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Don't underestimate your youth.


Are men beautiful young women who have nothing?(18-23age)somewhat independent and educated25Which of the older women would you choose as your partner?

I'm sorry if it sounds uncomfortable, but people around me tell me that if you want to marry someone with good conditions, you should start looking for marriage as soon as possible.If people around me say25ageseems difficult....

In my opinion, if you don't have any charm yourself, no one will come to you if you want to start looking for a marriage partner.Or do men just like young girls?smile

The man I want to marry is at least8He is a man who is older than his age.This is just my preference.lol now i22I'm old.Thank you.

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Thank you very much for your question.

If the questioner says "8If you want to marry an attractive man who is older than your age, you should look for a marriage partner right now.

There are four main reasons.Now let me explain them one by one.


there are no men left who can afford it

10Years later, the questioner was educated and became independent32Let's say you're old.

Certainly, those who ask such questions are attractive.But the questioner8Since you want a man who is older and has more leeway, the other man is40Limited to ages.

There is nothing left, is it?

generous and attractive men30Everyone is married by the middle of their teens.The words get worse, but only "unattractive men" or "men who have no desire to marry" are left.No matter how attractive the questioner is, there is no man who meets the conditions in the first place, so it is out of the question.


There is no guarantee that independence and education can be secured

Probably98About XNUMX% of people think that they want to be educated and independent.

But how many people actually have that ability?Everyone wants it, but only a few people can actually acquire it.So why is the questioner thinking on the premise that he himself can obtain that ability?

In the first place, if everyone is independent and educated, then "independence" and "education" become worthless.The ability is attractive because few independent and educated people are, and if everyone has it, it is not attractive.

On the other hand22The ability of age is an ability that the questioner already has, and it will surely be possible to exercise that ability.



"Not independent22age is3Years later, he became independent.25You can be "old", but you can be "independent25No matter how many years I wait, I am not independent22You can't be 'old'.

Therefore, even if we say “independent25Even if "age" is the strongest, it will not be a reason not to get married now.3You can be the strongest after a year, so it's good if you're getting married while preparing for it.

If you don't know which one is the strongest, it's best to start now.


don't mistake the enemy

Luckily, the person asking the question is an educated and independent person.25Let's say I'm old.

However, at that time, the opponent the questioner must fight is "not self-reliant.22“I am well-educated and independent” rather than “age”22It is "years old".Involuntarily call the enemy "not self-reliant"22Don't you think it's "age"?Unfortunately, there are many people in the world who are educated and independent.22There are any number of "age".

It would be great to have high hopes.But don't forget that if you have high ambitions, your rivals will become stronger as well.


don't underestimate your youth

If the questioner30I would never say such a thing when I was younger.

Don't underestimate your youth.

22The age of age is attractive enough by itself.You are being humble that you are not attractive to yourself, but that is not humility, but sarcasm.Don't underestimate your youth.

No statistics can reverse this.If you want to get married on good terms, youth is the strongest. I don't mind saying that "a man is a lolicon", but he wants to marry such an idiot, so it can't be helped.

Don't underestimate your youth.

A woman who says age doesn't matter is as escapist as a man who says income doesn't matter.How can you feel intelligence in such an escapist human being?

Don't underestimate your youth.

I know what you mean.A man who judges by age is disgusting.But it's true.

Don't underestimate your youth.

Don't underestimate your youth.

If you say that you don't want to get married, or that you don't care about the other person's conditions, I won't say anything.But if you want to marry someone with good conditions

Don't underestimate your youth.

Never lick


Don't confuse value with competence

Perhaps the condition that the questioner says "I have a margin" means "I have a margin (both mentally and financially)".Rather, there are not many people who have mental leeway even though they can't afford it financially.

So is the ability to be “independent” worth it for a man who can afford it?

Of course, it's better to be independent than not independent.However, since the questioner is targeting a man who is a full-time housewife and has plenty of financial power, there is no doubt that independence is not a very important value.

No matter how high your ability is, if it is an unnecessary ability for your opponent, it will not be a reason to be chosen.

Value, not ability, is important for being chosen by others.Trying to approach the opponent with unnecessary abilities is like showing off your soccer skills in the professional baseball entrance exam.

And at least I don't think people dribbling in pro baseball exams are educated.


Hurry up if you want to reach the top

I'm not that interested in getting married.I don't expect much from my spouse.I want to marry someone I like.

If the questioner thinks like that, you can ignore this answer.

However, if the questioner wants to aim high (in a conditional sense), I will not say anything bad.1It would be better to find a marriage partner as soon as possible.

of course25Age is not a problem at all,22The age is25As you get older, there is no change in the fact that it is better to start now.

I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's true that men prefer younger women, and the wider the age gap, the more likely they are to earn higher salaries.Given that fact, I can only tell the person asking the question, "Start now."

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