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Where is the goal of dad activity?

What is the purpose of being a dad?

Recently, something shocking happened to Rena, who started her dad activity at a dating club.

Lena has been introduced to more than 100 men at dating clubs, and has been in various forms of relationships.

There are men I met only once, there are men who became dads and have been seeing each other continuously, and there are dads who Lena has fallen in love with.

That's all, I feel like there were a lot of men who would face me if I faced them.

However, recently, dating clubs on apps and sites have become active, and more and more dads are casually doing dad activities without much purpose.

I really feel it when I meet new people.

Also, I don't know much about it, but I think there are many girls who are doing daddy activities because they can get money.

I wonder if it's like a college student who goes job hunting without finding what he wants to do and then joins the company that got the job.

I think they are the same, but somehow I can't get over it.


What Lena thinks face to face

Rena wants to meet a nice person, so she's having a face-to-face meeting with Papa.

I've met countless dads through dating clubs and papa-katsu sites, but I've never been there just for fun and getting some pocket money or money.

I'm going to dress up properly and face the opponent.

As long as it receives an allowance, it is also for men to "I want to spend a good time with a wonderful woman and give her pocket money in return.I would like to meet you again if you are a woman.to make you think.

I think it's the basics of dad life.

On top of that, I think that the way to interact with each other and the conditions will be adjusted.

In the first place, if you are a wonderful partner, there are times when you can bend to the conditions you wanted.

Daddy life without goals

But recently, when we met face-to-face,It doesn't matter what kind of relationship you're in, or what you're looking for.At a drinking table, I was approached by a fellow manager, and I started wondering what it would be like.I think it will probably stop soon.”.

Such a person will surely not be able to build a relationship even if he meets.

It doesn't seem like it will last, it doesn't seem like there's any support or anything like that, and it doesn't seem like they'll give me a proper allowance.

When I hear that kind of story, it's disappointing.

I wonder if today's face-to-face meeting was a waste.

I'm not looking for a wonderful encounter to meet a wonderful person and share a good time, but it's a little playful lukewarm feeling.

Conversely, it might be more interesting to make such a lukewarm man a candidate for a dad than a man who is used to being a dad and looking for a mistress.

It's like taking the time to raise a father.

However, Rena's dad life has a deadline, and the reality is that Rena doesn't want to spend the time or effort to raise him.

Some dads have only the vague purpose of spending quality time with their cutie.

I still think it's okay.

However, what Lena doesn't like is the beginners who dabble in papa activities with a purposeful peek and ask questions, and tear up Lena's mentality.

When are you going to graduate from dad life?

Lena started being a dad for money and networking.

That's why I continue to stop and resume dad activities.

Sometimes I wonder how long this will continue.

Lena said earlier that papa katsu doesn't last forever, but I think papa katsu will end someday.

As a feeling, there will be times when it will be enough.

Lena is also getting tired of chasing money every day and comparing herself to her friend's dad.

I sometimes wonder if this is the right thing to do when I sell the precious time in my 20s, which is the most enjoyable time in my life, and get paid for it.

A few years ago, I said goodbye to all the dads because I needed to clean up my mind.smile 

Daddy activity is something you do with a goal, such as a target amount of savings, repayment of debts and scholarships, and I think that you graduate when that goal is achieved.

It's like running a marathon with graduation as the goal and working hard every day toward that goal.

I think the day will come when people who want to get married and have children and live a so-called normal life will have to graduate someday.

My sense of money is also off, and my sense of being treated as a girl is also off.

I think this is the pain that all papa active girls experience.

Papa, who treats her like a princess and entertains her at member restaurants and luxury hotels, and her boyfriend, who is close to her age and has similar economic power, have different levels of money, date experience, and familiarity with women.

Rena, who is a serious love type who tends to dote on her dad, and Rena, who has an unmarried dad, feels that her goal of graduating is far away, but Rena also wants to graduate from being a dad and become a normal wife.

After graduating from the goal, leaving various thoughts and memories in dad activities...

I wonder what Rena will think when she becomes such a graduate when she sees an active dad active girl.

It's a question I don't know the answer to.    

Rena is also working as a dad with the aim of reaching a happy goal as soon as possible.

Lena's goal may have already been achieved.

But being a dad is so much fun that I can't stop.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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