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What would make a 40-year-old dad happy for Christmas?



I'd like to give my dad a Christmas present,40What kind of things would make a man happy to receive?





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Thank you very much for your question.


I would like to say "it depends on the other party", but in general40Let's answer assuming a male daddy.


First of all, it is safer to avoid "materials" as a whole.I don't know if Papa has a family or not, but if he does, I'm sure you'll understand the material problems.And I am very sorry to hear that, even if the questioner thinks he is "single", I do not know if the father is really "single".

If you think about it, there is no doubt that it is better to avoid the physical system as a whole.


Then, what about "disappearing things" such as "food"?

This is also a suspicious place.It is true that men often say that they like handicrafts, but this is probably because about half of the men who say they like handicrafts know that it is better to say so.I want you to really think about it, how many men can say, "I don't need handmade gifts," even if they don't like handmade gifts?


So what is the recommended gift?


This is nothing but sex.


Let's leave clean things out.Daddy activity is nothing other than an economic activity that exchanges money and sex.Therefore, what Papa wants from the questioner is sex, and not much else.


Therefore, it is highly likely that cosplaying and playing something different than usual is the most appreciated gift.I'm not saying that you should give this as a gift, but if you ask me what kind of gift the other person would like, there is no other answer than this.


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