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Yarimoku man flows into the dad activity app! ?The actual situation of young dads who make advances for free

Whether or not a daddy girl can meet a good dad is a matter of luck.

I think there are various types of dads, but recently there has been a rapid increase in cases of people trying to seduce girls for free without paying, or trying to have an adult relationship with an allowance only for meals. .

What should I do to avoid getting caught by such a young dad?This time, we will introduce the true identity of young dads who make advances for free and the points to be careful not to get caught!

What is the identity of the dad who is persuaded for free?

It is said that many of the young dads who try to seduce women for free are mostly in their 30s.

They originally lived for the purpose of having sex on dating apps, etc., and because "there is a high percentage of men on matching apps, and the messages are troublesome, it is difficult to meet them." It has moved.

Because there are many playboys, there is a mysterious confidence that "I am different from a disgusting uncle papa" and "I am chosen by a papa active girl looking at a photo of my face". You seem to be under the impression that you can be in a relationship.

Also, he is a good talker. Do you want to hear the story?” I will approach you with a stance.

Some people pretend to have money and offer a nice story, saying, "I'll pay your rent and cell phone bill."But all these stories are lies!

In fact, if you believed in these words and stayed with him, he would strongly recommend you to drink alcohol, get you drunk, take you to a hotel, and after that, your dad would go crazy without paying a penny...

Points to note so as not to get caught by free persuasion dad

So, what should you be careful not to get caught by free persuasion dads?I asked the papa active girls.

Check it out in your profile photo!?

“Free persuasion dads are confident in themselves, so there is a high probability that the profile picture of the dad activity app is a selfie. I'm here.

Recently, there are some people who make their hair color flashy and look young.It's clearly not the atmosphere of working for a major company, so I think it's easy to understand.

In addition, there are times when I "appeal that I have money" such as photos of cars and brand watches.I think that the real rich don't appeal that they have money.You can do anything with photos.” (25-year-old woman)

Always get your payment first!

"In order not to fall for free persuasion dads, it is important to express your intention to receive an allowance first. When negotiating adult relationships, present the amount properly. We promise to pay in advance.

I'm sure there are some dads who don't like paying in advance, but I try to persuade them by telling them, 'My friend ran away...' and 'Paying in advance is good for building a relationship of trust...'" ( 27 years old/female)

Will you check it out at the hotel where we met?

“Really good dads have a reputation, so they don’t use love hotels because they care about the public.

A city hotel would probably be fine, but a love hotel or a business hotel might be suspicious.” (28-year-old woman)

Find out at a restaurant?

“Dads with status and wealth are careful when choosing restaurants to eat at. They often choose private rooms in Japanese restaurants so that they won’t be seen by other people, or quiet restaurants where they can protect their privacy.

On the other hand, free persuasion dads want to get things done as cheaply as possible, so they often choose cheap izakayas.When I meet up, I ask for the name of the store and do some research before I go.” (23-year-old woman)


Papa Katsu Joshi says that in order not to get caught by free persuasion dads, it is necessary to have a professional mindset that "I am doing dad activities to earn money."

This is because the girls who are deceived are all girls who are doing dad activities for some fluffy reason, such as "It seems like I can make money easily..." "My friends are doing it too...".Because there is no professionalism, it is swept away by a man who speaks well.

If you don't have that kind of attitude, it might be better not to do dad activities.

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