle-ranking P with 5 years of P experience and 2 years of Universe experience.
So far, Universe has offered close to 10 Type C people, and all of them have been able to develop adult relationships on the first or second time.

On the other hand, I met about 5 type B people with offers, but I didn't get into an adult relationship with any of them.

The first time, as well as the second time, I was proceeding with meals, but after the third time, "I don't have the courage", "I'm feeling sick (in the morning of the day!)", "Please give me an allowance of 15 or more." I can't meet you for various reasons such as "I'm afraid of Corona (even though the food was fine!?)".

It's a self-analysis, but the people I've offered so far have been better looking than their rank, so I think it's possible that there was already a good relationship with Mr. P.
Is there a tendency for type C people to have multiple relationships and type B people to focus on one person?

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I'm a B, but the hurdles to becoming an adult are definitely higher than those of a C type.That's how I joined after receiving an explanation that I don't have to be an adult from the first time, I don't have to force myself.

In other words, even if the questioner is accepted by a C-type woman who is prepared to some extent, she is a B-type and is cautious, saying, "I want to think about adult relationships after looking at various things such as the other person's appearance and allowances." It means that he is a man who can not be accepted by a woman who is...

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 19:36
Female member


I'm type B, but I can't progress to an adult relationship unless I like someone to some extent.
Especially if there are multiple offers and you meet a wonderful person, I think you will choose even more.
What's more, when I met him, he said, ``I want you to support me in the way you like to socialize. There was a person who said, "It was fun talking to you, so I'd like to meet you for dinner, and of course I'll give you my allowance."Both were very nice people.So we continue to meet.I am prepared to join, but if there are multiple men who will treat me a lot without adult relations, I think there will be a certain number of women who will choose them.

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 21:48
ス タ ッ フ

Maezawa (Staff)

column article

Blog post

I think there is something wrong if one person is not going well.

Considering that there is "Please give me an allowance of 15 or more"
A tough man who doesn't have a lot of allowance
Since it can also be regarded as
It seems that there is a problem with the way you look, a problem with the way you speak, or a problem with the way you think.

In the first place, it is a mystery why I didn't go out with the woman who offered 15 after dinner.
I think 15 is a study fee
I think we should try dating.

I think you've got more accurate information than what you've heard here.
I think it would be a waste if we skimped on that and didn't know what was wrong.

In the first place, there are women who are dating at 15.
why didn't you answer there?
There is also suspicion that the benefits may be too low.

Well, even if you can't afford it
I think I should have jumped in thinking that it was an opportunity to find out what was wrong.
The next time something like that comes up, jump in and
I think you will understand what went wrong.

I think there is something that people who have never met the questioner do not understand.
if it doesn't work
learn from women
That's the shortcut.

>There is an answer that you should accept the allowance of XNUMX, but that would be a complaint.

Of course I think so
15 is still good.
If you answer, you can have an adult relationship.
When you become an adult

I'm glad you were a kinder person than I thought.
I was afraid to eat

Somehow, I think the story will come out.
that story is important
Even if you are in an adult relationship, if you can't bring up such topics
I'm not really suited for that kind of person

I feel like it's going to be.

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 18:31
Female member

Nana Ayase

Do you know the meaning of type b?

They are people who say that if a woman is with this person, it's okay to proceed to an adult relationship.
I think that sometimes there are B who are close to A.

Is there a tendency for type C people to have multiple relationships and type B people to focus on one person?

It doesn't matter.

Type B people can't date someone who's a little too picky or embarrassed to be accompanied by a woman.

Sorry to be blunt...
I think that the questioner's appearance and smell are not good
Even if 20 are piled up, they will probably have a rejection reaction.

Coco everyone is pretty clean
What's wrong with yourself Take a good look.

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 19:34
Male member

flag maker

column article

A flood of offers for B, can you be an adult?There's a flock of men around the cutie.And everyone sticks in different ways.Money push, safety push, adult push, etc.While I'm confused about various things, I'm disgusted with everything.They are also victims without gaining anything.

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 19:23
Male member


What happened after one or two dates with a type C woman?

If the relationship continues after that, I think it will go well with type B women.

Do Type B women tend to single out?If you say so, you may feel that it is true, but in the case of the questioner, I do not think that is the cause.

There is an answer that you should accept the allowance of XNUMX, but that would be a complaint.

A platinum woman with outstanding style who I dated before said, "I will propose a higher allowance of XNUMX to men I don't like. I would be in trouble if they said it was OK."

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 20:48
Male member


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It's just that the person asking the question is wrong.That's a lot too.Forget the B type.

Also, dad activities (although other than dad activities, the world is like that)

Human beings who have begun to be conscious of death give various things to those who are going to live from now on.

As such, unless the questioner reveals a particular characteristic, he can't compete with a dad who can accept everything about a real woman who is older than the questioner.

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 18:26
Female member


Like Mr. Dai, I am also concerned about what will happen with the C type.
Do you continue after that?
If it continues, I think there are some people who will work with B even if the percentage goes down.

But to the last, I think it's the feeling of being the other party, the questioner's feeling.


