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If you don't file a final tax return for your dad's allowance, you'll get caught! ?

Hello, nice to meet you!
This is Sugita Ice Cream, who has always been asked this kind of question at this time of year, probably because I was trying to get qualifications at a financial institution that I joined as a new graduate.

This is the season when daddy girls are dressed in fur coats and use Christmas as an excuse to make promises with their shopping dads.
Some people may have been threatened by Twitter followers and friends, saying, "If you don't declare the money you got for daddy activities and drinking money, you'll be tax evaded."

It's handed over in cash...it's not that big...

Even if you think so, you don't want your company, your family, or your boyfriend to find out about your dad's activity or drinking money as tax evasion.
When I was relaxing at home and eating Haagen-Dazs, I received a tax notice from the tax office!What do you absolutely want to avoid?

However, regarding the question in the title, in conclusion,

[If you do not file a final tax return, you will be found out] There is a possibility.

Cases that may lead to tax evasion

◎Possible cases of tax evasion (XNUMX)
If you receive an annual allowance of 110 million yen or more
→ May be subject to gift tax

◎Cases where there is a possibility of tax evasion②
If you receive a salary of 30 yen or more per year from a guarantee app, etc.
→ You may be subject to income tax

The friend who asked me this time falls under Case XNUMX, and was in a situation where he was requested by the company of the guarantee drinking app to file a final tax return.
After consulting with my tax accountant father, I advised him to file a final tax return using a copy of the passbook that can confirm the transfer history of the reward for drinking.

Even if you do not go to the tax office, you can easily file a final tax return using the [e-tax] system from the National Tax Agency website.

For those of you who have read this far, however,
In the first place... why did you find out that you didn't file a tax return?
……Isn’t there anything that will be revealed anyway?

I think there are some people who think that, so I would like to talk about three choices in case there is a possibility that it may be found out that I did not file a final tax return.

Cases of tax evasion

◎Discovery case ①
If the operating company of the Gala Drinking App is subject to a tax investigation

◎Discovery case ②
If there is a large discrepancy between the rent you pay for the rental you live in and the income you earn from your main business

◎Discovery case ③
Betrayal of friends and acquaintances (Tell the tax office)

This time, my friend was concerned about Case XNUMX and seemed to consult with me.
Now, on the National Tax Agency's website, there is an e-mail form called [Provision of information on taxation and collection omissions] that allows you to easily report tax evasion information. I can't say for certain that it's okay.
(Choose your friends carefully!)

In addition, if you are working at a company that prohibits side jobs, and you are working as a dad or drinking money, there is a possibility that your company will find out about your money or money by filing a final tax return.
Of course, if you declare income other than your main business, the tax rate of the resident tax for the next fiscal year may change, so the personnel department of your main business will ask you, "Why is the tax rate of the resident tax increasing?" I can't say no.

This year's tax return deadline

This year's final tax return deadline is from February 2021 (Tuesday) to March 2 (Monday), 16
Like last year, due to the influence of the new corona, measures may be taken to extend the period, but let's prepare early.

What should I do specifically?

I've threatened you so much, so what should I do specifically?For those of you who think that, I recommend that you consider measures with your dad who is a lawyer or tax accountant as soon as possible.
If you leave yourself alone, you may be subject to additional taxation.

Also, it's going to overlap, but choose your friends carefully!

Good luck with your papa activities and guarantee drinking life from next year onwards!

Sugita ice cream

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