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Make a difference to your friends with Papa Katsu!What kind of woman is chosen by Papa?

What you can do as a dad in a dating club is

18 years old and over (high school students not allowed)Has become.

upper limit isUntil about 40'sI feel that there are many dating clubs that do.


The dating club first has a meal date for men and women

Since we are an intermediary, first go to the dating club on a meal date

Tens of thousands of yen

Actual expenses will be borne by men.

If you think about it, on one date

Offer fee, meal fee, transportation fee for women. .etc

Even with a rough estimate, it will cost at least 5 yen.

It's a cheap estimate, so of course it may cost more.

I want to make an offer even if it costs 5 yen.

It's that cheap.

A woman who can make you think.

What kind of women will be chosen first from men?


Interview with dating club, matching coordinator (`・ω・´)

Ueda is the Universe Club coordinator,

I interviewed Yui Nanase.


A girl who doesn't have a goal or purpose won't be chosen\_(・ω・`)

There was an answer ((φ(・д・。)memomemo


Dating club: Why did you enroll in the dating club?


Papa active girl ①: I have some friends, so

 I thought I could do it, so I came to register (๑• .•๑)


Daddy live girl ②: Well, well, there is nothing in particular. . ( ˙°˙ ) Pokan


In this state, I don't know what to recommend to men (><)

How should I introduce myself? .

It seems that it will be.

vice versa,


Daddy live girl ③: It is difficult to pay back 5 yen a month,

 I can't even rely on my parents, so to return it (。´・ω・)


Daddy live girl ④: The starting salary is too low,

 If you live alone in the city, you don't have a lot of free money. .

 Because I want to make my life more fulfilling.I want to meet a wonderful papa (`・ω・´)


Daddy active girl ⑤: I'm thinking about changing jobs and want advice from managers and experienced men.


etc.First of all, it doesn't have to be big dreams or big goals.

as above,

Those who have clear objectives and goals even in small things

However, it seems that it is easy to be chosen because it has a sharpness in its activities ❤


After all,

If you achieve that purpose firmly, there is also a timing to quit dad activity

As it becomes clear, I will continue to live as a daddy,

By the time I realized it, I had lost my normal sense of money (joj)


I missed my wedding period. . . (*_*)? ?

It means that it is difficult to say.


I see

I agree.To stand out from other competitors


Make your purpose strong!


It looks like this is the first step to take.

If you have a goal, not only dad life,

Life will be bright and bright, and new paths will open up.

Meeting good people helps you grow.


I hope you can get a nice daddy and achieve your goals ❤

Future Ueda

Fate and superstition are the type to believe.I'm Ueda, a back office who loves traveling but doesn't like adventures (^O^)

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