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The result is surprising.Satisfaction with men and women in dad life, word-of-mouth survey.

Simultaneous survey of members' questionnaires!

At the Universe Club, both men and women who date 

We are conducting a questionnaire after the date. 

The results are reflected in reviews.

The club will take a questionnaire and the club will disclose the results. . 

if you look from the outside

"Is it really the user's answer? 』

Isn't there some people who think? 

To be honest, I think so.

However, when I joined the company, I was surprised to know the actual situation. 

Universe club, good impressions and bad impressions

It is open to the public. 

(Of course, the details are only for those who have chosen to publish.)

Even if it is not a dating club, when buying new products, the reputation of the hotel at the destination

Review of the izakaya you want to go to next time

If you don't know anything, don't you look at the impressions of people with experience? 

I'm a cautious person, so I'm going to see it! 


Whether it's true or false, only management knows what it means 

I believe in it quite frankly. 

And if there are many bad reviews, you will want to refrain from using it. 

How about everyone? 


Opinions are either good or bad.

This time, we would like to share with you the results of the valuable date questionnaire we received from our members.

I was able to summarize it easily.

really easy result,was it good-was it bad.That's all.

to measure accurately

We have also included those who have decided not to disclose the entire content.

(*Only questionnaires returned in August last month.)

For those who are not allowed to publish

"There was such a bad thing. 』

Since there are many such contents, the answer to this questionnaire is

It was bad.

I'm in.


There are changes every month,

I haven't returned the questionnaire, but there are some people who are dating.

Although it is not possible to generalize the overall results,

I hope you can refer to it as a trend. 

I found surprising results. 

↓ ↓ Here it is ↓ ↓


Am I the only one who thought it was strange? ?


Survey results are surprising


Women are more satisfied.


8% of women enjoy meeting men they don't even know their faces for the first time.

This result was very surprising to me.

This is the result of the fact that there is almost no difference between men and women in the survey response rate.

That's all the male members are good at hospitality for women

Does that mean


If there are people who want to try papa katsu, but are a little hesitant

I hope you can check out the reviews in the member's questionnaire.

▼ Universe Club review check



It's a waste if you can't enjoy it if you go to all the trouble to live as a dad.

8% enjoy it. 2% are not enjoying themselves.

Considering the current situation

If it's a big deal, go to Minori's daddy life!

I would be happy if you could refer to the word of mouth (﹡ˆᴗˆ﹡)

Fate and superstition are the type to believe.I'm Ueda, a back office who loves traveling but doesn't like adventures (^O^)

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