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[Papa's perspective] Double your allowance! ?Fashion brands that girls want to wear

Hello!Sugita ice cream.
Today, we would like to propose a fashion that will appeal to dads for those who are new to dad activities and those who have recently been struggling to earn money.

・Because I'm older than my dad, I don't know what clothes my dad will receive!
・What kind of clothes should I wear so that I won't stand out as a dad active girl?
・What do you think of trendy clothes from your dad's point of view?

If you read this article, you can get a good grasp of the fashion that dads receive.

This time, we asked two dads of different ages to help us investigate real "papa-receiving fashion" from the dad's perspective.

Introduction of dad who cooperated

(50) Dandy Papa H who looks like Ken Watanabe, a listed company president in his XNUMXs

・My favorite entertainers are Fumika Baba and Yuriko Yoshitaka.
2 women currently in a relationship
・Healing and honesty are what I want from a dad active girl

(30) Rimi Mukai, a doctor in his XNUMXs, is a refreshing young dad R.

・Favorite celebrity is Kitagawa Keiko
4 women currently in a relationship
・ Appearance and youth are what you want in a dad live girl

This time, with the cooperation of the two, we are researching what kind of clothes will appeal to dads using popular magazines such as "Ray", "Beauty Hundred Flowers", and "Oggi".

The price range has been narrowed down to brands that are easy on the wallet of daddy girls and [dresses are under 2 yen].

Here are 5 brands that have won the hearts of dads, "If you come in this outfit, you'll want to double your allowance!"

"If you come in this outfit, you'll want to double your allowance!" 5 brands

Brand concept: 120% beauty!

voices of dads"There are many orthodox clothes that announcers wear! (Mr. H, 50s)"
“The tight skirts and cardigans that show collarbones, which are often seen in mishmash, don’t look good unless they’re thin. (Mr. R, 30s)”

MISCH MASCH, which is very popular among people in their twenties, is a fashion brand modeled by Minami Tanaka, who is very popular with men.There are many knee-length skirts and elegant cardigans, and they can be used not only for dating clothes but also for the office, so they are very useful for daddy activities after work!The feminine style that expresses the softness and innocence of a woman is sure to be a big success in dad activities.

②Emiria Wiz
Brand concept: Always cute

"I feel like a good woman (50s / Ms. H)""It's like between plain clothes and dresses. It doesn't come to mind even if you go to a luxury store (30s/Mr. R)."

EmiriaWiz is a brand produced by Emiri Aizawa, a former Koakuma ageha model and top hostesses.Emiri Aizawa, who knows high-spec men well, can make dresses and high-quality coats that can be used by dads.

Brand concept: Affordable, yearning...
"The royal road to popularity. It's clothes for young children, but it doesn't look cheap (Mr. R, 30s).""There are many beautiful clothes with pink and white colors (50s / Ms. H)"

Jilbasil is a brand that combines elegance and casualness.In addition to clothes, mufflers and bags are also popular, and if you wear them, you can become a girl you want to protect.If you direct your weakness, you will definitely double your allowance!

Brand concept: Trendy style for all occasions such as Work, Weekend, and Luxury
"It's simple, but there are many clothes that show off your skin, so it's sexy (Mr. H, 50s)""Suitable for casual shops (30s/Mr. R)"

MOUSSY, which has many pants and tops with beautiful lines, is a perfect brand for casual coordination that retains femininity.It is effective for active scenes such as traveling and watching sports, not a meal date.For those who have a lot of feminine styles, it is an advanced technique to wear casual styles occasionally!

⑤ Aqua Girl
Brand concept: Proposing a “feminine” mode for women who maintain a pure feeling regardless of age and have an honest style.
"I want girls in their 30s to wear this. I feel calm in the cuteness (Ms. H in her 50s)""The fabric seems solid. It looks intellectual (30s / Mr. R)"

Aqua girls, who have a lot of clothes that are particular about fabrics, are popular with calm dads!It makes you look like a woman with a sense of security who doesn't get distracted even when you're walking next to her father, who is a year away from you.
If you wear Aqua Girl, which can be used as work clothes, even if an acquaintance sees your daddy activity, you can easily pass it off as "It's the person at work."

On the other hand, what clothes should you avoid?

clothes to avoid

①Items that do not match the atmosphere of the restaurant or hotel

Depending on the shop, the trendy shoulder style and so-called landmine fashion may not be allowed.It's important to incorporate trends, but many older dads are reluctant. Let's keep in mind the fashion that understands TPO and does not embarrass daddy.

②Luxury brand bags, clothes, and watches other than those you gave as gifts

I don't like items that show other men's shadows.It makes you feel like someone else will give you something even if you don't contribute.Even if it's something you love, it's safe not to wear a present for anyone other than the person you're meeting that day.On the contrary, let's actively wear the items that were given to you by your dad when you met that day.Appealing that you are using it carefully will lead to success in your next request.

As a bonus

What about imported unbranded clothes?

Recently, Ali Express has become popular in the area of ​​Twitter's Papa-katsu account.Sugita himself uses it because he can get cheap and high-looking dresses.

Are imported formal dresses from Aliek or Korean online shopping sites okay?

・Papas' voices
"It's okay! Unless the fabric is too flimsy. If it's made of high-visibility material like lace or leather, you won't notice it unless you declare it. Uniqlo and GU are also OK depending on the situation. Just a top at a casual shop. But UNIQLO is not a problem.However, full-body UNIQLO feels sloppy and cheap, so it's NG.ZARA is not bad, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by other people, so I think girls who care about that are highly aware. It makes me more likeable.(Mr. H, 50s)”

"No problem. But wouldn't it be easier to ask if you're wearing a brand that's available in Japanese department stores or station buildings when you go shopping together? If you declare your favorite brand, they might give you a gift. No. It's easy for the gift giver to choose, isn't it? (Mr. R, 30s)"

... I see.
It's important to choose clothes that will appeal to dads, but if you tell your dad what brands and fashion lines you like, the chances of him getting a present will greatly increase.

To the end

"If you come in this outfit, you'll want to double your allowance!" 5 brands!How was that.

Studying fashion for dads is very effective in increasing your allowance.

I hope you all can make a lot of money while enjoying fashion by researching the fashion that your dad likes in the conversation.

We wish you all the best in 2021 as a dad girl.

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