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5 dangerous dads I actually met

happy New Year.
This is Sugita Ice Cream, who wants to live comfortably this year too!

By the way, last year, due to the influence of the new corona, there must have been many girls who started a new daddy activity.

If the interests of the girl and the father are the same, it is a father activity that can build a meaningful relationship with each other, but there are many children who cry.

This time, I would like to introduce a dangerous dad that Sugita and the girls around him actually met.

Sugita's countermeasures and preventive measures are also described, so if you are a beginner in dad activities, please refer to them.

[5 dangerous dads I actually met]

It's dangerous ★☆☆☆☆

[Papa sees the person who came to meet him from a distance and cancels at the last minute if he thinks it looks different from the picture]

I haven't met anyone like this yet, but I've heard it quite a lot, so I put it first.

In particular, be careful when meeting in front of the station's ticket gate.

Recently, processing applications have been developed, and it seems that there are many selfie frauds on the side of girls, so it can be said that it is a kind of defense on the side of dads.

So, the bad condition is 1 star.

As a preventive measure, please use a café as the meeting place for the meeting, and wait at the back seat of the store.

And don't use heavily processed photos.
This is also a courtesy to my father.

Daddy activities start after you meet them, so rather than having too many photos, registering photos that convey the atmosphere and hobbies will be useful for later conversations.

It's dangerous ★★☆☆☆

[Papa bringing a friend to meet]

This is the dad that Sugita encountered.

It's common for the number of people to increase due to drinking money, but having friends with daddy activities has a lot of impact.

In the past few years, there seems to be a plan to expose daddy active girls on YouTube, so I was quite prepared, but in the case of Sugita, he was not a bad person, so I gave him two stars.

I got double the allowance, but I felt like I was interviewing rather than being a dad.

In my case, I was lucky and the meeting ended without incident, but as I mentioned earlier, there are cases where the purpose is to ridicule or expose, so depending on the situation, it may be canceled on the spot due to the appearance of a person who was not promised. and leave.

It takes courage to refuse, but it is also important to refuse if you think it might be dangerous in dad activities.

It's dangerous★★★☆☆

[Papa invited him to travel abroad and made himself the only business class seat on the plane]

This is a dad that my friend encountered, but it seems that only the daddy was in business class and the girl was in economy class when they went on an overseas trip together.

It seems that the father paid for all the travel expenses and had an allowance, so there was no real harm, but the shock when he was handed the ticket was quite impressive.

It seems that they hadn't heard about it until the day of the trip, and there seemed to be an awkward atmosphere.

It wasn't that he had any complaints about the economy class seats, but he seemed to be worried that the local hotels were being treated as cheap hotels only for him.

I worry about security when I'm overseas.

I couldn't help but laugh when a friend at the airport contacted me on line saying that it might be sold overseas.

However, it seems that the worries were unfounded, and it seems that it was a very enjoyable trip.

Because the seats on the plane were separate, I felt like I was able to fall asleep on the plane, so the result was all right.

Three stars as a result of comprehensively judging the degree of impact and the lack of actual harm.

It was a story that made me realize that traveling abroad can only be done with a trustworthy dad.

It's dangerous★★★★☆

[Papa trying to identify SNS]

This type is quite common and vicious, so I will give it 4 stars.

I don't think there's a problem if the account is open to your dad, but if you have an Instagram or Twitter account without a key that you haven't told your dad, be careful.

There is a possibility that you will be egosa by the name of the shop you went to or the name of the gift you gave, or you can identify Facebook from the information on the account.

It is safe to avoid posts that can identify individuals, regardless of whether they are locked or unlocked.

Also, when you receive a Starbucks card as a gift from a dad who you haven't met for a long time, make sure that the online function is not being used.

As a function of the Starbucks card, if you enter the card number online, you can check the information of the store that used the card online.

If your dad is trustworthy, it's fine, but if you don't, it's best to refrain from using your card at work or in stores near your home.

It's dangerous★★★★★

[Papa says, "I'll make you a credit card for your family," asks for your account number and PIN, and misuses it.]

This daddy is a super malicious daddy who a girl who had a relationship with my daddy actually met and was deceived.

This is the first [crime], isn't it?

Girls around the age of 20 who are not yet familiar with how credit cards work are easy targets.

When making a credit card family card, it is absolutely impossible to need the girl's account number or PIN number.

If you tell them your account number and PIN, your money will be automatically withdrawn.

I don't think professional daddy active girls with a lot of life experience will get caught, but these vicious dads aim at beginner young girls and try to deceive them with clever words.

There are also scammers pretending to be dads in the dad life area.

Papa katsu girls are thought to be difficult to consult with the police or parents even if something happens.

As a preventative measure, isn't it strange to the other person's behavior even a little?If you have a point that you think, do not reply immediately, investigate in detail.

Those who can't do that and those who are easily deceived aren't very suitable for dad life.

in conclusion

What did you think.

There are still many dads who want to go home without paying the bill, who called their place of work, who registered photos from about 20 years ago in the app, and so on. I don't have time, but there are still many times more wonderful dads.

The important thing is to find out who your opponent is.

If you don't have confidence in that, if you're afraid to act as a dad on your own, or if you feel more at ease knowing that you can consult with someone in case something happens, we recommend registering with the [Dating Club].

Since there are only dads who meet the registration criteria of the dating club, the probability of getting involved in the above troubles is considerably low.

That's all for today.

Good luck to the daddy girls this year too!

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