  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 21:04
Male member


If you're 100% cool at C, I think you'll be fine with cleanliness and basic manners. Losing five times in a row at B is a common story, but if I were to give you any advice, it would be to watch your opponents carefully.

There are people who lean toward C even though they are C, and people who are C, but they don't want to get in trouble if they refuse, so they turn to B. With these people, the moment they find out that it's not NG after talking for a while at the first time, they start talking quickly.Conversely, if you don't advance the conversation quickly, you will lose the opportunity.On the other hand, there is also a woman who is not like that, and when she starts talking about the conditions to that person, she is turned away.First of all, it is important to look here.

People tend to say that the latter is an advantage if you're a good-looking guy or a technique of persuasion, but in the end it doesn't really matter, and I feel like the most important thing is whether or not you're on the same wavelength as yourself.I think you can be happy if you identify a woman who suits you and create a path for that woman to approach.

It is especially difficult for people in their late 20s or later who are B.Perhaps because I have a fair amount of experience, there are many people in the world who have their own worldviews, so I have to carefully create a "path to compromise", and I think about everything tactically and stick to the mold. Later on, there are also talks about whether I can still genuinely like him.Also, I feel that being sensitive to such male hesitation is a characteristic of people in their late 20s and beyond.It's a lot of trouble (laughs).

But please don't be discouraged and do your best.Failure is the mother of sexual intercourse.


  • Answer date: 2022/07/05 01:37
Male member


column article

B thinks it's her and tries to persuade him.Of course, arguing is an allowance.Anyway, I put myself in her position with the momentum to completely solve her worries.
About half last more than half a year.

Push towards intercourse.

  • Answer date: 2022/07/05 02:57
Male member


Opinions are exhausted, but my impression is that I am a B type, so I think I tend to choose a partner more than a C type.
I've dated three B-type people in the past, and all of them have been in long-term relationships, but I'm probably the only one who's been in an adult relationship.
Before making an offer, I ask the staff about the number of offers, and I often hear from the female side, so judging objectively from that information, I think that the woman is popular.
I don't have a clear type of appearance, but I like pretty people, cute people, and people who seem popular, so I think they're very selective about their offers.

In fact, it's fine if you can completely deceive yourself or not, so there may have been others, and it may be ongoing.
For that reason, I feel that there are two types of B-type impressions, as the questioner said, "those who really focus on one person" and "those who can act as if they are focused on one person".

In my case, I think being young has a lot of advantages, but I think it's important to be clean in appearance (hair removal, skin care, smell, muscle training at the gym, clothes, etc.), behavior (date plan including shop selection, talk , behavior, etc.), and allowances (I will give you a reasonable amount of money for meals and adult relationships).
It's not just for the purpose of being a dad because of my job, but I think there are many things I work for on the plus side.
I think it would be a good idea to review the whole thing once.

  • Answer date: 2022/07/05 06:20
Male member

date ◎ dream

column article

>Is there a tendency for Type C people to have multiple relationships, and Type B people to want to limit themselves to one person?
I think there are women like that, but I wondered if the problem this time was in a different place (laughs).

The woman who offered you an adult relationship with you is x.
Aren't your eyes mature? (smile)

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 18:23
Female member


Isn't the cause obvious?

If you really want to advance, how about showing 15 or 20?

About once, I wanted an allowance
Maybe there's someone you're okay with


  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 19:23
Male member


Is it zero for 5 offers...

If it's almost 100% for Type C, I don't think the specs are too bad.
On the other hand, I don't think it can be said that the specs are good.
Excuse me, I'm assuming you're an average or slightly below average spec male.

There are many offers for women with good looks, so average spec men
may not be matched

It seems that there are not many offers to try
Why don't you offer a few type B people with average or below average looks?

If everyone still refuses, there must be something fundamentally wrong.

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 21:12
Male member


I was drinking with a certain respondent w
long time no see

I only offer B type.
Just somehow lol I won't say it to everyone.

Why don't the questioner do the same?

But it's strange that women are never divided into such types.It's not just up to the man, but isn't it possible to turn into an A-type with just one word?

Isn't it nice to have that kind of dignity?
I don't know

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 23:53
Male member


column article

If there is a trend in the relationship type, I think that B tends to consider development from the second time onwards, and C tends to consider development from the first time.

Also, it's a class, not a rank.

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 18:27
Male member

Losing man

100% win rate for C type and 0% win rate for B type, is that possible?

If D is 100% and C is 0%, I can still understand a little.

Please give me a reverse offer.I will give you the judgment.Uncle can't do it. . .

  • Answer date: 2022/07/04 21:40
Male member


column article

It's Fuu who can't find the next regular after parting with the regular

For the first time in my life, I fought two consecutive B-type offers
2 consecutive losses.Before that, I made a C offer and lost one.
3 consecutive losses
what is the reason for the failure
→ I didn't get along.
→I wasn't chosen I wasn't liked
→ I didn't think it was okay to have sex.
Let's go next!until chosen
offer a lot
Contribute to the club

  • Answer date: 2022/07/05 19:16

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