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If you can't decide which hotel to choose for love, look at this!


Tips for not failing in choosing a love hotel



Thank you very much for your question.


I have listed some checkpoints.


(XNUMX) Do you have your own website?

There are still many love hotels that do not even have a website.Such hotels are generally unlikely to be of good quality.


(XNUMX) Are you selling XNUMX or XNUMX minutes?

A simple fee structure is displayed at the entrance of the love hotel, but there is "75Minute3000Yen75Minutes90If minutes are pushed out across the board, it is highly likely that the hotel is aiming to use delivery health.


Equipment is minimal for use of delivery health.Anyway, there is a high possibility that the price is important, so there are many cases where we cannot recommend it for couples.


(XNUMX) The receptionist is not wearing a suit or uniform

I haven't seen many good hotels in love hotels where the front desk staff are plain clothes.


(XNUMX) Good room service

In fact, for love hotels, room service is a burdensome service that makes a huge amount of time and effort, even though it hardly makes a profit.


It can be said that many hotels that provide such services are managed with the customer in mind.If you only pursue profit, room service is the first service to cut.


(XNUMX) Old appearance

In fact, the construction of a love hotel is extremely difficult.There are also legal issues and business issues, and construction cannot be done without considerable determination.


Therefore, when we do exterior work, we usually do interior work together.In other words, in many cases, the rule that "the exterior is old = no construction = no interior construction" holds true.Of course, there are exceptions, but it is rare that the exterior is old and the interior is new.


(XNUMX) Location

Location is said to be the most important factor in a love hotel.If it is in a good location, no matter how much you cut corners, customers will come in, so there will be a tendency for corporate efforts to be difficult.


Conversely, a hotel in a bad location cannot make a decent profit unless it does something extraordinary.In other words, it can be said that a hotel that has been running for many years despite its poor location is making considerable corporate efforts.


However, it is troublesome to go to a hotel with bad access.Therefore, we recommend that you aim for a hotel with good access but a bad location.


Hotel Linden in Ikebukuro and Bamboo Garden in Kinshicho are good examples.For Linden, walk from station3Although it is about a minute away, it cannot be said that the location is very good because it is in the opposite direction to the love hotel town.


On the other hand, in the case of Bamboo Garden,1Because it is in the back of the house, customers rarely come there.Basically, we can recommend hotels that have good access but bad locations from a management point of view.

I work as a love hotel staff in Tokyo. She uses Twitter and blogs to provide love guidance, but this time, she decided to discuss her troubles with Universe.We are looking forward to your visit.Book "Ueno-san of love hotel" "31 days when I made a favorite boyfriend who is not good at love" etc. Love Hotel Ueno's Counseling Room

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